The ability to adapt. It may also show feelings to do with things that rebound.

Elastic is often used to hold things together so might be used to indicate a relationship that is either pulling together or broken. Elastic can also constrict, as it does when placed around the testicles of male sheep to cut off their sexual development. Also arrangements can be elastic.

Elastic also typifies the ability to stretch and reach beyond your usual boundaries. In some dreams and inner experiences time itself is elastic and can stretch infinitely or became shortened.

Elastic stockings can also suggest a medical condition that might need attention.

But there is something that a mother has with her children. Once it is made, no power on earth short of death, and no psychic power, can break the bond of connection that connects a mother to her child and the child to its mother. In the inner world of dreams their beings are held together by an elastic umbilical cord which stretches but never snaps. People have struggled to cut their relation to their mothers by psychological murder, repression, flight, and any other tricks. All in vain.

There is also another elastic connection that exists between a man and a woman, a strange cord running from their solar plexus, which can be felt. Sometimes it is felt as a throbbing or like the following example.

Example: This emerged with enormous emotional energy and carried many insights with it. One of them was that we still form this umbilical cord as adults when we establish a close relationship. I realised that many people experience the breaking up of a relationship as a pain in the solar plexus. I have even felt a rebound effect in one relationship – like an elastic band snapping and banging back into my feelings. I knew at the time the woman had suddenly disconnected from me. I phoned her later and found that her ex boyfriend had returned and she had decided to drop her relationship with me and go back with him.

Elastic band: Sometimes used as a way of drawing one back when they get too far away, or as a tight band to restrict the flow of blood, and therefore the function of what is restricted.

Useful questions and hints:

What is happening to the elastic and what does this suggest in terms of action – pulling together – stretching – broken?

Is the elastic being used for something – is so what?

What is my relationship with the elastic.

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