This often depicts your unconscious memories or feelings. But it may indicate repressed parts of you, or family influences from the long past. It may also show feelings emerging from the unconscious, or fear of death. Such feelings are not necessarily reflecting truth, but a reflection of cultural anxieties or ideas about death. See Face Fear; CaveBasement.

This meeting with feelings about death is sometimes like a test or initiation. It is almost as if the most beautiful may exist in a crypt, and you can only get to it by some form of psychological dying. This keeps a lot of people out, because they feel they are meeting something bad. They only pass into the beautiful if they dare to meet their fears of death.

In some dreams the crypt indicates feelings about or contact with dead relatives or people. This connection the crypt has with death is occasionally expressed in dreams as a shrine – a shrine in which the memories and love of a dead parent, child or partner is revered. If not that, then ones ancestors.

Example: I was in some kind of cave or crypt. My father told me and my family of his coming death. He was calm and caring but my mother, sister and myself were grief stricken and for some reason went to buy him gifts.  Mrs. C.M.

Useful Questions and Hints:

How do I relate to the crypt, and what does that indicate about my relationship with the unconscious or death?

What is it I am discovering or feeling in the crypt, and what does that suggest?

Am I in contact with someone who is dead, or am I discovering things about death in this dream?

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