This can suggest anything from feelings of foolishness and playfulness, to feeling stupid or idiotic, perhaps even treated as inadequate. The clown tends to take the most ridiculous or tragic course of actions, so at times can remind us of our own misdirected path.

Sometimes the clowns face or clothes are a disguise for pain or sadness, or that you feel you have been made a fool of, or paraded in front of others in a way to be ridiculed. Sometimes this relates to childhood memories.

Sometimes the clown is a person with great wisdom to share – wisdom gathered through very full and varied life experience. See: archetype of the fool-clown-trickster.

The clown may also appear in dreams of men and women who are meeting and working with their unredeemed self, their animal that needs transforming. In this form the clown ridicules our pretensions, ridiculous pride, and reveals the ways we delude ourselves, so leading the way to becoming a whole person. See: ape-man.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the essential message or feeling in this dream – sad, foolish, wise?

If I am the clown what am I communicating by my actions or words?

Is the clown pointing out something to me – if so what is it?

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-Margo 2016-12-30 6:32:51

This dream happened in September. In the dream I collide with a very tall, somewhat ungainly clown figure with a top hat. He is dressed all in white and resembles Uncle Sam a little bit. After the collision, I find myself lost without money, unable to return to my work.

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