Sometimes a way of looking at a part of your behaviour, or experimenting with feelings, as something outside of you, rather than confronting them as part of yourself. Therefore it might be a part your own past or character which you do not wish to acknowledge. The theme of the film is usually important, because it will illustrate something relevant to your own life. In some cases it a urge to escape from what is pressing in your life. See: cinema.

Example: When I looked at the film it was a carnival going on in the street, people with gay clothing and crowds watching. Two girls were going to sit in an old model type car, but someone said it would be better if they sat on the back of the car as they could been seen in the parade. Then I was looking into the crowd to find me and it was like looking at a snapshot, it felt very important that I find me, I saw my green slacks just showing, right at the back of the crowd. H. K.

Here the main feature in the dream is the effort to ‘find me’. So the dreamer is watching the film in order to clarify their own self image, or find out who they are and how they relate to other people – the crowd.

The film might be an attempt to view yourself objectively, so images of your behavior and character projected from your intuitions about yourself.

Films are one of our means of escaping from reality but also an expression of creativity. We often watch a film in company and so it could be saying something about a relationship. See: Cinema.

Example: Our house on top of a hill was flooded. I went to a building in town and had to say a password to get in. I met friends of mine who are in my favourite band. Buddhist monks were in the room. We watched a short animated film. An attractive male pop star started touching my thigh. I felt very happy and relaxed. I am 18 and a virgin.

Starting with the last scene, I think you would like to lose your virginity to a man who wasn’t a run of the mill type – someone who has some public recognition – recognition you also want for yourself. The rest of the dream is about your personality, an interesting mixture of creativity, music, Eastern philosophy, powerful emotional urges and sexuality; each aspect seeking expression and balance with the others. But this special blend that is you, keeps hidden. Maybe you haven’t recognised it yourself – thus the secret password. If so, take time to acknowledge your real interests and let them shape what you do in the external world. Here lies your power.

Example: In my dream I felt like a character from a film, changing my image to become a new character. I felt very sexy and attractive, but knew I was in disguise. My husbands relatives tried to get in but I slammed the door. I felt embarrassed and frightened they might see the clothes and wig. A comfortable presence was behind me. I’m single, early twenties.

A fascinating dream weaving together thoughts about future marriage, how you feel others might see you, and an emerging and attractive side to your personality.  Anything new feels strange. Established character traits are more like habits than essential aspects of yourself. Underneath the make-up we are all shape shifters. But you feel the new things you are trying out might be seen as outrageous or false. But looking at the vast range of character traits in people throughout the world, which ones are RIGHT or TRUE? Of course you might be seen as outrageous by some people. So will you risk developing the sexy and attractive facet of yourself? Or will you let your inner wisdom – the shadowy character – guide you? From being a she/he your wholeness comes. See Archetype of the Shapeshifter

Film characters: These often depict particular characteristics or feelings such as fear, love, practical efficiency etc. So it would be useful to define how you feel about the character. See Characters and People in Dreams

Film from camera: Mostly to do with memories or dreams. The old films were very sensitive to light and can be ruined; digital photos can be deleted by a magnet and suggests things you have been impressed by, perhaps almost unconsciously, that are still awaiting development but could be lost. Or if the film is developed or saved then they are memories.

Useful questions and hints:

What is the subject or theme of the film? See: plot.

If I am in the film what part am I playing?

When I describe the dream what words do I use?

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