Brow Forehead

This usually refers to thoughts, especially clear and insightful realisations. In some dreams there is a mark or even a swelling in the middle of the brow. This indicates the ability to be aware of things beyond the limitations of your senses. It suggests that the instinctive urges or energies have been lifted up into a new form of expression or perception. This sometimes occurs through loving feelings or learning to become detached from desires, anger, moods and longings. But detachment does not mean you do not have anything to do with the world and its ways; you can still have anything you want but you can let go of it easily.

But as the last example points out, what you are that is often hidden to others is written on your forehead.

Example: I recently took three antidepressant pills over 6 days. During this time I had dreams that my brain was being snipped with scissors. I also developed a large pimple between my eyes – the region of the third eye or brow chakra. And…my friend in Singapore developed a searing headache between her eyes (again the brow chakra) just after I took the third pill. When she called me to tell me about it, her headache automatically went away.

All of this suggests to me that antidepressants cut off our third eye connection to our higher self or whatever spiritual connection exists.  Jan

The brow definitely links with our mind and our potential as the following example shows.

Example: It was very beautiful and symmetrical in every line, silver in colour; but as it appeared I saw that it was not so much a fish as a great creature, a mixture between a black panther and seal, with a smooth legless body. It reared its head, and I saw it had an emerald at its brow, just above its eyes. Our reason for calling it up was to get the jewel.

Example: The Buddhist monk then told me to look at his forehead and see what was written there. I looked and saw the lines on his forehead were placed so that they spelt out a word explaining what he was. It was something like MEEK. He then told me to look again and I would see my own self written there. Again I looked, and this time saw the word BITTER. The other people there could not see the writing, and he told me everyone had what they were written on their forehead. He then pointed into the audience and said, “But you will do the thing you came to do. You will do it!” He pointed beyond me, but I felt the words were for me.’

Useful Questions and Hints:

If there is a mark or words on my forehead, what is suggested, or what do I feel about this?

Am I gaining new insights about something – if so what?

Have I had some new form of perception lately – if so how would I describe or define this?

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