Difficulties or tribulations we carry, perhaps unnecessarily. It can also indicate human life and its whole spectrum of experience, physical, sexual, mental emotional, cosmic – painful and delightful. The body, upon which consciousness is nailed or fixed during life.

The cross can also point to meeting death as an initiation into a new awareness and a spiritual life – the death being a psychological one, followed by rebirth or resurrection. See archetype of rebirth.

In Christianity the cross also has many meanings. It represents the religion as a whole; Christ’s suffering; man’s suffering in the name of his religious beliefs; the strength of his beliefs; a sign of spiritual goodness and power to ward off evil. It also means the agony faced in surrendering individual will to the will of the community/communion. See archetype of crucifixion

Lastly, it can symbolise perfect union, balance, equality and atonement of the the different parts of your being. Dreaming about the cross can be a sign of a personal destiny led by the best in us, Christ or a sense of the Divine. So a turning point in ones life.

A cross can also indicate wrongness as with tick being correct, cross being wrong or

forbidden, or completion as when crossed off list.

If cross upright as + : Being upright; correct; self assertion; balanced.

If cross as X : The four extremities; reaching out; crossing out. Like the square, it can also represent wholeness, solidity, especially if the arms are equal length. See: crossing.

Idioms: cross my heart and hope to die; cross over Jordan; cross over to the other side; cross paths; cross someone; cross that bridge when I come to it; cross your fingers; paths will cross.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Does the dream cross have any religious significance/feelings for me?

Have I met great change or even depression that I am passing through?

What feelings are evident in the dream?

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-Brandi 2017-12-06 10:29:12

I had a dream where some attempt to open a negative portal was happening and I’m not sure why I was doing it in the first place. Then as soon as I started doing it I began to pray and did the father, the son and the Holy Ghost gesture. Right after I engraved a cross over the negative portal and asked god to be with me and forgive me.
I felt very on edge when I woke up. I’m not religious and I was wondering what this dream meant. Was it supposed to be a wake up call? Was it because I’m missing my long distance boyfriend (who is actually religious?) We just saw one another a week ago and it’s hard to be separated from him. Or is it something else entirely.

-alexis 2017-01-17 0:41:31

I have a recurring dream where I am making the sign of the cross, often repeatedly and sometimes rapidly. I am not particularly religious, though was baptised as Catholic. This action has happened in dreams at least 5 separate times.

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