Devil Demon Lucifer

The devil or demon in our dreams usually represents the parts of our own urges and emotions we have repressed or do not feel in control of. The angers, fears or urges may even feel to us as if they are strong enough to control us, so we represent them as an external force pushing us to some sort of evil. In each of us there is also the potential for creativity or destruction. This is especially noticeable in connection with our fears, such as fear of illness. Such a fear, if based on imagination rather than a real cause, can still cause illness. In this sense our own mind can turn against us. The enemy of our own undirected fear may be pictured as the devil or an evil entity. See: archetype of the devil under ; demons; evil; aboriginal. See also: active/passive.

“The succubus, a female demon who seduced male dreamers. References to seductive demons, such as Lilith, had appeared in the Talmud but had not previously appeared in Christian writings. The Commentary – by Macrobius – became an extremely influential book and thirty-seven printed editions appeared before 1700. It was the most important and well-known dream book in medieval Europe. Its inclusion of the fear-inspiring sexual demons was to play a role in supporting the paranoia about evil spirits that developed during the later centuries.”  Quoted from Our Dreaming Mind by Robert van de Castle.

Example: I’m 18 and recurrently dream my house is haunted or possessed by the devil. I am not religious, but in the dreams with the devil I try to remember prayers to scare him away. In every dream my family and I have to pack our bags and move back to the old house I lived in as a baby until seven. The dreams really frighten me and I can’t sleep. E. F. Teletext.

The struggle with something that appears exterior can be clearly seen in this dream. The influence of religion in giving ready made symbols to suggest there is an exterior evil that is invisible, but can powerfully influence one, is also clearly shown. And in actually facing the devil in ones dreams it turns out to be ones own emotions and desires that are not allowed or tuned back on themselves – thus devil spelt backwards is lived. It is the unlived or repressed urges that take on the image of a devil. “All you may know of heaven or hell is within your own self.” EC

Example: I was going mad. I was crawling around on my hands and knees and wailing and behaving in a most peculiar manner. I actually felt mad. But inside my head a tiny voice kept saying, ‘You aren’t completely insane yet – there’s still a chance.’ People around me kept saying to each other, ‘We think she’s possessed by devils.’ My sane voice then said ‘Make the sign of the cross, cast out the evil spirit.’ I kept trying to do that but my hands wouldn’t or couldn’t complete the sign. I woke still feeling disturbed. Margaret F.

The power and sense of being out of control is dramatised here, along with the resulting fear arising from feeling the controlling force as alien. If you take the images away and simply look at the situation, what is apparent is a huge conflict that Margaret is facing. The conflict clothes itself in imagery of the Devil because Margaret is afraid of whatever it is that is trying to express. This is a powerful internal conflict that is simply a struggle between the conscious self and the person’s own unexpressed potential.

Example: I was walking toward a house. It was quite dark, but not night. As I neared the house a number of demons or devils came at me menacingly, trying to stop me getting near the house. Although they made all the ghostly noises I wasn’t at all afraid of them. I felt they were a damned nuisance, and to show them I meant business I grabbed one and with my right hand I gripped its flesh and squeezed. It started to squeak in pain and I squeezed harder. At that point I was woken by my wife. I had hold of her belly and was squeezing madly with my right hand. Ben. C.

In this dream Ben shows a completely different response to the stereotype of fear. He is not afraid of his own anxieties or internal urges, but he hasn’t actually transformed them.

Example: Tell me where was the Devil? I do not understand. Jesus, why have we not been tempted?  There is no answer – at least, not from outside. But something within me speaks. It . . – says – – . wait, I begin to hear. It says. . – You . . . were . . . the Devil. It was. . . you – – . who tempted me. Your fear, your loneliness, your dependence on things of the world, on people’s opinion, on wealth as a means of self-respect, on hate as a means to love – all these you tempted me with. Now you have left me for a season, for with God’s wider view given with the descent of the Dove, I showed you the illusion of your gods – the emptiness of your fears, the powerlessness of your determinations. The shadow cast by the knots tied in your heart, your head and your belly, was the Devil. Like children’s hands held between a candle and the wall, your pains, desolation’s, and terrors have cast grotesque shadows upon your consciousness, which you took to be real, and you lived according to their demands. By these shadows men are led to war, murder, theft, terrible ambition, lust, even madness. All mankind is possessed by these shadows – by this absence of the Light, the Life and the Love. I come, not to condemn them but to redeem. For you are your own devil, and your own angel. But my hour is not yet come; when it does I will redeem.

Example: Devil Snivel Havel – They are just words to describe human fears, fears put into us by a church thousands of years ago speaking of things it only had primitive words to describe what it saw. I have met the devil myself several times, sometimes in great fear, and then slowly in wonder and direct insight. In such meeting I saw and realise that devil was ‘lived’ spelt backwards. In other word it is the Light we are all born with that through fear or ignorance we have turned back on ourselves. In doing so we have created great chunks of stuff blocking the light causing depression, suicidal impulses, and all the many human pains and suffering. But it is not some evil person ‘doing it to us’ it is our own misguided actions that can be undone by understanding them.

Such feelings, such entrance of foreign and destructive forces, is seen by our unconscious as the devil, demons or even a vampire. They suck away the life force and create illness in your body. Recognising them is very important for your health and person wholeness. This is called a dybbuk in Jewish folklore. Remember that devil is lived spelled backwards, and evil is live backwards. They both suggest the turning of your life force back on itself.

Example: The Devil attacked a woman. He was invisible. The woman turned black as he raped her. She didn’t die. At this point I woke and went to the toilet. On returning to bed I continued the dream, particularly wondering what I was in conflict with in the image of the Devil. I found it disturbing and frightening to be confronted by such a powerful opponent. Partly because of the rape, I realised it was held back sexuality. I then approached the ‘black’ woman with tenderness and this transformed the Devil into available energy, sexual or emotional. I tried this again and again. Each time it worked, and I could observe the connection between the Devil and how they were repressed sexual feelings.

Fears of dream devils and demons are completely unfounded. That is because the dream is only a virtual reality that are self created images that can be changed. The following example shows how lack of fear changes the way we relate to our dreams – and of course how fear creates our awful images.

Example: Had a very unusual dream last night. I was in an outdoor environment. It seemed a bit dark, or maybe morbid is the right word. I was with other people but none of them stood out to remain in memory. There was a definite awareness though of being near to a place that was haunted, and that a man was in trouble in the haunted place.

I decided to go and see if I could sort out the problem. I walked down a slope to where the centre of the haunting existed. It was an open space with an old double-decker bus in it. The only person on the bus was a middle-aged man who was sitting on the top deck leaning out of a window on the right hand side of the bus. I stood beneath him and looked up. He was staring in a glazed way and didn’t see me. I could see and feel that he was being hit by fantasies or hallucinations by whatever was the source of the haunting. This invasion of his mind was grabbing his attention so fully that he wasn’t aware of his surrounding or of me. I was sure that if he went any deeper into this mind stuff he wouldn’t be able to pull out. I waved my hand in his line of vision and banged my hand on the bus to make a noise and get his attention. At first it didn’t seem as if I would bring him out of it, but after a while he looked at me.

I shouted at him to pull out. I said that he had a wife and some more years of his life to live, so why lose himself into this entrancement. This didn’t seem to grab him so I shouted again and said that he would eventually slip into this empty mind world anyway – at death – so why not live with his wife the remaining years of his life. I was sure that if he lost awareness he would let himself starve.

I was aware that what he desired was to slip away into the void, into the awareness of the one life in which he lost any awareness of self. But I banged and shouted and he became more ‘present’. I then felt I had to confront whatever was the source of the powerful ‘haunting’ that was pulling him into the inner mind. I turned away from the man and saw just to my right a short distance from the bus an animal that was the ‘haunter’. It was a mammal of no particular type – a bit like a mixture of dog, rat and guinea pig. It seemed very ordinary and tame, and stood looking at me. I walked toward it and stretched out my hand. It was a tan colour with short fur and gave a feeling of being okay to approach, so I touched it to stroke. This was okay and I was thinking there was no problem when the creature leapt at my throat in a flash of movement and ripped my throat out.

This sounds disturbing but I simply observed this and thought to myself that stroking and trying to be friendly was no way of dealing with this thing. It was as if I was in command of the imagery in that I simply formed another body. The only way that felt as if I might deal with the creature was to have the meditative state of holding on to the nothingness that was my centre, and not feeling panic at it’s attacks. In fact apart from the gory imagery, there was nothing to be frightened of, as the creature was only attacking my dream image of myself. As I wasn’t identified with this, it couldn’t hurt me. That was the end of the dream.

Here a woman comes face to face with the devil –

Recently I sat with a woman, Beth, while she explored her usually unconscious feelings and beliefs. Our unconscious dream action often portrays such inner feelings as an object or person, and in her exploration Beth met the Devil. When we dared to face and closely look at this image of evil, what she discovered was that her ancestors had lived in times of great persecution. Being people who had questioning minds, they wondered whether the persecution was in fact justified. Maybe there was something about them that was inferior and detestable. Those self doubts, and the negative feelings that arose from them, created an open door for what has been called the Devil – destructive emotions and urges, negative comparisons, and feelings of being an outsider. Once this is understood it is easy to see other things that leave a door open for evil to enter. They are childhood trauma or abuse, the attitudes and standards we often pick up – rather like infections – from others around us, and the cultural attitudes we live amidst. When this ‘devil’ enters us it can lead to self criticism, the denial of ones own talents and ‘light’, and in bad cases, crime, murder and the infliction of child abuse and trauma.

Knowing this, we can see that much advertising attempts to call these demons into action – Are wrinkles making you look old? – Can you no longer make love like you used to? – Lacking energy, zest, confidence, take this fantastic new formula – What will happen if you die leaving your loved ones uncared for? – What is holding you back – why not completely change your life by signing on to this $2000 guaranteed three day course? Defeat ageing, get rich, have fantastic sex, leave failure behind – you know the story. But what the adverts are reaching are the beliefs, fears or feelings that you are ageing, you no longer or never did have fantastic sex, you are childless or a failure. They are grabbing hold of the imagination already working in us that tells us we are doomed, failures, unloved and lonely. See Integration – Meeting yourself

Useful questions:

What relationship do I have with my own natural urges such as sex or eating?

Have I turned my own urges back on themselves, transforming ‘lived’ into ‘devil’ by a reverse process?

Can I dare to meet this devil and release the repressed energy as living flows of personal life and love?

See – Masters of Nightmares – Dreams are Virtual Realities Take Everything into YouTechniques for Exploring your Dreams The Secret of Time and Satan 



-Angela 2016-11-29 13:40:30

Hello… I am pregnant and have been having a lot of pretty crazy dreams lately. But this one was very intense. I am not religious or anything, but am feeling so disturbed by this one. I wish I could recall more of this dreaming. The more I try to remember, the more I forget. It takes place in a restaurant. A few nights before, I had a dream where my “friends” and I dined at this restaurant and nothing peculiar happened. In the dream, these people were my friends, but I don’t know them in real life.

Before we went to the restaurant tonight… I remember us being at my “home” and a seemingly nice woman knocking on the door. She was invited in.. She was trying to sell a book she wrote I remember. We were reading through it and she finally realized that while I was intrigued, I wasn’t going to buy it. She dismissed herself. Later on, my friends and made our way to the restaurant. As we drove, I saw them woman heading to another house. She had changed clothes and looked like she was trying to appeal to somebody else… Anyways, I don’t know how we made it to the diner eventually… There was a lot of construction around and all roads seemed blocked off. But suddenly we are there. This is where I really can’t remember much. It was all so metaphorical. Reminded me of Rocky Horror Picture Show or something. The way it was all so kooky. I just remember that things started to get weird. I realized that one of my friends was not so friendly. He had this look in his eyes and started acting weird… I felt like we were in this diner for hours. We eventually tried to leave. I was driving and it was as if we were the metal ball in one of those little toy mazes that you have to sift around. Impossible, we end up back at the diner… But we are in a different room. It’s like a bedroom. Things got pretty weird. I am sitting on the bed. One of my female friends gets on her knees and obediently performs oral on aforementioned guy. She seemed spellbound. I felt uncomfortable. Then he goes to another female friend and says something to the point of “I can tell you when you’re going to do…” And she opens her mouth for him. I was so annoyed that this was all happening. He walked near me and I remember shoving him because I was disgusted by his attitude. I was thinking there is no way in hell that I am next. There is no force that could come over me and make me do this.(Mind you I am not a shy or uncomfortable person sexually in real life. But it all just seemed wrong.) I was just sitting there ready to fight everybody. Haha… Then a tall stranger walks in. I realize that this all seems like some sick twisted episode of Twilight Zone. I which I could explain for of the dream, is much happened in it. I sense that the man is in charge. I realize I am in some kind of limbo and closer to Hell. I can feel that this tall man in a brown suit is the devil. I ask him “what is this. Some sick joke? Am I going to hell? Just let me go already! Why am I stuck here?! I don’t want to play this game!” He smiles at me and starts to walk towards me. I am unafraid of his daunting approach. He grimaced as he walks towards me and I wake up.

I have been sexually abused before on several accounts and he has definitely had an affect on me and the experiences and situations I have come across sexually… I think the way the weird “friend” who everybody performed oral on have something to do with this?

-ivin 2016-11-04 14:19:06

i had a dream the other night ( i am 15 years old) and the dream was normal i usually have lucid dreams but this one was different. Halloween just ended too. but i was with my friends and my cousin and then i went to a room with my cousin and then someone popped up saying they were Jesus and that they wanted me to give myself to them. then they persuaded me too have sex with my cousin and he watched. his eyes weren’t normal neither. he asked me if i wanted to be forgiven for my sins and said i can have whatever i want and showed me a few things like the sex. but i told him that he wasn’t Jesus and that he wasn’t an angel. once i told him no he disappeared as a mist and i woke up. i was really freaked out, can you help me please.

-Michelle 2016-09-30 10:10:18

I had a dream that the devil came to me and wanted me to have sex with him. He wanted me to carry his child. I refused so he started making my 14 year old have some kind of convulsions. So I agreed if he would stop. He was very good looking in my dream but I knew it was the devil. He kissed me very passionately as he was putting me on the bed. I woke up before anything happened. A few moments later my 16 year old came into my room. It was like he knew so he left but it felt very real like it was really happening. Any thoughts on this dream?

    -Tony Crisp 2016-09-30 12:10:05

    Michelle – A very interesting dream.

    In the first place you need to understand that the dimension our dream images take place in are not like waking life, because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is an image like on a cinema screen that even if a gun is pointed at you and fired it can do no damage – except if you run in fear; so all the things that scare you are simply your own fears projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind.

    The word devil is the word lived spelt backwards. It often represents the action of repressing our natural urges and feelings. The Catholic church really set the scene for the devil to appear because they taught such tight controls. Their clergy have to refrain entirely from sex, and we can see it has had the result seen in many clergy of molesting young boys. But the Catholic also kept alive the great Mysteries.

    The devil in your dream, to me, represents the release of the force of natural sexuality. It is a force that has been kept locked up in women and men for generations. I am not talking about sex as a pastime, but the realisation that the act of sex can be a holy or divine action when it is released from the shackle of modern sexual feelings leading to rape and distortion, and also the view of marriage being blessed by the church.

    The devil is simply an image that you feel is evil because of our past cultural programming. See

    But in fact it is an image which is a link with an important part of YOU. Dream images are like icons on a computer screen – You have to ‘click’ on your dream images to make them come alive. Thinking about them doesn’t work. You need to open yourself to the magic of them. To make them into the wonderful gateways they are you may have to learn certain skills. Perhaps by using and

    You wrote, “He started making my 14-year-old have some kind of convulsions.” It is not convulsion your dream son experienced by the stream of life released in him. See

    Example: “At first I found it difficult to let go enough for my body to freely express. When I did learn to do this my movements were very strong. At the time I was lying on my bed because my movements had started from quietness and stillness. They became so strong I fell off the bed at one point. My impression was that without realising it I had been holding back enormous amounts of my own energy. It was when I let the full current of my energy be expressed that I could achieve a new experience of myself. It is like having a dimmer switch on a light in an internal room, and all the time you have it just glimmering, and the room looks dark and dismal. Then one day you turn the power up and the whole room is transformed. All the colours glow, and features not seen before stand out.”

    In most social settings we usually restrain everything except what may be acceptable to others, expedient in the situation, or judged as correct. This means that we may not give ourselves the freedom elsewhere to allow our own creative imagination – our body to discharge tension through movement – experience our intuitive process – and our full range of feeling responses. In this way we gradually diminish ourselves, blocking out much of ourselves that is not of immediate use in everyday affairs. We may in fact diminish our relationship with life itself.


-Jess 2016-07-05 4:29:20

I had a dream that Satan was intertwined and trying to be released from a former best friend. (We recently had a falling out. I was her maid of honor, we argued and broke off our friendship). Satan was reaching out to me, and similarly to the position to the Sisten Chapel Michaelangelo portrait, touched my right pointer finger. I felt the touch – tactile sensation – all down the right side of my body. In the end the devil was released from her, and he flew to the right- and I was questioning if it was the devil or some other demon. I woke up screaming.

I’ve been so panicked since. Anyone have good interpretations for me?

-Bryan 2016-05-31 5:22:24

Had a dream where some of the family members I have were disguised as the devil. I had a purpose to succeed in this dream but needed to figure out what it was while being chased, faught, and trapped by my own family members. I never reached where I was going but I knew I was close… The devil was disguised as different family members I have. 2 specifically that are very close to me. One of the craziest dreams I have had, I knew I was dreaming in the dream but something kept forcing me to forget so I was not in control and I wouldn’t wake myself up.

-Nick 2016-05-23 10:26:06

I had a dream that started in a place with chairs set up all facing each other I’m unsure of where this place is or if it is indoors or out. But it’s a group of people including myself and we are playing strange games that involve sex in this place and in this game you were partnered with someone. I was partned with my ex and for some reason she was pregnant. After the games were over I looked around and everyone was walking away towards what looked like a light in the forest. I was no longer in the the first place the chairs were all there still but in a different place. I walked to the light which turned out to be a campfire. I light a cigarette and I’m in another location in a home with my mother my brother and my sister and grandparents. My grandmother was showing me a video she captured on her phone while in my room of a figure standing there like if it were waiting for me. She is screaming at it telling it that it needs to leave, telling it that she know what it is, where it comes from, telling it that it cannot have me. Then it attacks her not directly but some how shocks her with electrocution. I start to freak out, I’m crying, I’m denying that it is true. I run up to my room and see nothing untill I pull my phone out and start recording, I start scanning the room back and forth and there it is in my room in they same spot waiting and I knew it was for me. I start running downstair crying and yelling and begging someone to help me so my mom takes me for a drive the whole time I’m looking in the rear view because you cannot see the devil if you are facing him only if you face away from him a view him through a reflection or a camera. He shows up in the car so I run off back to the house. I go back to my room to sleep. I awake to him this time I see him clear as day no longer only revealing himself through reflections. He is acting more aggressive than before, grabbing at me, talking to me terrorizing me. So run out of there i get my brother and sister and we go to my mom’s room to sleep thinking I’d be safer under these conditions. I was wrong and he was there more aggressive than ever grabbing my by my shirt picking me up slamming me on the bed next to my family telling me that I belong to him now. There was no where to run this time. Do you know what any of this could mean?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-27 7:52:33

    Dear Nick – Whatever “strange games” you may have played in your dream, it triggered a whole lot of responses in your inner world.
    The responses show that the games and the sex involved have caused an inner conflict with whatever values, attitudes and emotional and social responses you absorbed from your grandmother and the rest of your family.
    The figure that is waiting for you in your room is called your Shadow.
    The Shadow is any part of yourselves that you reject, and so do not allow sufficient expression in your life.
    You so dislike and fear aspects of your nature that you fail to recognise them altogether. Instead you may see them in other people and criticise them.
    The shadow develops in us, according to Jolande Jacobi, because as we grow and absorb our culture, we naturally repress parts of our nature as they are not acceptable to ourselves, our family and/or society.
    These grow and mature in just the way our conscious personality does, through experience and further information – except the shadow has a life under the surface – in the darkness – like any socially unacceptable organisation, criminal activity or individual. But often it is the functions or instincts in us that date from prehistory, when present day social and sexual restraints did not have survival value, that make up a large part of the shadow.
    If you can think of the characteristics you loathe in others, that is a fair picture of what you repress in yourself.
    The great ‘ladies man’ may hide a shadow which feels inadequate sexually. The loving Christian mother might meet a shadow full of resentment and anger at how she has been taken for granted. The rigid heterosexual might hide homosexual tendencies. Meeting the shadow through our dreams is a meeting with our own reality, which in turn enables us to look at the world realistically. If the shadow can be met it leads to wholeness;
    You become aware that you cannot run from this denied part of yourself, because you cannot run from yourself.
    So how about meeting it?
    Anna 🙂

-Heather 2016-01-30 19:54:41

Hello I had dream last night that I was the Devils lover. In my dream I went to a theater every seat was filled in and apparently I knew every single person there even though their faces did not look familiar. We all took our seats and were watching the movie. I can’t remember what it was about. All of a sudden there was a big face on the screen of a handsome man. He called my name and asked I go to the stage. I was hesitant because I knew it was him. I guess he knew I didn’t want to go so he started harming people around me. He calls again and everyone turned to look at me is if saying to go or they could all be killed. So I run away and of course he finds me everywhere I try to hide. Finally he corners me in what seems to be a hospital or office full of nurses. They all ran away in fear of their lives. He approaches me but I wasn’t afraid anymore. He caresses me and holds me so gently. He tells me how he wants me to be his lover and he wants to protect me. I believe him and we make love. The way he spoke and the way he would show his affection i just loved it so much. We then go about the world turning into different creatures, like snakes and we bite people. We turned into big Hawks and fly the skies together side by side. We killed people together. We would stand at the very top of buildings and look down at people then jump, but we would not get hurt as we were giant then. We did everything together! I guess ever since I slept with him I was like he was because when we would target someone to kill they could sense I was evil and were very afraid. I still looked human, but some people just knew what I was. A group of people that I was going to kill on my own pulled out a shotgun on me. This angered him so much that he grew so big and turned ugly! He killed them all infront of me and I thought it was so romantic. When he finished we made love again in the forest and he says he doesn’t want me to ever be hurt or touched by anyone ever. The way he would treat me I adored it. I loved everything about him. And when I woke up I didn’t want to be awake. I didn’t want my dream to end, I wanted to go back to sleep and tried to. It may not be right, but the dream felt so right and I want it to happen again. I don’t know why I dreamt this. I didn’t watch a scary movie, I don’t feel guilty and I don’t lust over anyone. I am pregnant maybe hormones? I just don’t know. I remember having a dream many years ago where the devil raped me, but this dream we were deeply in love. I’m confused. Someone please help.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-02-03 15:57:20

    Dear Heather – Thank you for mentioning that you are pregnant.
    Pregnancy is a time of radical inner changes too. Therefore it will also be helpful to read Julia Karadi’s view on pregnancy, birth and natal;
    The Devil is usually connected with repressed natural drives, particularly sexual (one can express sex physically yet still repress sexual longing and feelings of real connection and tenderness).
    It is what is unlived in us – ‘devil’ is ‘lived’ spelt backwards. The reason the devil is such a useful symbol of your struggle with your own urges, is that if you have a conflict with an urge such as sex, you can make up your mind to stop or hide, but if you do so it feels as if this force will come after you or push you in another direction.
    This otherness/Life is depicted as the devil.
    What I see in the first part of your dream – and please explore it yourself as well – and is that you move with some hesitations from experimenting with feelings, as something outside of you – the movie – towards opening up and exploring and experiencing feelings and aspects of your inner world that were unconscious before.
    One of the questions on this page is:
    “Can I dare to meet this devil and release the repressed energy as living flows of personal life and love?”
    And so in this dream the answer is yes, you dare to and you experience a way of joining and of making love that is new to you and in which you do not feel dominated; feelings that might have been part of your dream where you got raped by the devil.
    The experience of love can change or transfigure your whole inner world and life. Similarly, the release of inner feelings, spiritual energies, new ideas, can have a transforming effect upon you.
    Because of the last part of your dream, where the symbol of the devil – also called the shadow – is expressed in a different way, I feel it is important to go slowly with this inner process and to start integrating “the devil” into your conscious personality first, which will produce a stronger and wider consciousness than before.
    Try integrating “the devil” by taking his dream image and pull him back into your body.
    Do this slowly and allow any feelings that arise. Merging with it makes it conscious again, and if any feelings are allowed expression you have a chance to really understand and sort out what is useful and what has to be let go of – exactly as your digestion does. This may sound strange but all the images in your dream are projections from your inner world onto the screen of your sleeping mind; so taking the devil back into you is like owning him and integrating him and this will lead to wholeness.
    See also
    The realisation and integration of this part of your shadow – which does not mean giving in into your “Mr. Hyde side” – will also gradually help you to become aware of being at war with other aspects of yourself.
    What drives people to this inner war is the suspicion of being two people in opposition to each other – the shadow and the ego – and healing this split is part of the inner work that you are asked to do.
    The shadow develops in us, according to Jolande Jacobi, because as we grow and absorb our culture, we naturally repress parts of our nature as they are not acceptable to ourselves and/or society.
    If you can think of the characteristics you loathe in others – that might make that you want “to kill” them – then you get a fair picture of what you still repress in yourself.
    Entering this process which is also called is a courageous step indeed and every step you take towards healing and growing into a more aware and compassionate human being will enrich yourself and your inner world, your relationship(s) and your child(ren).
    Please let me know if you have any questions so far Heather.
    Anna 🙂

-Minna 2016-01-16 10:54:32

I dreamt last night that I was with my best friend in a huge pool, we had a lot of fun and I think we actually was flirting. But suddenly I could see myself turn around and I saw symbols carved into my neck, and I heard people around me saying “it’s satan’s symbol”. I don’t know what that means but it makes me afraid. Can’t find anywhere what that means either.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-01-22 10:00:52

    Dear Minna – Symbols that are carved in the back of your neck could refer to an experience that has left an indelible memory or mark; it has left you wounded. The back of the neck suggests emotional energy that is largely unconscious and may be blocked. Your biological energy not only flows into movement, sex, digestion, etc. but also into being aware, feeling, expressing who you are and expressing your potential.
    A way to explore this still unconscious part of your inner world that is (also) related to flirting /sexual feelings is to use (you can even do that for the symbols that are carved in your neck).
    The people in your dream who see the symbols as “Satan’s symbol” could refer to forces that act upon your psyche. Being possessed by Satan could mean that your actions are to some extent controlled by social codes, fear of looking a fool, and so on. “Satan” then has become the demon that rules your life and enslaves you. It is such demons that Jesus cast out in the Bible stories.
    Another way to become aware of the thoughts and feelings that are carved into you and rule your inner world and to help you open up to your real self is
    Please also read
    Let me know if you have any questions Minna.
    Anna 🙂

-Goody 2016-01-09 5:06:24

I just had a dream in which I was being stalked by the devil. It seemed to span over the course of a week (although I actually only slept for 3 hrs) and every time is go to be in the dream, the devil would visit me. It was in the form of an older, motherly woman and came when my back was towards her so I never saw her face. Any time she’d come I would nit be able to move or speak out loud. She would talk soothingly and try to convince me to come with her, only raising her voice when I told (through thoughts) that she had now power and would lose. Although I told her this, the entire time I’ve never felt such a wave of fear come over me, to the point of tears. Also, throughout the day I would come across people that I knew were working for her, they’d usually grab my arm and tell me that I would go to her, or just stare at me from across a room giving me a feeling of dread. ultimately, I forced myself to snap out of it when she came to me during a night sequence and brought along a demon in the form of a child. It was absolutely terrifying hearing it crawl across the floor towards me and not being able to move, so I started trying to scream and brought myself out of the sleep paralysis. I’m not a very religious person (although raised Catholic), and as such don’t remember uttering any prayers to ward the devil away even though I can still recite quite a few. I’ve never had a dream give me such a feeling of dread and fear of sleeping, and am just looking for some kind of answer or piece of solace as to what it could mean. Thank you in advance.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-01-14 11:18:52

    Dear Goody – Just as we learn to swim by gradually facing and overcoming our fear of sinking, so we learn to love, be creative, successful or expressive, by meeting – in dreams and in life – the fears which hold us back: the fear of someone or something having power over us, the fear of uncovering the past, the fear of what is still unconscious, the fear of being neglected, the fear of being alone, fear of the dark, the fear of ridicule, the fear of failure etc. They are all anxieties we conquer to some degree in the process of maturing. But there is no final boundary to our growth.
    So if you dare to grow beyond your present maturity, you are bound to have a few nightmares. It will serve a purpose to try to see what they say about you; you have nothing to lose but your fear.
    In order to get a better understanding of what dreams are, you might want to read this too;
    What I see in your dream – and please explore it yourself as well and – is that you become aware what a part of your inner world looks like.
    The older, motherly woman could be a symbol of your inner mother and her presence in your dream reflects how she is still influencing you as she used to do in the past; how she influences the choices you make and the way you perceive “the so called outer world”.
    The so called outer world, because the outer world you see is an outside picture of an inward condition;
    The demon in the form of a (very young) child refers to how you perceive/believe that natural (sexual) instincts – the natural inner world of a young child – are sinful and need to be “ward away”.
    Because the child is crawling I also see it as an expression of “your animal side”;
    Another approach than warding it away might be that you “meet these natural instincts” by “Being the little child” and explore if YOU (and so not your inner mother) would still see/feel/perceive/sense/believe it as “demonic” NOW.
    It is good to realise that many of the beliefs/convictions you have about what you perceive as sinful/as a demon, were absorbed in childhood and so far they have remained without any conscious evaluation; they are still unconscious.
    So this inner journey is also about some level of daring, of being explorative, of gaining a glimpse of or an experience of what lies under the surface;
    I trust that I have given you “some kind of answer” 😉 and please let me know if you have any questions so far Goody.
    Anna 🙂

-Kim 2015-11-11 5:47:07

I am 18 years old. I had a dream, there are some blanks, but i know there was a part i was having intercourse severeal tomes with an old man. Then this women came over and we stopped. He then dropped to the ground and i then could see he was the devil. I told him i knew he was the devil in disguise the whole time, which was why i dosnt care he was old.

I am now in this new dark house, which i believed i recently moved into (in my dream) I was by myself and i feared it was haunted. I am religious. So i started praying tongues, repeating bible verses, everything that made me feel the dark wrath i was feeling slowly caving into the room i was in. Evem thought nothing supernatural happened yet i could feel any second it was about too. And then it got closer and closer and i woke up! (Thank the Lord!)

What does this dream potencially mean?

-Gigi 2015-09-13 15:59:09

I dreamed that I was being chased by a demon that was really huge and had horned and blew smoke out it’d nose.what does it mean to be chased by it demon

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-09-22 14:01:57

    Dear Gigi – Anything moving toward you in a dream usually signifies that you are becoming more aware of it, feeling it more intensely. So being chased in a dream usually denotes that you are feeling something you fear more intensely and are trying to avoid confronting it. This is not usually a good policy, as you can never get away from yourself.
    The example below shows how we can be pursued by fears or emotions, and can either continue to avoid them or face them. We are, in a real sense, pursued by what we have created with our thoughts, emotions, action and inaction.
    What we are avoiding might be sexual feelings; responsibility; expressing what we really feel in public; our fear of death; sense of failure; guilt; emotional pain; childhood trauma; grief – but it might be our creativity; our love; our passionate response to living; our deepest wisdom and oneness with things; the ancient power of life in us. You can never escape from yourself however much you try, so such feelings may pursue you throughout your life unless you turn and meet them.
    Example: ‘Three men with clubs were chasing me but never actually caught me as I woke in terror. I was determined to tell myself it was only a dream and the next night as they were chasing me I remembered it was only a dream and lost all fear – stopped running – turned to face them and said ‘This is only a dream, you can’t hurt me.’ As they came closer they faded into nothing and I never saw them again.’ Account of dreams when 6 years old. Mr C.
    Anna 🙂

-rafael 2015-07-12 17:35:05

I had a dream where i was sitting in an all white room, and in the middle was a dentist chair. I was sitting down and two people were walking around the chair. At some point they stopped in front of me and the people were the devil and death. They were just looking at me as if u had to choose one.

-Stef 2015-07-09 9:32:47

I dreamt of a corridor with many doors opening on it, the corridor is circular so I keep walking by the same doors. When doors open, there is a person and situation wich seems normal initially but then transforms always in an evil character, like an angel of death for example, and the atmosphere is creepy and sinister. Then everything inside the room destructs and I am left with a feeling of emptiness and of non achievement. I woke up scared and unable to forget the dream . Is the dream representing my life and the experiences I had in it? It felt that way as soon as I woke up

-Cassandra gorman 2015-06-27 11:56:36

Ok I’m freaking out had a dream it was like the devil was in me he wasn’t red he didn’t have horns by to angels were pulling my arms to pull him out of me I got up at 2:00 3:00 I was shaking and my arms hurt and I’m getting up for the day my arms are still killing me the dream was so real it was like a storm he was going in and out of my body as the angels pulled him out

-Nay 2015-05-26 10:22:39

What if your own mother have done things to you so bad she tries to control your kids? She comes in my dreams to hurt me and my kids.

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