Difficulties or tribulations we carry, perhaps unnecessarily. It can also indicate human life and its whole spectrum of physical experience, sexual, mental emotional, cosmic – painful and delightful. The body, upon which consciousness is nailed or fixed during life.

The cross can also point to meeting death as an initiation into a new awareness and a spiritual life – the death being a psychological one, followed by rebirth or resurrection. See Ronnie Laing – archetype of rebirth.

In Christianity the cross also has many meanings. It represents the religion as a whole; Christ’s willing suffering; man’s suffering in the name of his religious beliefs; the strength of his beliefs; a sign of spiritual goodness and power to ward off evil. It also means the agony and wonder faced in surrendering individual will to the will of the community/communion, in exposing oneself, the sacred heart, to all emotion, pain, pleasure to transform it. See archetype of crucifixion

Lastly, it can symbolise perfect union, balance, equality and atonement of the the different parts of your being. Dreaming about the cross can be a sign of a personal destiny led by the best in us, Christ or a sense of the Divine. So a turning point in ones life. See Archetype of the Christ

A cross can also indicate wrongness as with tick being correct, cross being wrong or forbidden, or completion as when crossed off list.

If cross upright as + : Being upright; correct; self assertion; balanced.

If cross as X : The four extremities; reaching out; crossing out. Like the square, it can also represent wholeness, solidity, especially if the arms are equal length. See: crossing.

Idioms: cross my heart and hope to die; cross over Jordan; cross over to the other side; cross paths; cross someone; cross that bridge when I come to it; cross your fingers; paths will cross.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Does the dream cross have any religious significance/feelings for me?

Have I met great change or even depression that I am passing through?

What feelings are evident in the dream?

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-Brandi 2017-12-06 10:29:12

I had a dream where some attempt to open a negative portal was happening and I’m not sure why I was doing it in the first place. Then as soon as I started doing it I began to pray and did the father, the son and the Holy Ghost gesture. Right after I engraved a cross over the negative portal and asked god to be with me and forgive me.
I felt very on edge when I woke up. I’m not religious and I was wondering what this dream meant. Was it supposed to be a wake up call? Was it because I’m missing my long distance boyfriend (who is actually religious?) We just saw one another a week ago and it’s hard to be separated from him. Or is it something else entirely.

-alexis 2017-01-17 0:41:31

I have a recurring dream where I am making the sign of the cross, often repeatedly and sometimes rapidly. I am not particularly religious, though was baptised as Catholic. This action has happened in dreams at least 5 separate times.

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