Cloud Clouds

Clouds are in dreams often happen where feelings of upliftment or religious feelings occur. If the clouds are dull, then it suggests worry or depression of some kind that is obscuring your best feelings.

Sometimes clouds are about obscuring something, or blocking a possible view or realisation of something, especially if they are dark clouds.

Clouds are also the crystal ball of the mind, and in their many shapes and shades depict the intuitions, hopes, fears and wonders of our inner self. So we may ‘see’ things in our dream clouds that are visionary, intuitive or expressive of what we hold within. The clouds may represent or in some way illustrate these inner intuitions and motivations.

Because clouds are so high and often obscure or give a sense of depth to what is even higher, we sometimes use them in dreams to suggest dimensions of experience that are presently either beyond us or only vaguely glimpsed. In such dimensions of our mind we may see beings who live at that level of existence. In a practical way these beings are potentials we have that are not yet manifest in our daily physical life. If advice or communication emerges from such clouds it usually arises from our best intuitions, our highest perceptions. This is why in the past the clouds were seen as the home of the gods. It can also be the place of the ancestors. See Dimensions of Human Experience

Clouds move as they are stirred by the forces of nature, expressing cosmic forces such as the sun’s heat. This movement in our dreams sometimes depicts the force of spontaneous life as it influences us or as we respond to it. Clouds also bring life giving rain, and so can indicate a life giving influence in your life. Sometimes an influence from beyond the clouds appears in dreams, occasionally as beings. This is usually a sign that you are receiving communications from either your ancestors, those who are evolutionarily higher than us, or even the gods.

Example: Next I/we came to a town, high up on the mountain, near the peak. I was very impressed by how interesting, gay, and full of character the town was, quite opposite to the town at the foot of the mountain. I saw the peak of the mountain above the town, and decided to climb on. I went on with my companion and a boy child. It was cloudy at first, and there was no view from such a tremendous height, but the clouds cleared, and wonderful vistas were revealed. I believe I was singing in the dream – singing loud and strong and wonderfully clear and. Then we reached the top, and stood there together, looking out upon the clouds and the world.

The dream obviously shows the dreamer reaching beyond his usual awareness into a wider life.

Example: In both dreams it was shown that a powerful influence was flowing from above the clouds into my life. In the first dream I was marrying Dakota, and in the second a column of something was flowing from the sky above the clouds from these sky beings. So I wonder what that depicts – what that influence is about.

I begin to feel as if I am opening to something of immense power. I have an image of myself seated and almost glowing with this power, and oriental people are backing away from me. They are not doing this with fear, but with something of the attitude or feeling one might have when you stand near to a big fire and it is too hot to be close to.

The dream is an example of reaching beyond the known world into immense forces that can enter ones life.

Clouds clearing to reveal sun: The clearing of feelings and beliefs, or pains, that have clouded your awareness of your innate being and the wisdom innate in your existence.

Clouds obscuring the sun: Attitudes, fears and inner conflicts that obscure your real self, your source of energy and creativity. Imagine yourself as the clouds to feel what these blockages to your core self are. For help doing this see Stand in Role.

Coloured clouds: See: colours.

Flying in the clouds: This can either be about a sense of yourself free from the usual limitations of body, of concepts learned in a materialistic culture – or losing touch with your everyday life and escaping into imagination and longings. If it is the first it usually involves recognising that your essential self is not the body or the thoughts and emotions.

Formed clouds – square, round, etc: An unseen influence is shaping the way you see things and react. It is important to note what feelings you have about such clouds, as this gives a clue to what you are understanding of their message. Clouds usually constantly shift, so something important is entering your life and thoughts.

If bright: Usually feelings of upliftment or religious feelings. They can also indicate the way you have kept a higher ideal or purpose amidst difficult circumstances.

If dull or dark: Depression, feeling overshadowed by something. Such dark clouds are sometimes a warning about things we plan or are undertaking. They show we are not feeling good or confident about it, perhaps even an indication of things emerging. But often suggest things, pains or trauma you haven’t dealt with that are blocking your creativity or well-being.

Storm clouds: Strong emotions; the build up of anger or some sort of energy. See: tornado.

Swirling clouds: These can either depict being lost in a whirl of feelings and thoughts without a clear direction, or the brewing of a strong change or emotions.

Idioms: clouds on the horizon; every cloud has a silver lining; get your head out of the clouds; head in the clouds; on cloud nine

Useful Questions and Hints:

What feeling arises in me from my dream clouds, and what does that suggest to me?

If I imagine myself as the clouds what do I feel? For help doing this see Stand in Role.

Was there any message from the clouds – if so can I clarify what it was?

If I climbed above the clouds on a mountain or flying, what sense of myself and the world did I arrive at?

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-Janet 2018-05-06 18:41:15

Hi i was in a house my neighbour shouted on me to come outside and look up at the sky it was beautiful i saw like real babies then different colour shapes and the different types of the sun it was so gorgeous

-Natara Moore 2017-04-30 8:47:32

Hi my dream was I was lying down outside upset asking God why I haven’t received my blessing yet and crying, next thing little white fluffy clouds were being sent down to me covering my face and making me smile again. I’m not sure what this means but I have a idea that God was sending a piece of heaven down to me. I have been on my spiritual journey now for 2 months

-Zebrica Denson 2017-01-15 8:09:00

I had a dream of playing with my siblings and i get bit on the neck by a inhuman man , so i ran outside and it started raining and when I turned around to go in the house the house disappears along with everybody. And I look up and the clouds started to shrink and formed into a birds and I ran into the next house and as it rain piece’s of the house started to disappear and it just became me and this strange old lady and two baby’s a boy and girl we found on the door step as it rain. And we all inside a small piece of house praying..

    -Tony Crisp 2017-01-15 11:36:23

    Hi – I must take time to upgrade the dream dictionary, so must halt from answering your posts – I started revising the dictionary in 2006, and haven’t neared the end yet. I believe someone else may start giving interpretations.

    So, for a while I urge you to read – It describes ways that can help you. And often it would help too if you looked at


    The house is a sign of you, your personality or self. Its disappearing is about you shedding unnecessary part of you. You pray because you are frightened and reach out for a higher power. But it is the higher power that produces such great changes. The Great Power that changes you all your life is the power of growth. You were urged through such immense changes as you were born, then on through childhood, teenage and now into the growth of greater maturity – all quite threatening. So rest in the certainty that it is okay to shed the old you – the house – and be naked before the wonderful changes.

-Owuor 2016-12-12 10:11:13

I’ve had a disturbing dream twice in an interval of about one week, the first was about a very huge stormlike dark clouds approaching us on one side of the valley rolling on the ridges from the other side. The cloud had some lightning flashing over it. It was very low such that it was rolling like water from a broken embankment. The cloud seemed to stop before reaching me and that’s the moment I woke up so scared. The second dream was about the same cloudy storm but this time it was not dark but reddish purplish. I was at the roof top of my apartment when I saw it and this time the cloud did cover me. I opened my eyes and could see through this colourful cloud n realized that I was no longer on the roof top but inside my room, that’s the moment I woke up to find it was a dream too.

-Shipharah 2016-09-18 17:02:00

I had a dream I was flying around the sky with a close friend and we stopped on a small cliff for two. We were just sitting there thinking to ourselves and watching the beautiful view from up there. Then my friend said”You ready? Let’s jump!” In a heart beat we have already jumped and now we are falling near the steep mountain side, but never crashing into it. My friend was even tending to run down the mountain. I even thought in my dream ” There better be something to land on!” Sooner or later we land on a bright yellowish cloud. We try and stand up and the cloud consumes about half of our body. It felt like if u were knee deep in smooth cushion, but u can feel the thin lining of the cloud. This is just a single cloud with a bunch of people I kind know already in it. A girl named Jada was there too. First everyone was having a blast in the cloud, but soon everyone started to worry how to get down. I honestly didn’t care because I always wanted to be in a cloud. So everyone was talking about a way out and my friend, Jada was about to say something, but no one was listening. So I pushed my self out of the Consuming part of the cloud and now was standing on the top of the cloud. The top part of the cloud was a thin layer of water that almost looked like ice. It even reflected other clouds in the sky. So there I was standing on the top of the cloud and said “Hey everyone! Jada has an idea, so listen up Ya’ll!” (I haven’t used the word ‘ya’ll’ fluently, since the fourth grade.) Everyone in the cloud was now quite and looking at Jada. Then Jada said ” ooh, all I know is that I am staying close to Shipharah!” So she is coming towards me and I say ” hmm, no way.” Now everyone is looking at me as I run away from Jada. Then this fat dude says ” yea, I wanna see what kind of figure you have.” So I splash him with the water in the cloud and keep on going on my way. Jada goes past me to a more hazy looking part of the cloud…she then falls off. I quickly turn back to the group and say “that was the drop off!” I am now in the middle of the cloud with everyone else. Suddenly The cloud opens up and let’s everyone fall, but no one was sad or even mad. This dream is driving me batty! What do you think it means??

-Teresa Maldonado 2016-06-24 15:05:13

I dreamt that I was in my apartment. A new apartment. I looked out the window, and there were white clouds outside. The clouds lowered and stopped at my windows. If I stuck my hand out I could touch them, I wanted to but I felt scared to touch them. Then the clouds began to disappear quickly. When I looked at the sky, it was night, but the sky looked like a mirror image of the ocean with rain drops falling in reverse.

-Ann 2016-05-08 3:27:24

I was sitting on a roof, with a dog from my childhood and looking over the side or the roof and a large cloud passed right in front of me. It wasn’t a dark cloud but a fat full purplish blue cloud. I found myself rolling over onto my back and I saw a niece of mine sitting on one of the corners like one of those gnomes and then she vanished. And as I was laying on the roof I saw the sky, it was white and purple and I saw many purplish blue clouds in the sky, moving slowly and one of them was right above me and it was as if it was trying to reach toward me. I felt awestruck by the beauty of the sky and the clouds. They seemed so strong and powerful.

Any idea what this might mean?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-10 10:42:38

    Dear Ann – Your beautiful dream is filled with symbols that reflect a state of mind where you surrender to “the Hugeness that you are”; your awareness reaches beyond what you feel is your normal self; “I felt awestruck by the beauty of the sky and the clouds. They seemed so strong and powerful.”
    Do you remember this wonderful state of mind as being part of your childhood?
    Do you remember what got in the way to experiencing IT as you grew up?
    I have experienced that “previews” of a state of mind you might have forgotten about are helpful to “set an inner course” towards opening up to these feelings again.
    Your intuition – the dog in your dream – may then help you to sense when you lose track of the direction towards remembering again; remembering is making this experience of awe for Life, inner beauty and powerful wisdom become more frequent and longer lasting in your waking life too.
    Rolling over onto your back is like surrendering to Life; and
    Go for IT!!
    Anna 🙂

-hazel 2015-10-24 19:31:51

what about walkin thru a white cloud, on the ground?

-Toya 2015-09-24 18:53:47

I had a dream that I was around all these young boys and helping take care of them. I sending them to school and I had one boy who didn’t go to school yet so he stayed home with me. The little boy wanted to go outside so I started to get him dressed. As I buttoned his shirt, I looked outside and saw some little girls walking home so I told the boy that school was out and the other boys were on their way home. All of the boys came home and played and talked to each other. For some reason I thought I was pregnant. Remembered I bought some and went to get on out of the drawer. I tried to hide it so nobody would know what I was doing and dropped the piece that I collect the pee with. I made it to the bathroom but I started peeing in the toilet before I could get the test ready so I just put it under there and peed on the whole thing. I wiped it off and looked at it and the test read negative.

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