Famous People

Dreaming of famous people may indicate desire to be noticed and acclaimed.It can poin to one’s own potential, often unacknowledged, and projected onto dream character or a parent; depending on how you relate to the famous person – your own ability to accept yourself as respected. Your desire ambitions and efforts to become successful.

Because the person you are dreaming about represent qualities in you, the person may, because of their life or role, represent a particular quality such as courage, love, ‘ruling’ drives in life, authority, etc. If you think of the person in a particular role or scene, this will probably be the major clue to what they represent – such as the lover who leaves – the father who sacrifices, etc. See Characters and People in Dreams

Famous people can be seen as social guinea pigs. Collectively we expose them to enormous amounts of money, sexual opportunity, drugs, alcohol, and tremendous social and commercial pressures. Then we examine every part of their life to see how well they cope. Millions then identify with the image they portray of how to deal with reality at its best and worst. The famous person in our dream might therefore represent our coping mechanism.

Example: ‘A film star I admire came and lay beside me in the night. He told me he loved me and would stay with me. I knew he was living with a woman who had borne his child, but he told me he was going to tell her he was leaving her. In the morning we walked along the road where I live, to tell the woman.’ Sharon.

Sharon processed her dream and saw the film star as her own strength and determination to further her career as a dancer. Being 18 she was faced with the decision of whether to become a wife and mother – the other woman – or put those urges into her work. In her dream she chose to be fully involved in her dancing.

Actor/actress: One is acting a role; wanting attention; deception.

Film/stage/TV star: May be what is described above under famous people, but if the star has a particular quality, the dream may use them to denote this characteristic, such as love, treachery, courage, etc.

King: Father; thinking; authority; power to command.

Pop star: Similar to what has been said about famous people, but might also carry feelings to do with intense teenage sexuality or need; what you hold as an ideal or idol; a role model; egomania.

Queen: Often one’s mother; a feeling or drive ruling your life; wanting approval, or even sex.

See: king; queen; actor/actress/acting; theatre.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was I feeling or doing in relation to the famous person?

Was I the famous person – if so how did I feel?

What do I associate with the famous person?

See Associations Working WithInner WorldTechniques for Exploring your DreamsSecrets of Power Dreaming


-Micaela 2016-01-04 1:40:52

es la primera vez que lo sueño, el famoso NO tiene cáncer, se entera en mi sueño y yo lo abrazo, el famoso es Benedict Cumberbatch

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-01-10 11:41:33

    Hola Micaela –You do not mention if you have dreamed before about Benedict having cancer. Did you? In real life Benedict does not have this disease and only in one of his movies he plays a character, a persona – James – who is terminal ill with cancer.
    And so a persona is a social role or a character played by an actor but The persona, for Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, was the social face the individual presented to the world—”a kind of mask, designed on the one hand to make a definite impression upon others, and on the other to conceal the true nature of the individual”.
    Not having cancer (anymore) could mean that a part of you, the social face you present to the world, has been healed of emotional and thinking ways that were sick and/or unhealthy.
    You could explore this part by using http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/hug-hugging/
    Anna 🙂

-Mary 2016-01-01 3:55:29

I keep having dreams that I’m hanging out with my favorite actresses like this one dream I had my favorite actress Sabrina carpenter came to my house first she talked to my parents then she came inside gave me a hug and we hung out when some time while we were hanging out we were holding hands like we were best friends she had to leave I had a few other dreams like that like where I’m hanging out with Sabrina her sister Sarah and Rowan Blanchard I really want to be friends with them in real life cause they are really cool and really sweet I don’t know if this is a sign that I’ll get to hangout with them I’ll ask my mom and she always tells me that it could be a sign so what do you think?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-01-05 12:05:18

    Dear Mary – The way I see it is that in a way your mom is right. Because you have chosen Sabrina as a role model, you are developing certain qualities yourself too that you see in reflected in Sabrina; like “really good and really sweet.”
    This means that in a way you will “hang out” with her because she has become a part of you and your inner world; a part of your inner family.
    Hugging means that you feel a deep connection with her and with the way she inspires you to practice self-love, to follow your dreams (I saw on You Tube that many girls have met Sabrina, so perhaps this will be possible for you in the future too) and to be your best self.
    Anna 🙂

-Carmen 2015-12-31 22:51:21

Yesterday i dreamed about a YouTuber performing in my school called pewdiepie, I took a picture with him and got noticed a few times (throwing a banana..??) I also got an autograph . His dogs did something as well , it was terrible so I won’t give extra information but what does this mean?

-Makenzie 2015-12-27 14:49:52

I had a dream i met my favorite youtubers, dan and phil. In my dream i was laying in grass outside of my school waiting for my bus when they ran up to me, sat down and dan grabbed my arm and signed it but phil wasnt signing arms so what does this mean?

-Karely 2015-11-28 5:44:09

I had a dream were I was in Mexico and my Grandama had asked me if I had known these two men that were sitting outside, I opened the door to her house and saw Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie. Of course I fangirled, (they were/are part of my favorite band Panic! At The Disco) I had run up to them and huged them, after that I had shown them around México and held there hands along the way, WHAT COULD THIS MEAN???

-Laura 2015-11-22 6:51:40

I have had two dreams concerning Buddy Holly. I am an aspiring musician who feels an extremely deep connection to his music, and an ethereal connection to music, in general. In the first dream, Buddy is playing onstage. During a short break in a song, I ask him what color guitar I should purchase. He answers back hurriedly, as he was in the middle of changing amplifiers, “White.” In the dream, he was playing a white Fender Telecaster. Because the dream was so vivid, I went out and bought a white, Fender Telecaster that looked just like the one he was playing onstage. In the second dream, Buddy and I were engaged in a deep conversation (I don’t recall the exact contents), but at some point, he told me he wanted me to have his glasses. At the end of the dream, I took them off his face and placed them upon mine. I had a distinct feeling during the dream that he wanted to pass along his glasses to me because of my love of his music, and that he thought I should be the one to continue to wear them, as he didn’t need them anymore.

These are very odd, but very comforting dreams. I wonder if you have any advice for interpreting them.

Thanks, Laura

    -Tony Crisp 2015-11-22 14:03:08

    Laura – Nature has its own memory – how do birds learn to fly. Well DNA is a sort of memory, but not the sort that records people’s lives.

    Example: It appeared that by asking for or seeking the composition I had opened a window in my mind. Through it I could observe a huge and unlimited sea of mind or consciousness. In it was all that have ever existed, merged and yet distinct. Every human talent and thought was in it alive and vital. My ‘Ode to Mozart’ drew on this unfathomed depth of being. I knew as I observed this that the music itself, although precise and clear and Mozart’s own work, proclaimed the human ability to leap beyond boundaries into this immense and apparently limitless world of experience – to allow the mind to soar and fly, to move beyond its own conceptions and rejoice.

    The admiration and love you feel for Buddy gives you the link to Buddy – love is the magic that links all things.

    Giving you his glasses suggest you will gain useful insights that will show in what you compose. Do not attempt to be a copy of Buddy, but let his influence add to your own talent. You will find it comes when your mind is quiet or you are flowing with composition.


-Tracy house 2015-10-14 15:02:57

I had a dream that I was involved with President Obama.. I never dream about married men or being involved in relationships. I woke up from this dream and eventually fell back to sleep, only to continue where I left off in the previous dream. That has never happened to me. I awoke once again, fell back to sleep and it continued again….

-Jennifer S 2015-10-10 15:44:23

I dreamt I was in a date with rap star Drake. I’ve never dreamt about him before but we were on a shopping date/mall in an urban city. Which is odd because that is hardly low profile. I’m not sure if people recognized him. However the dream was very focused on our relationship, talking like we knew each other before or dated before. It felt as though we were very comfortable with each other/arm in arm. Even though the whole time I have a significant other (which I do in real life). At the beginning of the dream, I even wrote him a letter before the date, and gave it to him at the end. It almost felt like saying goodby for a while or telling him how/what I thought of him. The whole dream felt like a perfect date, relaxed and fun.

-carlotta gomez 2015-10-08 17:22:45

I dreamed that about Christopher walken and anthony hopkins and they were seated at the bar and mr walken ordered meatballs (lol) and I put them in a styrofoam container but he had a hissy fit because some of the sauce was on the container…I had to do it over like 3 times

-mishuk 2015-10-02 4:37:22

last morning, had a dream of having a bollywood celebrity as a last benchmate in class at Berkeley! dnt knw whats that supposed to mean :O she was there pretty good writing hindi songs in devnagari instead of solving a formula[:-D]… i was amazed,it just fueled me to pursue the draconian CA dream!

-beth 2015-09-14 6:26:09

I dreamt i was marrying nick bagon from ghost adventures in my dream we did have sex. my partner in real life was there and gave me away. The wedding didnt go to plan but in the end the person i married was my current partner. Its one of those dreams where you dont remember everything. In the end of the dream im in a new house and i walk in and both my children are in bed and my husband (current partner) is there. No idea where zak went. I do think zak is very good looking so is that why i dreamt of him. Ive never once cheated on my partner so this kind of shook me up.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-09-22 15:20:23

    Dear Beth – I reckon you dreamt you were marrying Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures.
    What I understand from your dream is that it was a helpful (freeing) experience; it allowed you to be “in a new house”; a new state of mind.
    Sometimes dreams help us by “shaking us up a bit”; so we can move beyond what used to be an inner obstacle.
    The way I see your dream is that you help your inner male – your animus – to develop, to grow.
    Please read http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/archetype-of-the-animus-jungs-view-of-the-male-in-the-female/
    I reckon that apart from perceiving Zak as good looking, there are other things you like about him; perhaps aspects you would like to develop in yourself as well.
    This then means that you have recognized your own potential in another person and that is why you feel attracted to him.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/potential/
    In a sense, sex is a merging with the person who is the dream character. Because we are always inside of ourselves male and female and also everything we dream about, it may therefore show integrating those (male) qualities into your inner world.
    Your dream then shows that developing/integrating other aspects/qualities of your inner male is not a threat to your marriage and it does help you to grow; “In the end of the dream I am in a new house and I walk in and both my children are in bed and my husband (current partner) is there.”
    Perhaps it will be helpful to explore/imagine if you can allow yourself to be in a close relationship with another man – I do not mean sexual – simply because you feel attracted to that person?
    Anna 🙂

-adrian 2015-09-13 15:44:53


I dream of a cinema connected to Emma watson’s home. First, I watched a movie in the cinema then moved on to her home which was a few steps away. As I went in, the cinema part vanished and it appears as if I went into her house. When I was there, I saw here sitting alone by the stairs, long hair with dried tears and red eyes. I comforted her and then she was fine then we took selfies like any other couple. Then I went to the kitchen to wash my hand while enjoying the view outside then I saw her running from the house in a dress and back with 4 dogs. Then I woke up. Please tell me what this means. This is a very strange and inspiring dream .I feel like I am falling in love. I feel like a human again.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-09-21 16:11:20

    Dear Adrian – Your dream reflects your inner healing and as far as your question “Please tell me what this means” is concerned; you have already answered it; “I feel like I am falling in love. I feel like a human again.”
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/healing-and-therapeutic-action-of-dreams/
    The way I see your dream is that you start with looking within. Films often portray on the screen elements of our own inner world, with its fantasies, fears, trauma and passions. Looking at the screen is like looking at a mirror in which you see portrayed your own inner life and drama. Therefore the cinema can depict any of these aspects of yourself.
    Your dream suggests that when you become aware of what is part of your inner world, you can allow the release of your sorrow, grief, guilt, misery, loss, memories that have been held back, knowingly or unknowingly, during the day or even over years; “I saw her sitting alone by the stairs, long hair with dried tears and red eyes.”
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/the-lifestream/
    From there it is only one step to meet your inner female (again) and you (re)connect with her – your feelings – in a loving and caring way.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/archetype-of-the-anima-jungs-view-of-the-female-in-the-male/
    You are then able to let go of more negative emotions and this enables you to have a look at your inner world AND enjoy what you see; “while enjoying the view outside”.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/inner-world/#MakesInner
    Feelings are easily flowing again and also the 4 dogs can represent this feeling energy, this natural life response; this falling in love with Life by surrendering to IT.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/energy-sex-and-dreams/
    A beautiful, touching Dream Adrian!
    Anna 🙂

-Candice 2015-08-27 12:23:38

I had a dream that I was dating Richard Branson’s (founder of Virgin airlines) son, and I went to their house for dinner and I didn’t know he was famous and they were looking at me strangely (as if I should know who he is). I have no idea why I would dream about RB and I didn’t know he had a son until I googled and found out that morning.. What did that scenario mean?!

-Isabella 2015-07-09 15:59:04

The first night I dreamt that I met Xavi Hernandez, a soccer player. The next night, I dreamt that I met James Lovell, and astronaut. I dreamt of meeting two of my role models two days in a row!

-Georgia 2015-06-28 16:08:59

I dreamt I was walking along eating a chocolate cookie and I saw Gigi hadid. I offered her a piece of my cookie, she accepted and started to eat it and then I asked her if gigi was short for Georgia and she said yes. Then she added “Nixon, like Cynthia sex and the city”. I took that to mean her full name was georgia Nixon. I told her I don’t like chocolatey things (which is true) but the cookie was so good, I had to have it. As I was leaving her I leant in good naturedly shook her hand and said ” nice to meet you georgia hadid, (I used her correct last name) Georgia (my last name) walked away and the dream ended

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