The champion in a dream can be an indication of what you see as your highest ability and reward. It is the expression of your best, and as it says in the second example, he has done incredible things, travelled incredible difficulties to get to this point.

So the champion can be a representation of the highest in you, an almost god like figure, or a problem solver expressing your best.

As Jung says in Man and His Symbols:

“The animus, just like the anima, exhibits four stages of development. He first appears as a personification of mere physical power-for instance, as an athletic champion or “muscle man.” In the next stage he possesses initiative and the capacity for planned action. In the third phase, the animus becomes the “word,” often appearing as a professor or clergyman. Finally, in his fourth manifestation, the animus is the incarnation of meaning. On this highest level he becomes (like the anima) a mediator of the religious experience whereby life acquires new meaning. He gives the woman spiritual firmness, an invisible inner support that compensates for her. outer softness. The animus in his most developed form sometimes connects the woman’s mind with the spiritual evolution of her age, and can thereby make her even more receptive than a man to new creative ideas. It is for this reason that in earlier times women were used by many nations as diviners and seers. The creative boldness of their positive animus at times expresses thoughts and ideas that stimulate men to new enterprises”.

Example: I was with my partner and he wanted to have sex with me in a very male way. I felt embarassed and uneasy because I felt the children could come in, (in reality our bedroom door is not very safe), so I decided we were going somewhere better. I chose the toilets of a secondary school when all the children were busy in the classroom, I went to the toilets and took my panties down, it was quite sexy, Thierry was outside the door, inside came a young man who was watching me, he was attractive and he told me he was a motobike’s champion in the US. I felt sexually attracted by him.

Example: I am some sort of sports champion who has done incredible things, travelled incredible difficulties to get to this secretary and I want her to tell me why I can’t play, but she has gone to sleep in my arms. I am being threatened by some security agent, but he won’t hurt me while the girl is in my arms.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What stage of Jung’s definition was your champion?

Were you the champion or was it an external character? See Characters and People in Dreams to define the character.

Do you feel a connection with the champion?

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