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The plane in your dream shows all the amazing possibilities of change, of varied experience, of romance, business and discovery in life today. But it also holds all the possibilities of failure, of not being able to get your projects or relationship off the ground, along with delays, unexpected threats, and the possible tragedy and loss you might meet in life. Your dream airplane communicates this in the action your dream portrays. The plane journey, for instance, suggests a change in your life, leaving your ordinary affairs behind. It is a journey into the unknown, into taking risks. Perhaps you are making a move toward, or away from, love and opportunity. It is risky because the plane can fall from the sky, and you can meet feelings of failure or despair.

A plane can also attack, and this shows fears, anxiety about being exposed to attack from other people or events. This does not mean you will be attacked, only that you fear it.

To climb aboard a plane is to embark upon dramatic movement from one way of life, or one situation in life, to another; a leap into the unknown, into chance – so it is a powerful symbol of change. Perhaps that flight into chance, into life and its mysterious possibilities might be okay. But it might fall from the sky too. Meanwhile, on the plane you will not have your feet on the ground, you will not be secure, everything is ‘up in the air’. The plans, the love, the hopes and efforts might die, might lead to tragedy with all its rippling effects moving into the web of relationships and events connected with the flight of the plane.

In exploring a dream about a plane crash it took a long time to really connect with anything, but when I did the feelings were all about how there has been a crash of my dreams, ambitions, desire for love and the heightened feelings that arose or ‘took off’ in connection with a lover. In comments on planes above I say, “The plans, the love, the hopes and efforts might die, might lead to tragedy with all its rippling effects moving into the web of relationships and events connected with the flight of the plane.” This was true in my life.

An attacking aircraft: Feeling attacked either by your own doubts and self criticism, or that of others.

Being grounded: Sense of not getting anywhere and frustration; plans and hopes that haven’t connected with achievement or opportunity – maybe this isn’t the right time yet.

Biplane: It can represent a more full contact with flying in a plane, and needs a lot more courage to do.

Example: “I saw a biplane fly overhead. Its pilot was performing daring new stunts. I ran into a house to tell a man who was in bed to run out and see the plane. ” David R.

The example clearly shows one aspect of what a biplane means, being daring in a new area, taking risks in life, braving a new work area or relationship.

Difficulty landing: Difficulty achieving goal or making it real in a down to earth way; anxiety about where life events are taking you; feeling out of control or not being in control; difficulties or fears about being in someone else’s hands.

Falling out of plane: Usually anxiety, sometimes about death or failure of high hopes. It is also the opportunity to fly if you can overcome your anxieties.

Plane falling rapidly: ‘Pit’ feeling in stomach that one gets when feeling anxiety about the outcome of a situation; sense of failure or guilt; apprehension about the future of a project or direction; anxiety about something.

Plane journey: The plane is also a means of leaving things behind, rising above or finding a way of escaping difficulties or the past. It is a way we move beyond the limitations of any one locality, racial customs, family attitudes or religious environments. It is the power of the mind to move among and learn from or experience these many states of being. It offers a much wider or more inclusive view of where you are and where you are going in life.

Private plane: Ones personal activities and plans not deeply connected with other people.

The crashed or wrecked plane: Worry about failing. Can be anxiety bringing down your ambition or adventurousness; a loss of self confidence or mental equilibrium; warning about a business project; broken dreams and hopes. Sometimes shows or refers to a break up in a relationship.

Watching a plane crash: A sense of emergency; feeling you are aware of an important social or national event. Sensing something difficult happening or having happened in your life, like a divorce or loss of business or love for instance. Can sometimes relate to childhood traumas that make it difficult for you to get your life taking flight.

The plane journey: Shows a move toward independence; leaving home or friends; success.

Watching a plane land safely: The arrival back to oneself of the actions, words and energies sent out into the world. As a simple example, we may have a carpet to give away because we are moving. We tell a neighbour who passes the information to someone else. This new person wants the carpet. A completely new person therefore lands, or arrives in our life. The landing plane may also mean coming down to earth again, or making something more applicable in an everyday sense.

The example below clearly shows one aspect of what a plane means, being daring in a new area, taking risks in life, braving a new work area or relationship. David is calling on a part of himself that is withdrawn and inactive to ‘get up’ and be involved in something daring. Sometimes the plane in the sky represents feeling threatened by something new or unknown. This is shown in the second example.

Example: I saw a biplane fly overhead. Its pilot was performing daring new stunts. I ran into a house to tell a man who was in bed to run out and see the plane. David R.

Example: A woman who was a radio researcher was offered the job of presenter. She was thrilled but dreamt she was in a road walking and planes flew overhead dropping bombs and shooting. She had to dive into a ditch to avoid being killed. When she explored the dream she realised she was afraid of facing the public directly, and this fear if left unconscious would have caused her to refuse the job. She accepted the fear and managed to press forward with the job.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I taking a ‘flight’ into a new or challenging situation or relationship?

What am I leaving behind or arriving at?

Are there radical shifts of life style I am involved in?

Do some events in my life feel like a ‘plane crash’?

It helps to read this Dreams Are Virtual Realities and also Processing Dreams and Acting on Your Dream.



-Aaron 2015-07-31 5:58:03

I had a dream about i was inside a plane and i was about to jump out into another plane. My mum was in the dream and she jumped first and made it onto the plane, it was scary because it was quite high. As i was about to jump, the doors of the other plane closed and i was unable to jump. But the plane i was in spun round and i was flying around my local shopping centre. Then the plane flew into the plane my mum was in and all of a sudden i was in the same plane as her.. wierd right? Could you help me understand this dream?


-Fona 2015-09-25 9:49:11

I had a dream that my son, my daughter and I were going to a baseball game but was taking a private plane, before taking off my boyfriend gets on to say bye, and we’re at least 20 feet from the ground and he jumps off, landing on metal benches like the ones you see at a football game. Anyways were still up in the air, but with the back door completely open, and we’re facing the open door, my son is the one closest to the door sitting on a chair with headphones on and I’m screaming at him not to go near the door, to keep seated, and all I can feel is panic because if I move I’m going to go flying out but I’m terrified my son is going to move.


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-10-08 12:10:31

    Dear Fona – Everything you see as outside you is coming from you, your emotions, your fears, your beliefs, your intuitions, your joys and explorations are all you, clothed in the dream images and drama. So when you dream of someone you should not feel you are dreaming about that actual person. As with most dreams, the person in the dream is not the person themselves, but is a collection of memories, associations and feeling about him or her.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/news/summing-up/
    Not knowing anything about your past or present life, it is up to you to explore if the part of your dream about your boyfriend reflects a fear or an intuition or both.
    What I see in your dream is that you are exploring what it feels like if your (inner) male/boyfriend unexpectedly changes his “game of life” from not being involved/feeling deeply connected with other people towards taking a risk and daring to share his life with other people too.
    You become aware of your fears and you extend/project these fears onto your son who is withdrawing (emotionally) from you in his own world; probably because it is part of his inner growth process.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/pregnancy-childbirth/example-emma/
    You are aware that when he moves – when he continues to grow – he will be the next to take the jump, because he is sitting closest to the door.
    You do not dare to move because of your fear for “flying”.
    Flying without a plane suggests the desire to rise above things, to attain greater heights, to break free of limiting viewpoints or cultural norms. It can also represent ambition, your potential, abstract thought, and rising above your fears.
    Flying, in a plane, or without it, can also symbolise attempts to gain a view of what lies ahead of you in the future and your dream suggests that you do not dare to have a look yet.
    I think it will be helpful to explore this dream for yourself and the role/influence your inner male has in the way you relate to “the outside world”;
    Anna :-)


-Lyn 2015-10-12 1:42:59

I dream about in a plain to go the beach and not far that place only u turn in the mountain ang then im scared because i thought the plain crash will,only u turn.and then landing of area where i go. What happen in the satation?in my dream


-Elana 2015-10-17 21:24:08

I have had 3 dreams of airaplane’s, 2 of witch have been some sort of crash. The first tho was a airaplane with lots is space and had a huge window I was sat at the window and all I can remember of that jearny was clouds. The second sort of linked to the first tho I’m not sure how, they were the same plane ish but in this one I crashed into a jungle and glided through the canopy, I remember seeing lots of animals like a snake. Both the first and second ended as if it sort of just drifted away. The final one I only had a few days ago, it was about me and clearly my best friend and her mum we were sat at the back of the plae and we were talking about seats, then the plane started spinning upside down and tumbling out of the sky . In my sleep I felt I was doing the brase pesos ion and I looked to the front of the plane to see clearly the green gras and tree. When we crashed I got out of the plane and saw lots of people I clearly knew like boys I had met at school and boys who live in my village. Then I look down and see millions of people all who had come of the plane but why I was on the plane I could only see about 20 seats! Then I put a peat of nice geans on and a woman walks over and gives us all walkers crisps I can remember this clearly as I also saw a sainsburys and I could clearly read the word. That’s all I can relate to about these plane dreams hope this comment helped .


-Helen 2015-10-24 6:48:20

I dreamt last night that I was flying. My body was the airplane and I was wrapped lying with my back on a blanket holding it up on either side of me. I was traveling head first on my back so I could not see where I was going. I was thinking just hold on tight to the blanket and gripping it around me.

I’m going through a stressful period. I’m moving into a flat I bought. And have many regrets about the purchase. I’m fearing the noise of the city. The traffic is very noisy. I’m also going to be living in my own for the first time and am afraid of loneliness. I’m engulfed by fear.


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-10-26 12:32:03

    Dear Helen – Please also read http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/flying/
    Your dream merely shows your hesitations and fears that you experience now that you are moving to another stage of your life.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/individuation/
    Flying wrapped up in a blanket can symbolise attempts to gain a view of what lies ahead of you in the future and your potential; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/potential/ while at the same time feeling vulnerable. It is all part of your experience now.
    Did you share any of these feelings with people (parents?) you feel close to? It often helps to just express what you are feeling to gain a different perspective.
    Also from the air we can see ahead, and back. We quickly review where we are heading, and the possibilities of our possible directions.
    So I believe it will be helpful to explore why you have chosen the position on the blanket that you have. Perhaps you will perceive your move towards independence differently (without fear) when you turn around on your blanket and look where you are going – http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/secrets-power-dreaming/
    Perhaps you dare to explore with creating other “future stories” than “I’m fearing the noise of the city” and “am afraid of loneliness?”
    The inner world of fears and doubts you have created now is not helpful as you are engulfed by fears, while in truth you do not really know “where you are going”.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/inner-world/#MakesInner
    Many people have to move beyond the fears and doubts they have created in their inner world when they start a new life and so do trust that you can do that too.
    Also it will be helpful to give yourself some more “space” and make some agreement with yourself to give yourself time (6 – 12 months?) to explore how you will experience life on your own in your new apartment for you need time to “grow into your new life”.
    Part of your agreement could be that if you cannot adjust to the new way of life you have chosen that you allow yourself “to move again”.
    Then you can always feel proud of yourself that you dare to try something new so that you can find out what living this way will be like for you.
    Anna :-)


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