The emergence of a new part of yourself, perhaps difficult to give life to. Bringing to consciousness a new part of you that has been developing but remained previously unexpressed. This may also refer to the desire to have children, your own pregnancy, or the memories of your own birth. Sometimes, giving birth to a child means that one way of life is ending and another beginning. See: A Woman’s Creative PowerBirth.

So many girls or women dream of giving birth even though they are not pregnant of childbearing age. This is either because the basic way a woman creates is by dreaming of giving birth – which is an amazing act of her creative power; or else because she is practising her creativity. If it is a difficult birth it is worth using Secrets of Power Dreaming.

Such births need to be honoured even though there is no physical sign of a child. Remember that we are all the time growing and producing new sides of us, as happened in teenage when we started menstruation and a different view of life. So the new dreamt baby if a vulnerable part of you that needs care to grow and become a real part of your waking life.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is it a dream birth or am I actually pregnant?

Was it an easy or difficult birth?

Is this the first time I have dreamt of having a baby?

See pregnancy and childbirth; the baby in your dream; meeting with an unborn child.


-Sara 2018-03-07 5:18:19

Hi Tony,

I hope that this message finds you well. I would really appreciate your insight into this dream. You interpreted one of my dreams in the past, and it was very helpful.

I dreamed that I was walking through the grocery store with my young daughter when, all of a sudden, a baby boy came out of her. On the one hand, it was odd because she was her five-year-old self (not a pregnant woman), and when it happened, we were walking together holding hands as if it was a normal day in our current life. On the other hand, in the dream, I and the other people who were present were not entirely surprised that this happened. We were sort of expecting this baby to arrive any day, and when the baby came out of my daughter, everyone sprang into action (cutting the umbilical cord, bringing a carrier for the baby, calling my husband to let him know that the baby had arrived, etc.). My husband came to get us, and the understanding was that this was our son (even though our daughter had birthed him). I saw myself nursing the baby. Then my husband and I were talking in the car, and there were feelings of joy and perhaps some anxiety/protectiveness, similar to what new parents feel.

Thank you so much!

    -Tony Crisp 2018-03-07 11:28:22

    Hi – It is important that you read
    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practicing what is described in – or

    Dear Sara – You need to realise that when you dream you enter a different dimension of your mind that is no longer connected to your body senses. It is a dimension very different to waking awareness and so people often get terribly confused because they feel and think the dream must be the same as in their waking world. But your dream self understood exactly what was happening.

    In dreams we deal with our inner world, not the world of our body and every day affairs.

    We all live in a dual world, light and dark, male and female, creation and destruction, life and death, waking and sleeping. What many people do not realise is that we are all involved in this duality personally. Considering that we all have an inner world or dream world which is far more than the limited world shown by our senses, for we are like islands in a sea of consciousness, and the shoreline is the limited range of our senses. But our inner awareness spreads like an ocean in which we are like islands, and beyond the shoreline we are all connected.

    But there is much more and your dream demonstrated it. Your young daughter, as far as your inner world is concerned, is a creation arising from your mutual loving care of her. As such she is more than a physical body and expresses your total creativity in a new way. Don’t think of this physically, but in a much bigger way where – well, to save time see

    So this new dimension of both of you, which is an extension of either if you, gave birth to your son. WOW! It is an expression of their basic drive, but in dreams it often represents the emergence or birth of a new aspect to your personal expression. So you have given birth to a new aspect of your potential and are nursing it.

    You see we are strange creatures little understood. Through your life you learn or absorb so much you grow as a person, and in doing so give birth to new extensions of your ability to respond to life and also your abilities. See and

      -Sara 2018-03-07 19:13:43

      Hi Tony,

      Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate your time and your insights.

-Joakim 2017-09-25 4:23:35

I dreamt that I was feeling really ill and dizzy. Then I realized it was because I was pregnant. It made me happy. I asked someone to place their hand on my belly and she said, it is ready.
I said we had to go to the hospital. I kept thinking about how the child would be born since I am a man. When walking to the car i suddenly felt gushing water in my throat and Alot of water poured out of my mouth. I thought okay so this is were it will come out and it started to move from belly upwards. I was scared and in pain because it seemed that this child could come through my mouth. The dream ended.

    -Tony Crisp 2017-09-27 11:18:16

    Hi – It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read – and also which has so much information in.

    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practising what is described in – or


    Joakim – In dreams you are in a completely different environment and situation than in daily life, so you don’t need to go to a hospital or have any pain.

    Also men give birth to babies too. In fact in Islamic beliefs, it was said was expected, but of course it was not an outward event but an inner one, abo9ut giving birth to a new aspect of your infinite potential. See

    The throat and mouth have similar shapes. The mouth can also give birth; people often dream of giving birth from the mouth. The shape of the mouth is similar in some ways to a woman’s uterus, and can also discharge things. This usually happens when the person has something important they want to say, and is a way of allowing life in us to give thanks and birth to something new.

    A mans dream – “Was in a basement where my wife and a woman I loved was giving birth to a baby, but I was somehow the one who gave birth to it without a doctor being there. It was a lovely boy. Its lower face was covered by a tight caul, but I pulled this off and it began to breathe. It opened its eyes and looked about, fully conscious; then said something about Jesus, and, “It is gone!” I asked what had gone, and it replied, “The other ego; where has it gone?” I explained that the spirit self it knew before birth was now gone so it could live in the body. The baby was then taken upstairs, and I felt it was a holy and wonderful baby. I was going to rest from the rigours of the birth, but on looking around saw how dusty and dirty the basement was. I began to clean it, and felt I would go upstairs and rest afterwards.”

    The man said that birth led to a new and better way of life.

      -Joakim 2017-09-28 7:07:36

      Ok thank you. Interpreting this Dream together with the Dreams the last nights the theme seems to be “do it on my own”.
      Had a negative Dream of where I said to myself “ofcourse I am not doing it, I have not trained for it, someone else who is much better should do it”.
      And a positive Dream where I was stuck on a railroad track having to ‘untie/unlock’ myself from the situation in order to move freely.
      Interpreting these Dreams show me on one side how I defend myself from the spotlight and at the same time desiring to ‘ride the horse’
      Thank you for the links. It helped.

-amanda 2017-08-02 8:44:48

I dreamt that I was gonna give birth to a baby, it happened in my room in my bed but it seemed like it was planned, there were nurses there. The birth was really quick and I didn’t feel anything. The baby didn’t scream and I think it was a boy. The strange thing about this dream is that I knew that I was a virgin, and had not had sex. It was impossible that I’d be with child, and I talked with my family in the dream about that and how it was weird that my belly had been of normal size, there had been no signs of a baby (and no possibility of one).

    -Tony Crisp 2017-08-02 9:37:33

    Hi – It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read – and also which has so much information in.

    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practising what is described in – or


    Amanda – So it has nothing to do with being physically pregnant, but because you are a woman, it is about your wonderful power of creation. But what I see is that those drives need not be expressed through producing a physical child. This does not mean they need to be frustrated or repressed, but that they be accepted and directed into another direction. It is innate in women to dream of being creative and giving birth in their dreams. So I believe that such a dream baby is a very real part of you – though an inner and not an outer part. It is because you are a female mammal and females are designed to have babies – it is instinctive and unavoidable to at least dream of creating a child.

    You can be creative in many different ways without having to give birth to a physical baby. But your dream baby represents a new aspect of you trying to emerge and be cared for and developed. It can be in music and the arts, in caring or professions of any sort.
    If it happens you are pregnant in your dream and without any man being involved, then you have been made pregnant by the invisible power of Life itself. It is a creation of a part of you that is only now becoming real in your life. In other words a dream baby is a new birth of part of you that is emerging and needs to be cared for. Just as your teenage self emerged and needed understanding, so does this new you that is being born.
    Many women dream of having a beautiful baby without any sign of a man in their life or in their body. It happens because of that wonderful power of your creation. It is you giving birth to a new and miraculous part of you. Nurse it and love it till it is strong enough to be a part of your outer life. The point for a woman is that she is only incidentally part of the creative act of childbirth. The processes of creation are far deeper than her personality.

-Jagadeesh 2016-12-15 21:59:01

One night I got a dream that my helder brother giving a birth to boy baby with presence of my parents but he still not get married wat is the behind this dream

-Jodi 2016-09-04 17:00:09

Hello. Last night I dremp about a girl (not familiar to me in real life) was pregnant. She was about to give birth and we ran to a car (a friends moms car) and the expecting woman got in the backseat and began to give birth. I was the only one around and I assisted her. The birth was fast, yet healthy. This woman didn’t seem to be interested in being a mom. The baby was a little girl. Actually very tall for a baby. Anyway I loved this baby as if she was mine and I ended up caring for her as if I was her mother. There is more detail to this dream. Like all of my dreams it was all in color. I would like to know your thoughts on the possible meaning(s) of this one.

Thank you for your time

-Amsr 2016-05-05 13:43:21

I am a boy last night i saw dream that my friend wife giving birth

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-10 7:36:23

    Dear Amsr – Dreams are a magical mirror in which your innermost hopes, longings, fears/terrors and genius are made real. They are made real as external environments, people, animals and relationships. So the person you dreamt about is not them, but is a dream image made out of your feelings and memories.
    Unfortunately this wonderful virtual reality world is usually felt as dealing with other people, as externals.
    But the greatest truth I have found in exploring dreams – not interpreting them – is that we are alone with ourselves in the world of our dream.
    So when your friend’s wife has given birth, you have given birth to something new in your life;
    A way to explore this creative aspect of you is by using “Being the wife who gives birth”;
    See also the third example in where the man who dreamt this said that he felt afterwards that at the time of the dream he had given birth to the very best of him
    Anna 🙂

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