This might suggest introspection, or some measure of retirement or withdrawal from external activities. It is important to see if such withdrawal arises from anxiety or decisiveness. The convent may of course relate to your past experience and feelings connected with it, or your religious beliefs. But convents link with the feminine principle in you, especially the receptive female principle opened to the highest in you.

The convent can depict a particular state of mind, an empty or virginal receptive condition in which a wider life than that of your own personality can express or be known. See: virgin birth; Church.

So in this sense the convent can be an area in which you explore or define your relationship with your wider possibilities or potential.

Entering a convent can suggest either that you seek deeper acquaintance with the wider life mentioned above, or that you want respite from everyday life and its demands. For a man entering a convent it suggests he is gaining a fuller awareness of his female receptivity as it is opening to the wider possibilities within – or that he seeks non-sexual relationships.

If you were educated in a convent it could have very different meanings. You may have been trained to impose restrictions on yourself that put you at odds with your natural feelings and intuitions. A woman brought up in a convent describes this influence as follows.

Example:  It complicates things because it means that I have had to seek outside indicators to guide my choices in life instead of being guided by what feels right to me. As a child I got the message that what made me feel good was bad, and what I felt excited about tended to be forbidden. The confusion comes from being brought up in a convent.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is there a sense of discovering something deeper or fuller, or  a sense of restriction and confusion in the dream?

Am I seeking to discover the wider awareness and opening to Life?

Am I looking for quietness and time to be myself at the moment?

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