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Dreams make a big thing of being clean of cleaning oneself as shown by the examples. To be clean in a dream means you are now in harmony with yourself. To be seen as needing cleaning is to show that some aspect of you is pointing out how you have got out of being whole. This will show as difficult feeling or viewpoint that make you feel depressed or not satisfied with yourself.

Cleaning yourself needs work, and this can be done by taking notice of your dreams and habits, but particularly you feelings about yourself. See Avoid Being VictimsLife’s Little SecretsIntroduction to Dreams

Here is someones description of his own experiences of being cleansed.

“I have seen that prior to my own inner explorations and meeting with childhood traumas, if illness led me to become delirious I would be totally lost in the whirl of emotions and imagery that arose. In later years however, after meeting many aspects of myself in a healing way, and again delirious, although the imagery arose as before, it was no longer threatening or overwhelming. If one has never experienced this meeting with one’s own childhood self, even if one has taken drugs or experienced hallucinations through other means, it is very difficult to understand the immensely powerful role such past experiences play in producing mood swings. In a certain sense, people who have never cleaned out the Aegean Stables of their own childhood or adult trauma are under a constant altered state of consciousness (ASC) caused by internal trauma. Such permanent ASC’s produce a view of the world related to the underlying traumas or habit patterns.

Example: a man dreamt he was watching a man who insisted on living in a small stable like room that was foul with his own faeces and urine. He wouldn’t go out or clean the room, and his clothes too were filthy. He wouldn’t be helped by others who offered to help him, but blamed his condition on anything and anyone but himself.

This dream was a turning point for the dreamer because it showed so clearly how he was making excuses for the attitudes of despair, of helplessness, of being disadvantaged, that he lived in all the time. Realising this he had a big internal clean-up of the feelings and thoughts he had accepted as true.

Example: I had been meditating a great deal without any apparent results. This led to the question of just how did God manifest if you opened your life to the spirit. One night I had woken because I needed to go to the toilet. Just as I was approaching my bed again I heard a voice speaking to me. It was very clear and seemed to come from everywhere in the room. It said, ‘You have asked how God touches a human life. Now watch closely.’

This was an extraordinary experience and nothing like it had happened to me before, so I was naturally fascinated to see what happened. I couldn’t sleep that night, expecting something else as dramatic to occur. Nothing did, but shortly afterwards I began to experience the release of painful emotions and memories from years back. It was like being cleansed. This went on for years and led to a full meeting with God. It was my first experience of LifeStream

Example: I had a blackhead on the side of my face, near the nose. It was as large as an orange! I squeezed it out, and it left a hole near my ear, so that people could see inside my head. I knew I should clean the hole with alcohol. My hair looked dirty.

The dreamer admitted she enjoyed hearing and learning about the failings of others and passing this on to others as gossip. The blackhead and the hole in her head represented the ugly thoughts she allowed in her head that she passed on to others. The dream shows how to cleanse this out of her so that she would no longer infect others. She also needed to clean her hair – thinking. See washing; bathing.

A cleaner janitor: Your ability to seriously clean up your life. Of course depending on the quality of the cleaner.

Useful Questions and Hints:

In the dream what is shown as needing cleaning?

Can I recognise what I need to attend to in my life?

Do I recognise the process in my life that is the great healer/cleanser?

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