As this is associated with music, or skill as a musician, it probably shows you expressing your innate potential with skill – or otherwise if the fiddle is not being played well. It might also relate to ‘ fiddling about’ and so suggest you are doing nothing constructive. Or you can be ‘on the fiddle’ and so be attempting to cheat. You can ‘play second fiddle’ or ‘first fiddle’ and thus realise how you feel about a relationship or situation in which you are second best, or in the limelight. It can also represent sexual intercourse, or even masturbation. See: music; musical instrument; violin.

Useful questions and hints:

Is a piece of music being played – if so see associations?

Do you play the fiddle – if so what are your associations?

What happened in the dream and what did you feel?

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-Caitlin 2015-10-19 20:57:49

I dreamt that I lied on my resume and said I was a guitarist. I then had all this access to these cool guitars at my current job but I was going to have to play in front of people.

-Naomi 2011-09-07 5:26:57

I’m a singer/songwriter and the other day I had this dream that I was holding my guitar getting ready to play, but then the guitar broke and I was really frustrated. What could that mean?

    -Tony Crisp 2011-10-04 14:59:11

    Naomi – It sounds as if you suffered a setback. Not a serious one because things that are broken can be repaired or replaced. So it was probably something like a feeling that you are not up to it, or lost confidence that you can do it.

    If you are a creative person such feelings are normal, and being a success is achieved by keeping on despite setbacks.


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