Feelings connected with how you appear to others. Perhaps worries about how you believe you look to other people. How you feel you appear to others. It can also be an indicator of your health, or feelings. A very poor complexion might suggest a health check, or that you are troubled by feelings that disturb your confidence in meetings others.

Our complexion also reflects our inner psychological condition, so can point to emotional disturbances or painful memories.

The complexion we see on other people is a summary of what we feel about them, or how we judge them. This piece from a dream illustrates this – He is very tough in appearance and has a swarthy complexion. See: face; skin; under body.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What character, state of health or qualities does the complexion suggest to me?

Am I feeling any inner disturbances about the way I might appear to people?

If I look in the mirror, what response to my own image to I have?

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