The dog appears more often than any other animal in dreams. It depicts our natural drives that are well socialised, but still have the tendency to revert back to the spontaneous or ‘wild’ state quite easily. For instance our anger might usually be well under control, but if someone teases us we might surprise ourselves by the amount and strength of our anger, or our desire to cower and hide. But the dog is often a sign of enthusiasm, care or warning – as can be observed so often if we have a dog. See animal

Example: I had misinterpreted the meaning of Tramp my dog, who I felt was my inner self. I now see that Tramp is my psychic self, the mixture of instinct, complexes, feelings and closeness to nature. Possibly my intuitive, habitual or instinctive response to events. He is my companion on walks, to run faster, react quicker, smell better, fight more savagely, and face hardship.

Similarly our sexuality may be usually expressed in a socially acceptable way, but if we are in a situation where our sexual pleasure is stimulated or allowed easy expression we might deeply shock other people and ourselves by what we do. It can also represent easy expression of such aspects of ourselves as aggression – maybe because dogs show their teeth easily – as well as their sexuality, especially male sexuality; also their easy expression of love. Also the parts of self we usually keep out of sight, but which may express spontaneously. The dog as an example of intuition is shown in the following dream.

Example: Was crawling through a tunnel underground. I was now in a dreary, dismal, drab Edwardian type room. My mother, father and my dog, Tramp, were also there. It was quite a big room. Tramp went up to the fireplace and put his paw up under the shelf as if pointing. I looked and saw he was indicating a crevice under the shelf. I felt there and found papers in there, but also that there might be fingers in there touching mine. I said this to my father, but he did not reply. The hole was getting bigger all the time, and the room darker.

The dogs can represent this feeling energy, this natural life response to events and ones situation, our easy flowing natural feelings such as devotion, perhaps to a lover or child. The dog is yourself if, the natural you if you let your emotions off the lead. So it can be your uninhibited love or anger, your open sexuality, or even your honest needs.

For some people a dog was the only source of expressive love in their childhood, so may well depict this; fidelity and faithfulness, as the sheep-dog it is also the guardian of our welfare. Like the cat, the dog can be a substitute baby for childless women, or represent affection or caring.Occasionally we depict a person, or what we feel about a person through the character of a dog. See: cat.

Example: Actually seeing a dog in my dream I find not the dumb animal that humans patronizingly assume to be there, but a creature of remarkable complexity and deep emotions, capable of various levels of behavior, of guilt and loyalty, or shame, of identification with people—a creature so like themselves that other distinctions seem negligible. It broke down my assumptions of superiority. It sent me spinning back to the sense of kinship with animals that primitive men, in their rituals and folk myths, so clearly revealed. I found myself becoming snakes, tigers, bears, rabbits with such ease and pleasure that there would seem to be a veritable menagerie in the back of my mind. Moreover, the conviction of animal identity, once accepted, is terribly convincing. Having accepted the limited truth of my animal kinship, I am loath to see the broader areas in which such a communion is untrue. See Animals in your Brain – Temple of the Animals

Example: The role then came to life and spontaneously I as Vince the dog went to Alan and stood up on my hind legs with my paws on his chest, looking into his eyes. I wanted to communicate something to him.

The communication was so strong that I as Alan felt it and will describe it. Vincent reminded me of the many things we had shared in life. As this happened I felt such love – the love I really had felt for that beautiful dog. As I felt this Vincent and I became one being. I remember carrying him in my arms when he was young because, as a runt he was so nervous that at times he couldn’t even walk. I remember going everywhere with him as I walked London. I also knew that Vincent represented for me the ability to see into the invisible worlds – psychic sight and sensing. He had demonstrated it to me at least twice.

As all these memories poured through me I felt deep emotions pouring up and started crying. Crying because Vincent was helping me be aware of things I had not put together before. Lately I have been trying to extend personal awareness again, into lucidity and into the world. The emotions I was feeling were due to a realisation, and as this happened I knew what the previous dream of Vincent meant. I understood because various bits of memory came together to form a whole.

In mythology the dog has symbolised the guardian of the gates of death, or a messenger between the hidden and the visible world. The dog was also thought of as a guide or guardian of the hidden side of life entered in sleep and death. The following example illustrates how love can survive death.

Example: It involves my dad and his English bulldog, Chauncey. They were big buddies. Chauncey even went to work with Dad. Several years after Chauncey’s death, I dreamed of a female English bulldog who was very pregnant! A few weeks later, she appeared to me again, smiling proudly at two adorable puppies. One was brindle and the other was brindle and white. She showed me her house and street sign. The name of the street was Rosebud Lane. Then Chauncey appeared in the dream and told me he was returning and he would be the puppy that walked to me first! The next day I got the classifieds and started calling. It didn’t take long, the second call was located on Rosebud Lane. When I arrived, the mother dog looked just as she had in the dreams. She even acted like she knew me. I stood back and waited. Shortly, the little brindle and white puppy waddled to me. Dad cried when I handed the pup to him. Reincarnated bulldog…why not? By the way, Chauncey had a nickname…it was Rosebud!

Dogs can be a wonderful intuitive friend, even life saver. This is because it has been proved that dogs often know when their owner is ill or about to have an attack. But dogs are also very psychic. See Talking with Dead also Cats and dogs know

Example: In a dream, my dog, Gus, told me he had worms and needed to go to the doctor. We went the next morning. Dr. Dennis Umlang looked at Gus, a picture of health, then asked why the visit.  I – told him Gus needed to be checked for worms. “Have you seen any evidence of worms?”, he asked.  “No.”  I answered, “but I still want him checked.”  The testing showed negative.   I told Dr. Umlang the dream and asked that they try again. That’s when he told me of the heartworm test which is costly but the only way to detect their presence. “Do it,”  I said.   The test was positive! Ordinarily there is no real warning of heartworms.   By the time symptoms appear it is often too late and treatment is dangerous due to the animal’s weakened condition. Because of early detection, Gus survived the treatment with no damage to vital organs.

Barking dog: A warning or a sign of protection. Warning that something or someone is there who is not a friend – or that you should not approach whatever is shown in the dream.

Black dog: The black dog figures in quite a lot of people’s imagery. Bernard Levin uses it to represent depression. For some people it brings feeling about death. The sense or meaning the dog gives in relationship to depression or death in dreams is that it is a living energy in us that has gone ‘bad’ and thus causes the depression or death. Such depression is usually the result of past painful experiences that are like lumps blocking free flowing positive life energy.

The black dog also show you urges which are largely unconscious, or it is a messenger related to what is unconscious in you. So the black dog can indicate sexual feelings that you are not proud of, or any natural feelings, even feelings of love that you hold back.

Dog attacking: Either being attacked by someone and so representing their anger or snide criticism – or your own anger or aggression. See: What Does my Dream Animal Mean

–  Animal phobias at the end of the animal entry.

Dog on lead attacking: If you are holding the lead – restraint of your aggression toward someone. If someone else is holding the lead – feeling attacked by someone. As in Cornelia’s dream in the example below, there may be a sexual connection.

Dog on lead: Restrained or controlled urges; urges we have trained or directed; holding back or restraining or directing parts of oneself.

Puppy: Youth, heedlessness, spontaneous affection and enthusiasm. It often represent a child, or feelings about wanting a child, being pregnant with a child, even one of your own children. Also vulnerability or dependent needs. Like any young animal, it can depict your need to care for or love something, or be loved. What happens to the puppy, if neglected or mistreated, most likely indicates memories of pain from your own childhood, or neglect of vulnerable parts of yourself. See: Baby animal in animal situations; Neglected animal in animal situations.

Woman’s dream – attacked by dog: Could well be feelings about male sexuality or a relationship with a male. Possibly the dreamer is holding back her own female strength and cannot meet the male strength.

Example: ‘I continue on my path, and suddenly the nettles disappear and the path is clear. Ahead the wall has curved round to face me, but there is a gate in it, and I can see my dog waiting for me on the other side.’ Mrs M. G.

In the dream from an elderly woman the dog is leading the way through the experience of meeting death. Mythology has often shown the dog in this light, as an inner sense of knowing how to find transformation through death – or as the ravaging threat of death.

Example: I was with a female friend who is a lesbian. Two dogs attacked us. My friend ran away but I couldn’t. Cornelius.

On exploring her dream Cornelius discovered feelings about her own womanhood and relationship with males. She realised the dogs represented her relationship with male sexuality, and that her friend was afraid of males.

Example: I was aware of the danger of two, or maybe one young child. They had been allowed to carry a small animal which acted as a scent lead for large tracker dogs that were hunting and would attack and kill whatever they were tracking. I found one of the boys trying to hide under a pot or a basin in the spare ground behind the house I lived in London. I pulled him out from his attempts to hide. He had no idea of his danger. Two of the dogs – perfectly harmless and friendly when not hunting, were coming close to me and trying to lick me. They had huge mouths. I got very angry with one man, a farmer type, who I thought had been careless in the way he was urging the dogs to hunt. I swore at him in public, calling him something like a ‘fucking idiot’. There was a large public gathering and I wondered what the public would think of me swearing. D.G.

There is an obvious reference in this dream to the unconscious urges some people have to hunt and hound others. The dogs especially depict this unleashed aspect of human nature, harmless when not set into motion. It also shows how such actions by others threaten the child in us, or the areas of personal vulnerability.

Example: I come out of my house. Across the street is a nursery. (this is actually true, there is a nursery across the street and the street is well used and busy) I looked up to see my yellow male Labrador dog named Odo. (He is a dog I have now) He was sitting in a truck on the passenger side. He looked like he was smiling. I thought, “What in the world is Odo doing in that truck?” At first I thought he was driving the truck, but then realised that he wasn’t, an ancient old man was. And the truck was weaving from one side of the street to the other. I yelled for Odo to come back and he jumped out of the truck. How I don’t know. But he did. He came running toward me, but there was a chain-linked fence between us. The fence ended at the street, but Odo was attempting to climb over the fence instead of going around it. I shook my head and said to myself that he was going to hurt himself. Sort of laughed, too. Then I woke up. I remembered thinking the day before that I was comparing my husband, A, to Odo. And thinking if I could just accept the silly things he does as well as I do with my dog, our relationship would be so much easier. K.

In this dream K. is probably right that she is using her dog to consider her relationship with her husband. She may even be using the dog as an image of her husband and his character.

Idioms: See a man about a dog; hair off the dog that bit you; call off the dogs; you can’t teach an old dog new tricks; raining cats and dogs; dirty dog; as sick as a dog; dog eat dog; dog in the manger; dog tired; dog’s life; gone to the dogs; let sleeping dogs lie; lucky dog; tail wagging the dog; top dog; die like a dog; dirty dog; gay dog; go to the dogs; hair of the dog; sick as a dog; lucky dog; raining cats and dogs; see a man about a dog; teach an old dog new tricks; tail wagging the dog; thrown to the dogs; etc.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is my dream dog represent someone I know or my own spontaneous feelings?

Is there any indication of relating to this dog as a child or a love object?

What feelings is the dog expressing?

Is the dog helping me meet or understand death or the unconscious?

If so what am I learning?

See Secrets of Power Dreaming –  Life’s Little SecretsDream Yoga



-Helen 2017-05-05 5:29:59

Hi, I had a dream of going to a house they were my friends with new cats, yet they looked like dogs. I walked away from the cats and sat in another room. A person came into the room and put one cat on top were it began to have sex with me . Inot this time I was still frighten and couldn’t move. Afterwards I got up ans went to my car. I was shaken up in the dream ando said to the person I don’t like cats I have told you before. What does this strange dream meaning?

-silviya 2016-12-06 6:00:44

I had a dream with two black dogs eating raw meat.
The dream begins at my job/ which is at grosery store-deli/ So the dream starts with me seeing gigantic open coolers, they are shelves with row meat , but also a lot of it is on the floor as well. Then there are two black dogs come inside and started eating from the first meat they can get. I coud not beliave that they allow that to happen and I do tell that to my supervisor, but he does not care. Then I grab a micropfone and I spoke on it so everyone can hear ,the whole town as well. I tell the story of how that company is taking care of their food they sell and how it could spread diseases . Then ofcourse they fired me. But a lot of people thoUght of what I did as a brave think to do. They were trying to mask everything for the inspection that came.

-Kimberly 2016-09-07 11:19:12

Hello, I was wondering if you can interpret my dream ? I had a dream that , I was with my husband and we ran into a man that was a friend of both of ours .He asked if I can watch his dog as he and my husband went to do something. I took the dog to the park she was a beautiful chocolate lab very playful and friendly with me. Then later after returning the dog, I was in a car look over and see my husband speaking to another women ,she was flirting with him. He seemed to enjoy it, but told her he was with me and pointed at the car. Wonder why my friend had me watch his dog and what that all means. Thank you for your time and your wonderful website.

-Cansu 2016-06-07 7:36:17

Hello Tony, I have been seeing dogs in every dream I had recently and I got scared. But this time it was a horrible dream. I was standing on the balcony and looking at the street. I saw many many dogs (at least 20-25) barking wildly and running through the street and unfortunately they were chasing a group of little boys. I was horrified about the situation and I felt that an unforgettable tragedy was about to come. Unfortunately I saw these dogs caught the boys and attacked them and some people run to help but I saw the boys were biten by the dogs and laid on the street. I saw that chaos and I really grieved. At the end the dogs left the street and some people tried to carry the wounded boys inside. I went out and walked around the streets, I was searching for something that I don’t remember and I was really scared because of the dogs. That was a horrible dream.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-06-11 7:50:42

    Dear Cansu – In your dream you may be observing the current situation in Turkey and in Istanbul where violence and attacks have unfortunately become a part of life.
    You wrote “I saw that chaos and I really grieved” and it reflects a need to release your sadness;
    Searching for “something” may indicate an attempt to find; trying to find an answer to a pressing problem; searching for your identity or sense of value in this particular, difficult setting, where people’s vulnerable feelings and lives are threatened.
    You can ask your unconscious mind to give you what you are looking for
    Anna 🙂

-Priyanka 2016-04-25 4:09:32

I had such a confusing dream full of fear and helplessness. I was with my father in our old house bedroom sitting. Out of nowhere the black dog comes growling and eats a small black dog that we had. In fear, I try to stop her from eating but then she takes the whole dog in. I was so helpless. My father and I lock the door. After a while, we open it and my dad brings out a puppy. All of a sudden, the kitchen and living room is full of so many puppies and Im feeding them bread. But they seem vicious. Also, I find out the black dog who ate the small dog was pregnant and was really hungry, so thats why she ate the small dog. Can anyone please interpret this dream. What does this dream convey?

-Norrpa 2016-03-08 16:58:01

I had a dream when I were on a street in the middle of the night. I had a black dog by my side that could read my thoughts before I even thinked them. The dog were loayl too me and everything i thinked the dog did and then it walked 20-50m away from me and attacker something a man I think and it returned with another dog that had the same abilities as the first one. It looked like a doberman but it did not have the face of one. It had a face as cute as a husky but the body of a doberman. What does it means?

    -Norrpa 2016-03-08 17:01:37

    I had a dream when I were on a street in the middle of the night. I had a black dog by my side that could read my thoughts before I even knew what i were going to think. The dog were loyal too me and everything i thinked the dog did and then it walked 20-50m away from me and attacked something a man I think and it returned with another dog that had the same abilities as the first one. It looked like a doberman but it did not have the face of one. It had a face as cute as a husky but the body of a doberman. What does it means?

-J Brown 2016-02-17 7:07:11

I just woke up from one of the worst dreams I ever had. I am a plumber by trade and I was hard on work in this dream. I had taken a job out of town and brought my wife with me. I began work in a bathroom of this house where some drug addicts were getting kicked out of. Someone had installed a new bathtub where I had been working. As I began to work I heard a crying sound from a dog in the same room almost but I didn’t pay it much attention at first. After a while into dream I heard this sound again and began to search. I tore up the bathtub only to find a mangled pregnant dog. Whe. I looked at the dog closer at its back side where most of the damage was imp could see a puppie sticking its nose out from inside the mother. I quickly grabbed the dog and put it in back of my car to run it to,vet or something. I pulled over the car to check on the dog and when I did it was dead. My wife was with me now at this point and I told her I didn’t want the puppie inside the mother to die so I cut open the dog in attempt to pull out unborn dog and I did so. I woke up shortly after this in a panic and can’t explain why I would have a dream like this and so morbid and disgusting. Can anyone give me answers to this

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-02-23 10:04:42

    Dear J Brown – Your dream reflects your courageous and caring attitude that helps you save a part of you and/or a relationship that you perceive as very valuable. Good for you!!
    I cannot give you answers, but I can help you look at your dream.
    Your dream starts with cleaning out some attitudes – kicking out the drug addicts – and it is either something you have done already or something that still needs to be done;
    Because you took your wife with you, your building work in your dream could relate to your private life and/or your work situation.
    Are you addicted to your work and do you feel that your relationship with your wife (and perhaps child) is under pressure because of that?
    You can use to get a feeling understanding of the symbol of your wife in the dream (and all other symbols too, like your own dream figure, the “someone who installed a new bathtub and the dog.)
    She does not seem to be really present, although you brought her with you; she does not talk and so what is her role in your dream?
    Anna 🙂

-Amanda 2016-01-11 14:56:07

i had this dream me & my bestfriend went to this mall & hung out with ppl then took a path home. we can across a gate & there was a little girl holding a leash of a white lazy looking dog with short floppy ears & 2 other dogs were on the side too without a leash. we asked if the gate was open &she said yes then the white dog said as we were walking through “are you gonna save us?” then once we crossed i turned around & the “little girl” was looking at me with a malicious smile. then i tried to strangle her & i woke up.

    -AMANDA 2016-01-12 3:37:20


      -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-01-18 10:15:45

      Dear Amanda – Thank you for sharing such an interesting dream with us. What I see in your dream – and please explore it yourself as well – is that at the gate you meet different parts of your inner world. We all have an inner world that is quite distinct from the outer world we encounter with our physical senses. It is the world we meet when we have an emotional reaction, an idea, or close our eyes and live in our fantasies, imagination or dreams.
      It is also a world of beliefs and habits that are still unconscious; that you are not aware of yet.
      Taking a path home is like wanting to explore who you are and so you meet a younger part of you – the little girl – that was probably trained to control her feelings too much so that your natural and spontaneous energy was cut off.
      Saving the dogs expresses an action you take to stop and preserve something important inside yourself from being restrained any further; there are still two dogs that are not on a lead or look like they lack energy.
      I do not see the little girl as malicious; I do believe there is a need to find a way to learn to express your unexpressed feelings, so that your energy can flow again.
      There is a path “home” that is called Life Stream and in short it means that you open the door to your own real self by spending some time a week (maybe once or twice) to release anything that wants/needs to be released, while you are alone in your room. You can do that while listening to music, which I feel is helpful.
      One way of describing it is to say that you become the dance partner who is led. You dance with life every day anyway, but usually you want to make the decisions about what steps to take, what way to twirl, when to finish. Opening the door to the streaming life means that you open your body, your mind and your feelings to being guided by your partner, who has led the dance from the very beginning – Life.
      Let me know if you have any questions so far Amanda.
      Anna 🙂

-Stephanie 2015-11-09 3:42:49

I dreamt of a white dog snarling and trying to attack me. I stood on a chair trying to block it until I eventually woke up. It looked like a wolf type dog. If white dogs represent protection and good. Why am I being snarled, growled and attacked?

Also, just before I woke up I felt like I was dream thinking of my friends dig. It’s beige and it’s a Pitsky (pit bull and husky breed). I’m babysitting the dog within the next few weeks so I am slightly concerned. I’ve never been alone with a dog for a whole week and when the dog smiles, it scares me but other than that me and the dog get along fine.

-silv 2015-11-01 21:26:40

I keep on dreaming sick and stinky dogs.
In one of the dreams I see injured shabby dog with very friendly eyes. His leg is broken and he stinks very bad. A girl (owner?) takes him by the rope, but the rope is wrapped around dogs broken leg and it hurts him. I’m standing with my boyfriend, trying to tell the girl to unwrap dogs leg. Dog doesn’t want to go with the girl, he looks at me. But he stinks so bad, and I’m not sure what my boyfriend thinks about it. I’m surprised that he likes that dog.

Another dream about sick bitch with sick puppies. Don’t remember all the dream, just the fact that all puppies and dog was in red pussy spots and I decided to take one of them with me to try to heal him. In my dream I’m worried about my decision.

-silv 2015-05-09 20:41:36

I keep on dreaming sick and stinky dogs.
In one of the dreams I see injured shabby dog with very friendly eyes. His leg is broken and he stinks very bad. A girl (owner?) takes him by the rope, but the rope is wrapped around dogs broken leg and it hurts him. I’m standing with my boyfriend, trying to tell the girl to unwrap dogs leg. Dog doesn’t want to go with the girl, he looks at me. But he stinks so bad, and I’m not sure what my boyfriend thinks about it. I’m surprised that he likes that dog.

Another dream about sick bitch with sick puppies. Don’t remember all the dream, just the fact that all puppies and dog was in red pussy spots and I decided to take one of them with me to try to heal him. In my dream I’m worried about my decision.

-Angel 2015-04-17 9:25:56

Had a dream that I saved a dog from drowning in a pool. It looked like a mix between a fox and a golden retriever, after the dog got up to run away I said “You’re welcome” and he turned around and attacked me.

    -Anna 2015-04-17 12:58:17

    Angel – I wonder with what intention you said “You’re welcome”. Was it meant cynical?
    I ask because you did not mention the dog thanking you in your dream and it could be that your response was merely a cynical way of reminding the dog that it SHOULD have thanked you.
    I feel that the dream shows that if you attack/judge (for instance by using a cynical approach) some aspect of yourself seemingly outside of you – in another person for instance – you attack/judge in fact this aspect in yourself.
    This is made clear when you understand what is meant with “the shadow”:
    The Shadow is any part of ourselves that we reject, and so do not allow sufficient expression in our life. We may so dislike aspects of our nature we fail to recognise them altogether and instead see them in other people and criticise them. Nations as well as individuals do this.
    For instance if you can allow yourself to not always feel like expressing your gratefulness (or even not feeling grateful at all) for other people’s efforts, you do not need to attack/judge the same approach in another person anymore.
    If I look at your dream from another angle, I think that it will be helpful to try a different approach altogether.
    Because of the water, drowning depicts fear of being overwhelmed by difficult emotions or anxieties. But this might apply not to dangerous emotions or urges, but to natural urges such as eating, loving or sex, that some people have enormous conflicts about.
    If you do not rescue the dog, it might learn to swim in these emotions and/or urges and perhaps even learn that they are not overwhelming at all, maybe even enjoyable.
    For that purpose you can use “Carrying the dream forward”
    Good Luck!
    Anna :-)

-kamalraj 2015-02-07 4:27:57

I had a dream in which, I am sitting in a bench at roadside. some guys sitting in nearby bench poured liquid on a dog’s face and burnt it. dog into ashes. I was just watching and feeling so bad for the dog. but I haven’t asked any question to those guys. please respond.

-Carrie 2015-01-16 9:25:52

I have been having a recurring dream, where my husband made us get a wolf to train as a house dog. In previous dreams- I’ve been unsure and constantly worried about this “dog.”
This time in particular, my whole family was here and the dog also. The dog had attacked my child and was eating her. I made my uncle take the dog away from my house. Never so scared in my life.

-Ana 2014-11-09 0:38:20

Hello, i had this dream: i was in a house that i dont know but i didnt felt like outsider in the dream. But i remember to think that the outside of the house was a mess and felt dark and dirty. There was a flood, a lot of objects floating. I saw a dog outside in the corner of the backyard almost drawning because it was on a roap. I swim to reach the dog, someone – a woman, said something like im here if you need something, and as i was getting there, there were 2 more dogs, smaller, barking, also with roaps but they could wait on top of something. They were safe. This dog that im focused on is sad, scared but patient. I cut the roap with some house keys, and the dog jumps and stays on my shoulder. I remember i wasnt sure to leave the house keys there somewhere, but i couldnt grab things or swim with them. So i leave them on a high place and start going back with the dog. It is calm and feels warm. I feel the water pushing me, i feel like i cant make it and the woman starts to say good stuff like, your going fine, keep on. I’m not sure if i stoped or if i was pushed back for a moment and right there i thought well what the hell if i cant go back i will let the water push me back to the corner and climb the metal fence (prision style) as much as we need to be alive. I woke up that moment because the feeling that i could loose the dog, because i couldnt hold it more was just devastating me.
Never dreamed with dogs or floods before…

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