The human sense of the eternal, so a symbol of your core self. But a crystal can also depict rigid views or emotions, crystallised opinions, thus habits.

A crystalline form is often a symbol of the Self. In other words, you are only conscious of a small part of yourself. Most of your body functions, and memories are unconscious. Also, your links with others and life itself at a deep level may remain unknown. The word Self is used to mean your whole being, known and unknown. If the crystal is felt to be of great beauty or valuable, then it is certainly linked with what is of greatest value in yourself – your pure consciousness beyond physical sensations and thoughts.

The thing about dreams is that they show everything that is inside you as an outside image. So the crystal can actually represent the force that gives you bones and other inner activities. Crystal of whatever sort always form the same crystalline structure, so often are images of forces in us that are always constant, so can represent a part of us that is always true – our core Self. See Touching Your Core Self

The shape of the crystal, in its beautiful structure, arises through the workings of some inner force or power, invisible, but evident in its symmetry. So it can represent the hidden inner power active within you that shapes who you are. Dr Marie-Louise von Franz writes in Jung’s book Man and His Symbols, writes, “The mathematically precise arrangement of a crystal evokes in us the intuitive feeling that even in so-called ‘dead’ matter there is a spiritual ordering principle at work. Thus the crystal often symbolically stands for the union of extreme opposites – of matter and spirit.” This inner power may in some dreams be seen to shine out or to focus what are your innate talents or potential.

A crystal may also depict realisation, i.e. “It became crystal clear”. See: jewels.

Cut crystal glasses or chandeliers suggest refinement or quality, and the chandeliers might also link with what has already been said above about crystal. Glasses can also link with alcohol though, and be showing its influence on you.

Clear Crystal: This is about clearing the mind of thoughts and emotion and enabling you to look into the immensity of your inner being. It represents a space of infinite wonder, a situation or state of mind not limited by form or smallness so it allows you to seek what you want in the infinity. Although it has no image or formit has the potential of all things – a magical state.

Crystal ball: The crystal ball usually stands for insight, prophecy, the future, your hopes and plans, fate, intuition, gazing into yourself. It can, because of its shape, denote the Self, or completeness, indicating your ability to be aware of intuitive impressions and creative imagery. It can also indicate the world of your inner feelings, passions, love and dreams – your soul, and your ability to look deeply into it. The following dream illustrates this.

Example: My beautiful friend looks into the crystal. It is not a thing made of glass, but a great dimension of mind which appears to open in the room, hanging in the centre of it, about eight feet across. She tells me I am already touching something that is beginning to happen in the world. My life will become involved in it. I will play my part – by no means a key role or leader, but one which I will gain great satisfaction and love from.

But remember that delving within like this can uncover the dark shadows cast by past fears, traumas and the memory of acts and emotions we usually choose to keep in the darkness of unconsciousness. It can also show you what you know in your heart, as in the following dream. See Using Your IntuitionThe Inner World

I was with a gypsy looking at a crystal ball. She told me that my present relationship – a woman with children I am living with – will last and flower. I began to cry. Then there were other people there as well. A man put his hand on me and said it was okay to cry, and I felt they supported me in this.  Don S.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If my dream crystal is of great beauty and value, what can I understand or feel from it about my own deepest self?

If I have dreamt of a crystal ball, what has been seen in it about who I am and my direction in life?

What can I gather about what is valuable or beautiful in myself from this dream?

See Life’s Little Secrets Life’s Little SecretsMethods of Awakening


-Estee 2018-03-26 4:03:37

I dreamt that i was walking along the seashore during a peaceful sunset and found a clear crystal point. I went back to my chalet and there was this unknown boy asking me if I have seen his crystal point. I showed him the crystal point I had found but he shook his head and said it wasn’t his crystal. Both of us went back to the seashore and I helped him to look for his crystal. As I was looking around, I kept finding more and more beautiful clear crystal points which delighted me. I collect crystals and my discoveries made me very happy. What does it mean?

-Carly 2017-11-27 3:11:35

Hi, I just bought some stones the other day and today was my first day using them after I cleansed them. I had the moonstones on each ovary and carnelian stone on my abdomen. I feel asleep and had a dream I walked into a crystal shop with those stones the lady in the store told me the carnelian wasn’t actually carnelian and when I showed her the moonstone it started to glow very brightly where it went from white to green and I felt electricity run through my body and then I woke up. What did this dream mean?

-Brenna 2017-11-17 13:59:53

I had a dream that I took my black tourmaline and broke it up into smaller pieces. Do you hav rant idea what this may mean?

-Clare 2017-11-05 12:51:00

Hi, I dreamt my cousin and I walked into a hospital to see her sister (suicide @25). The nurse brought out a crystal that was the most beautiful clear green at the bottom and vibrant pink on top. We were conversing with the crystal as if we were talking to my deceased cousin. I asked her if she was ok or if she wanted to come with us but she said no, that she was very happy so we left just holding the crystal. What was the meaning of this, was it purely about her being at peace or something else.

-michiru 2017-09-27 15:33:55

Hi there, I had a very strange dream last night that left me feeling pretty uncomfortable. All of my crystals are dear to me but my aquamarine is extremely special. In the dream someone stole it from me, cut it into tiny pieces and made it clear. I then proceeded to freak the heck out and become violent with the thief. I have been under an extreme amount of stress lately and I’m wondering if this dream was at all related to that or what it could possibly mean (if anything ). Thank you in advance for your input.

-avatari 2017-09-17 2:52:09

Hello Tony. .
Dreams for me is like living in another reality. I’ve been there and come back feeling either Good exhausted or then sometimes contemplative.
I remember my dreams vividly .. in detail sometime.
I had a dream a while ago of my master standing patiently at the side of path that was laden with rainbow quartz and quartz crystals going towards the sea while the path leading in the opposite direction was full of butterflies and plants and trees. He stood there patiently pointing towards the crystal path while I was caught in dancing with butterflies on the other. I felt a happy dancing with the butte files

I was shown this very clearly. I was aware that my master was showing me another path that I haven’t been able to fathom yet.

Your guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

-Tarnfairey 2017-06-13 6:12:10

I keep have reoccurring dreams of finding many, many different colored beautiful faceted crystals. I’m super excited and I pick some up, putting in my pockets,but I am careful to leave behind some in case I shouldn’t take them, or to be sure they are not mean for something else.
Any thoughts?

Maybe I don’t feel I can have it all? What’s “it”or “all”? Innner activity,I’m afraid to take or use all of? Humph…. gratitude for any insights.

-Seren 2017-05-10 12:56:19

I had a dream where I was looking at my favourite amethyst crystal that was for some reason very fragile like brittle glass. When I went to pick it up my crystal suddenly shattered, pieces flew everywhere and also cut my palm open. I felt pain but also a very deep sadness and when I woke up my palm still felt as if it was cut. Can someone please help me by explaining this dream to me it would mean a lot and would be greatly greatly appreciated.

-Charlotte 2017-04-20 9:46:13

I had a dream last night that I was holding a purple crystal that was so bright and intrequiate just before hand I’d compleated a guided meditation to meet my guardian angles yet what I found so fascinating was when I had the crystal I smashed it twice over the floor and it grew into an even bigger crystal that became heavy to carry! Can you help explain what this means?

-Robyn 2016-12-02 17:34:43

I had a dream that my boyfriend was holding a crystal and was like sucking my soul out into it. I felt like I was going to die or something and I woke up thinking he was really doing that. What does this mean?

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