Fight Fighting

Most often this expresses feelings of anger you may have been holding back during waking. But it can also, like a war scene in a dream, point to an area of conflicting feelings or interests.

Occasionally a fight can express feelings not so much of aggression, but of struggle for what is right for you; a fight for your ‘space’, a fight against urges in yourself, or influence from other people. This could be a fight for independence. See: War.

Usually, as in the example below, the dreamer’s anger or frustration. A fight may express difficulties in regard to independence or self confidence or desire to hurt another person, or damage their reputation.

A fight also depict, as in the second example, fighting for our space; our values or honour. We may fight for survival – for our health or fight crime, resist criminal impulses. We may also feel attacked by another persons opinions, or be assaulted by sexual desire; fight against depression; have a conflict over moral issues. See: attack.

Example: ‘Some three years ago I had constant dreams with my mother. We were nearly always in some sort of argument or fight.’ Marjorie B.

This is about the way a person ‘fights’ for their independence, not because the mother is preventing them, but because to be independent needs a lot of skill; such as financial independence, ones own opinions not controlled by parents, and ability to meet ones parents without fighting them

Example: ‘I realised a door had been left open that should have been locked and I felt very vulnerable. Suddenly a sword of light appeared in my hand and a voice told me that it was my weapon to fight the evil.’ Mrs D. B.

But something many people overlook is that we are all life-forms, and so are created by the process of Life, and because life has a flow or current which carries you forward all the time, through babyhood, childhood, adolescence, and onwards, you could be trying to fight the current. See Opening to Life

Fight or flight response: See flight or fight

Idioms: Fight it out; fight like cat and dog; look for a fight.

Useful questions and hints:

What is the fight about, or what am I fighting for?

What inner conflict or turmoil am I experiencing and what does this dream say about it?

Am I struggling toward independence or to stand my ground in a relationship?

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