Bomb Bombing

These often depict an explosive situation that has either happened in the past or is happening at the moment. Other possibilities are of sudden anxiety producing events – as when we say something occurred out of the blue. Such events, past or present, are felt to be devastating and often destroy or change old patterns of behaviour and ways of living. This is shown by the bombs destroying buildings or ones house.

Bombs in dreams can also indicate aggression, fear of death, remembered anxieties of war experience or social bombshells – such as being criticised in the press.

Example: We could hear bombs dropping and exploding. We were just carrying on with our normal activities though. Then I was standing near a big floor to ceiling glass window. I heard a bomb whistling down and it landed just outside. It exploded and the whole house disintegrated, glass was flying around and I was flying through the air from the explosion. I felt like the explosion had taken place in my head and blasted my brains, and I thought although the people near me had got it pretty badly too, that the children, being nearer to the ground, would have avoided the worst of the blast. It was a horrific mess and I knew I had been killed. This didn’t seem to worry me though. At this point I was waking from sleep and found myself thinking I had kept awareness through the whole situation, so there was part of me – an awareness – which did not or had not died. I was left wondering – is that what happens after death, and can one communicate with others in that state? H. C.

This interesting bomb dream occurred just as HC was entering menopause and great changes occurred in herself and her life. A break-up began to occur with her husband as well as external changes in work. So the death suggests the end of the life she knew up till then. The awareness that did not die shows HC experiencing her central self, her core self, that does not die and is not the external personality or body that constantly changes and can die – in other words undergo massive change.

Bomb site: This usually shows major emotional trauma has happened. The bomb site indicates what the trauma has done – devastated some aspect of your feelings or ability to relate easily or deal well with external situations. The example below shows this.

Example: Dreamt I was on a bomb site. I found old shells from the war. I was interested in them and dug them up, but felt that they might explode. Throwing them to one-sided I crawled away sheltering from expected explosions. None came, only smoke. Then a friend offered a basement to Chinese restaurant owner. It was enormous, with great possibilities. I began to work in the basement. Brian.

As Brian explores his inner life through his dreams he comes across damage that occurred in his childhood and youth. The war was the personal inner conflicts he experienced. Meeting these was not as difficult as he had expected. Then, in doing this a whole new area of possibility opened up – the basement, an area of himself that had previously remained unconscious. See: air raid; airplane; Mines; war; .

Idioms: a smart bomb; came as a bombshell; earn a bomb; go down like a bomb; go like a bomb; I feel blitzed; put a bomb under someone.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Does the dream suggest this is in the past or present?

If in the present what are you facing that is either creating anxiety or bringing about great life changes?

If in the past what anxiety or emotional disturbance are you meeting that has its origin in the past?

What do the other parts of the dream suggest this connects with?


-kamal 2017-01-12 2:54:53

I saw 7 explosion in my dream.. And i was running for help.. At the end i reached home and my whole family was safe .. What is the meaning of this ???

-Alka 2016-12-12 6:59:20

I had a dream that I am at mother house ,some person came to give burgers bag and said, sent by my brother , I felt something wrong but we took that bag. Then in evening I was coming back to my Mother house from somewhere and saw that guy again on road in front of my Mother house ,he was carrying some suitcase and some small bag and said to me that this suitcase given by my Mother back and is damaged. When I was checking that suitcase he suddenly gave small bag forcefully in my hand and ran away and that bag started exploding immediately after that . Due to that my face is burned and I asked passerby How much face burn he can see ? but no answer .. Then I tired to call my Mother but forgot the phone no. and ask someone to tell my Mother . Then called police to inform they say don’t inform anybody and wait for two days. then I saw army people in truck ,they just clicked pics and went away without doing anything . Then my brother come back from office and saw me and tried to stop traffic but nobody is stopping and helping … but in the whole dream I was not feeling any fear just trying to find the solution.
( Last few months I am going through lot of mental tensions related to my child and mother family. Also I have major issues with my husband and his family .)

-Tammy 2016-12-10 12:33:25

I had a dream I was watching a bombing on TV and remember it really hit home, I was very troubled, sad about it. I was with a friend as we sat and watched it on TV, we were on vacation

-Adair 2016-11-07 1:40:30

I had a dream that I had been ill and was vomiting and needed surgery. The next thing I know I was outside in a field and there was a war. A woman in front of mean had what resembled hand grenades beneath her and I knew if she did not toss them they would explode and kill her. I screamed for her to throw them but they landed near me. I threw and it was an awkward throw and the bomb went back under her. It detonated and I watched as the skin of her trunk and neck floated down from the sky. Her head, arms, and legs were missing. The skin suit was nearly transparent and I could see it float down from the sky. Jet planes came in shooting. I clung to the side of cards as they spun around in manevours to keep me from getting killed.

-Liana 2016-09-21 16:17:29

I had a dream that I was walking on a sunny day and there were other people around the area as well. As I was walking I passed by 1 black van and right behind it was 1 white van and that van started ticking, so I ran but it exploded and I was hit. Thdn I woke up in the hospital screaming in pain. I was on my stomach because my whol back was burned. My parents came but I was still scared. Previous to this about 2 weeks ago I dreamt that I was on a 4 seater plane and we fell into the water with mountains in the background. I was struggling in the water but eventually got saved. Previois to this I dreamt the ceiling was leaking water.

-Andreanna wAlker 2016-06-13 13:39:16

Hi. I dreamt that it was nighttime and I was in his house with 3 people. I don’t remember, but somehow something dark was ticking down and we realized it was a bomb. It blew up!
So checked out the window and noticed everyone lights came on in every room except one room in all the houses including the one I was in. What does that mean? I’ve been having these weird vivid dreams

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-06-17 12:16:03

    Dear Andreanna – Your dream may reflect a critical or difficult situation that could give you or could have given you some insights and change your perception; “So checked out the window and noticed everyone lights came on in every room.” Light means being able to understand and have insight.
    However your own dream figure – or one of your selves – is not aware yet; “it was night time” and “except one room in all the houses including the one I was in.”
    Exploring your dream may help you to turn on the light of awareness;
    When I have explored a dream and do not feel that I have reached some form of insight yet or some change of perception; I ask my unconscious mind for help;
    See also
    Anna 🙂

-tammy 2016-01-07 20:44:22

Hello, my dream started out with me standing on the front deck of my house i look out over the town that i live in. Suddenly I could hear whistling and look up and see a number of bombs falling from the sky. I do not see a plane or anything else that could be dropping these bombs and they were not large in size. when i saw the flash and heard the “boom” as the first bomb hit ground i ran to the back of our house where our bedroom is to tell my fiance that we are being bombed.
we both ran out onto the deck and were watching the flashes going off over the town when i hear a whistle and look down and between my fiance and i on the ground is a small silver device. I somehow knew it was a i bomb. i screamed at my fiance that we had to get in the house. I ran for the back bedroom and assumed he was right behind me. I heard the explosion and went back out into the living room
where i saw my fiance laying on the ground at first i though he had just been knocked over until i realized that he did not have any legs and
part of his face was gone. i started screaming and i realized that he was going to die. He had tried to close that door to the house and didn’t have enough time when the bomb went off.
he died in front of me. I woke up crying and have been upset since. This dream has bothered me however, i have had numerous dreams of bombs dropping it seems to be a recurring theme with me. Usually there are enemy planes involved.

-Michael 2016-01-05 17:10:31

I had a dream where I was in my home town in China and bombs were falling from airplanes all around me. Buildings were blowing up and falling down. I tried to get home to get my dress, but all the roads were blocked. An American guy was there and he put me on the back of his motorcycle and he tried to drive over all the rubble to get me home. We came to a big river but the bridge was blown up. We tried to put things across the river but nothing worked. Then my brother and some other people came by and he told me it was to dangerous to go home, so I went with him. And then I woke up.

-potpot 2015-12-06 14:16:30

I was in the window of our house looking up the sky on a great afternoon and saw a huge plane. It looks like an expensive plane and that I had never seen it before. Upon looking at it, it suddenly change its direction and starts to chase me. I tried to avoid that window trying to hide myself. Then when I slowly peek on that window again, I saw that the plane has started to drop bombs near our place and seen that all of the houses in the right side had already been destroyed. when my father had seen the situation, he instructed each of the member of our family that we are going to leave that area now because our house will be the next target. when we opened the door, our neighborhood have been destroyed and nothing has been left. And so we started to leave the area to run away from there. I was running on the left side while everyone is going at the right. my dad is calling me that i am running on the wrong side that we should avoid those houses that have not been destroyed. i followed him but i am having difficulty because i am not wearing pair of shoes and there are stones on the way. The plane saw us and before it began to drop bombs again, I woke up from that dream. My heart beat went so fast that I decide to stay awake for awhile and began to write on this page -_-

-Keelyn 2015-12-06 7:43:29

Hi, I had a dream and would like to know the meaning of it. Thank you.
I was in school with my friends and out of the sudden, someone shouted “run! There’s a bomb here!”. My friends and I started running, but a few seconds later, the bomb exploded and I landed on the ground. The scene turn to my house. My parents know about this from the news and they are leaving the house to school. I started crying and keep talking to them, telling them “I am here, I am alright. Don’t need to head down to the school.” But my parents just went out of the house as though they can’t hear or see me. I woke up straight after seeing my parents leaving the house.

While I am having the dream, I am able to hear my family chatting. I am clear that the whole thing is a dream.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-12-14 13:08:46

    Dear Keelyn – An interesting dream and I can share with you what I see, but please explore it for yourself as well;
    Your dream starts with you becoming aware that some of what you have learned – which learning led to certain beliefs and patterns of behaviour – is suddenly destroyed by a sudden change in your inner and outer world.
    Developing a greater awareness in which we let go of (some of our) beliefs, can be felt like destroying a part of our inner world; of ways of living you have known so far.
    You move through this inner change without getting hurt – you land safely on the ground – and there might be a fear of you not being able to connect the way you used to with your (inner) parents anymore because of your inner growth; perhaps you cannot share this changed part of your inner world with them (yet).
    While growing up we will develop different views than our parents have and/or become aware that ways of living they have taught us, might not work for us (anymore) and it is part of our individuation process;
    One of the many functions of dreaming – – is that a dream can function as a link between the sleeping mind and what is occurring externally. For instance, a person may be falling out of bed and dream of flying or falling.
    Therefore it could be that because you were able to hear your parents talking – and the content of their sharing had nothing to do with your dream – you perceived them as not responding to your dream figure and what she is going through in your dream.
    I do not know if you are familiar with being aware that you are dreaming, which is also called Lucid Dreaming?
    Let me know if you have any questions Keelyn.
    Anna 🙂

-Luis 2015-11-26 11:09:12

I had a dream where I first started off on a beach, and I had a jetpack of some sort on but I didn’t know why I had it on. My family members were with me and we found some nuclear like looking bombs, so my uncle told me to take one and fly over a war zone then drop the bomb. While I was having this dream I could hear, feel, and actually had control over myself. Anyways my point is why did I randomly have this violent dream?

-Beverley 2015-09-07 9:05:36

In my waking life I am about to start an occupational therapy course at uni. I am 41 and married with young kids. I worked as a chambermaid when I was in my early twenties.

In my dream I was at the end of the street where I grew up. I was being allocated my work placement for my degree. Despite it being an occupational therapy course, I was told I had to clean rooms. Cleaning rooms is a recurring dream for me. I felt frustrated that I would have to go back to this but I knew I had no choice. When I was working I felt I wasn’t getting any further forward as there was mess everywhere, no room to move, in a family room that looked like it had been lived in for years without being properly tidied. I worried that I’d be told I wasn’t working quickly enough, as they didn’t realise how much there was to do. At this point I think the dream meaning is obvious. As I was remembering the dream this morning though, I recalled that although I was anxious in one part of the dream, I was also very calmly planting small explosives here and there in the hotel. They were small controlled explosions and as I was planting the devices I was feeling no emotion, just trying my best to create the right level of power that would destroy an area without hurting any people. Is this me trying to break free from my unhappy past? What I don’t understand is the lack of emotion.

Thanks for any suggestions.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-09-12 14:18:26

    Dear Beverley – Thank you for also sharing something about your waking life and your recurring dreams, for it makes my job easier 😉
    The way I see your dream is that you have done a lot of inner work already to break free from your unhappy past; which is symbolised by being at the end of the street of where you grew up and you are exploring how you can help others – and with that yourself – to (continue to) do the same.
    Part of your dream is about what you feel/believe you can expect in your work, which expectations might be based on the way you have perceived your inner work so far and by the way you deal with the critical voices inside you.
    You wrote; “I worried that I’d be told I wasn’t working quickly enough, as they didn’t realise how much there was to do.”
    I believe it will serve a purpose to ask yourself who “they” are and if you decided to speed up the process by creating great life changes – the explosions – rather than learning to deal with your critical inner voices and/or accept that (y)our inner healing and growth process is a time consuming (inner) job.
    There is no wrong or right way in your dream; the way I see it, it is merely about becoming aware of the different options you have to approach the situation so you can make a conscious choice.
    The lack of emotion I also see as you exploring another approach; first you approached the (inner) work with fear and then you explore what it will be like if you let the best in you – which part is not fear-driven – do the work.
    Lack of emotions then merely refers to having stepped back from your little self who is driven by all sorts of emotions, and enter into the observer mode, which is not lost in fears.
    With this approach you are more aware that the change/growth process is about creating the right level of power; push on and be patient ;-)
    See also
    Let me know if you have any questions about how I see your dream and Good Luck with your course!

      -Beverley 2015-11-10 18:28:26

      Anna – for some reason it won’t let me reply to your comment so I have typed a new one. I just wanted to say thank you. I forgot that I had posted about the bomb dream until today. Subconsciously I must have known I needed to read it today, as I remembered out of the blue and the message is very very pertinent! Thanks so much.

        -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-11-11 0:22:41

        Dear Beverly – Thank you as well for your feedback, which is very helpful to me too 🙂

-Su 2015-06-27 13:56:50

Hey, I had a dream where two of my relatives attacking me with a bomb. At one point they bomed me but fortunately I was alive and they still kept on chasing me until they see me dead. There were some some close relatives also who helped me escape. Can anyone tell me what is it about?

-Tony 2015-03-09 8:06:51

I had a dream that I was standing on a grassy knoll at night, in the sky were countless world war twp era twin engine bombers,their bombs were falling all around me and I saw one bomb heading straight for me but it missed me, skinned my back and sank into the ground without exploding, I looked up again and saw another bomb heading straight for me and this one landed directly in front of me, stuck in the ground but was still mostly above ground but it did not go off. Anyone have any ideas?

    -Anna 2015-03-09 13:11:22

    Tony – you do not share how you felt in the dream, nor if you tried to avoid the bombs that came your way.
    Some dreams are difficult to understand without having any background information about the person dreaming the dream.
    I hope I can nevertheless give you some help in understanding your own dream yourself.
    I like you to understand first that nothing can hurt you in your dreams.
    and what dreams are
    In the dream you are standing on a hill, which symbol is – as is every symbol – open to different interpretations:
    difficulty, obstacle, something needing energy with which to deal with it. A hill also symbolises the climb to higher attainment, wider view of life or opportunities. A hill or mountain often represent the influence of your potential, and the energy of growth or change latent in that potential. Therefore being on a hill can show you in a state of mind, or an attitude, perhaps even a form of meditation, that is opening you to the action of the growth energy within you.
    The dream shows that “whatever” came your way, it did not “touch you”, it did not hurt you, nor did it kill you; in other words, which I see as that it did not leave any changes in your inner world.
    I trust it will help you when you “enter your dream again while awake” and explore yourself what that means to you.


    Good Luck!
    Anna 🙂

-vimal 2015-03-03 5:23:11

Hello, i have a dream. An airplane was carrying two nuclear bomb. I tried to shoot the plane before it launches the bomb. Unfortunately, i failed and the bombs were released. I tried to lie down to the floor of my room. The two bombs exploded. I saw the huge fires on two sides (due to two bombs) and when i lie down, i felt the heat slightly damaged my skin. But, nothing happened further, i guess. Could you help me out to find the meaning of it please ? Thanks in anticipation.

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