Fleas Lice Parasites Worms

These can depict thoughts or sexual habits which are purely selfish or carry a health risk. In some dreams if you catch the parasites from another person they indicate a feeling your relationship with someone is parasitic.

Fleas can also suggest thoughts or feelings that sap resolves, energy, or ambition, and that detract from your sociability. Or they can be attitudes or beliefs or worries that draw strength from you, or even cause illness. They may be attitudes or feelings you have ‘caught’ from someone else through relationship of one form or another – perhaps in childhood or through watching films with negative messages.

A parasite can also be a fear, such as anxiety about illness that saps your health and well-being. Or it can point to weakness in you that leads to dependence in connection with sex, drugs or alcohol.

Dreaming of fleas or lice on the body can also suggest unclean habits, or parasitical relationships.

Lice, fleas, bugs, worms: Things said, thought or things done that make you feel uncomfortable or ashamed, or feelings that one is, or someone else is a parasite in a relationship.

While relaxing, a man saw a dark and frightening shape leave the region of his heart. The man had suffered an illness, and now felt a fear of weakness concerning his heart. The dark shape was the way his unconscious made a graphic image of his fear, and showed it sapping his energies like a parasite. Such fears can appear in dreams as a demon or incubus, and represent your own terrors, fears, thoughts and desires that are out of harmony with your own well-being. See: Fleas.

 Example: ‘I was practising relaxation and went into a dream state. I saw a dark shape attached to my body near my heart. I felt very frightened as I saw it. But as I watched it broke away and left me.’ John W.

John had experienced a heart attack, and the dark shape was an embodiment of his fears about his heart, sucking at his energy and wellbeing. In relaxing he was able to let go of these feelings. Because the dream process shows such internal processes in imagery, the fears are shown as an incubus or dark parasite, which falls away.

Large parasites such as worms are something that has got into you somehow, and is living on your energy. It helps to get rid of them by recognising what it is.

 Example: Now the whole pointless maggot situation arose again. It didn’t disturb me as it did in past sessions, but it was, if anything, stronger than before. Humans are just another eating, growing, dying, life form. Their intelligence doesn’t alter one whit the fact that they are simply a big germ, a parasite living on other life forms. We are predators like every other life form. We live on other life, and are part and parcel of the whole critter eat critter. I remembered Pauline apologising about feeding meat to her cats. She was trying to avoid recognising she was in no way different to a cat, killing its food, scavenging – what is shopping? What is devouring and shitting? Okay I accept that, but I needed to accept it more deeply.

Hey, that is hard to accept, but I’ve got to let it come, actually say it and admit it – I am a parasite. Not just a predator but a fucking parasite. I felt low and mean. I am a parasite. How, in what way? The view of mankind seen in Bideford came back. Men and women hiding from their own pointlessness, their own featureless existences, their life without any real meaning. They lived and ate, fucked, slept, and died. They laughed wept, but all without any overall direction or point to life. It was like my wife and I talking about working towards something. If one is not working together for something, even if it is to school the children, or go on a cruise, life can feel like an empty drudge.

A parasite? What sort of parasite? Ah yes, by continually destroying my body so I can be looked after. A parasite. If I keep failing, being in pain, then I will be cared for. And anyway, look at the parasitic way humans relate. They have compulsive built in sexual, social and physical needs that they satisfy wherever they can. They take from each other what they want. If they didn’t have those needs they wouldn’t live together as man and wife, child and parent, boss man and employee. Maggots – Parasite. I am a parasite. Something started to come up that I didn’t want to see. To secure my ends as a parasite in my relationship with my wife I was surreptitiously setting her against her children. Weren’t we all sucking like baby blind animals, pushing each other out of the way to get what we need? I could see it. I could feel it in myself and all around me. Suck, suck, push, push, and shove out of the way. Blindly, stealthily seek one’s own interests. Some babies died, some are pushed out of the nest. Its survival isn’t it?

That is a very clear explanation of what some maggot or parasite dreams are about.

Useful questions and hints:

What is it I feel sapping my energy and resolve?

What attitudes that are depleting me have I picked up from someone else?

Am I in some way being like a parasite in taking all and giving nothing back in life?

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-Jordana Lettieri 2015-03-12 14:10:11

I’ve been reading your dream interpretations for 2 years now. Some of my dreams have come to fruition. Today I dreamt that I was following a men. I knew this man wanted to harm other people so I followed him everywhere he went. 2 people he came in contact with eneded up in a coffin nut they were still alive . I followed him to an abandoned bulging and he ran to an elevator. he stood in front of the elevator and I completely caught up with him at this point. The elevator was missing, it was just the empty shaft, so he looked at me and jumped down and I jumped after him. When we got to the bottom it had clear water and a glass cover. when He jumped he went through the glass, got trapped and died but I was on top of the glass. I came out of the elevator and went looking for the 2 people in the coffin. I found them dead because fleas had gotten a hold of them.

-Celestine 2015-03-07 23:12:29

hi sir..I had this weird dream about insects in my head.i don’t know if its lice or what.but in my dream, I was surprised to found out that they are leaving in my head.i was caressing my hair and then I touched a bump that feels like a size of a pea and when I pulled it, it was that somewhat like lice and I was surprised that they are I’m my head and I wasn’t able to feel that they’ve been in there for a very long time. and what I did was that I removed all of them, put them in a small bin and poured unto them a liquid which I don’t know exactly what was that and then all the lice became struggled to their death.and that moment, I woke up.the end of my dream..thanks a lot for you soonest reply..

    -Tony Crisp 2015-03-08 12:57:51

    Celestine – It seems like you have had many small worries and anxieties creating difficulties in having a good positive view of what to do and your life.

    But being aware of them and putting them all in the bin means you will slowly become clearer and without troubles that had been bugging you.


-ana 2015-03-05 8:32:43

I have dream’t about a flea which suddenly beame very big and mutated…. What is the meaning of that?

    -Anna 2015-03-05 11:29:14

    Ana – I think the dream tries to help you see that if you do not deal with something inside you when it is still small, it will grow bigger and it will effect your inner life in ways which will not be helpful to you.
    I do not know if you are familiar with the readings of the I Ching, but your dream reminds me of Hexagram 44, line 1:
    LINE 1:
    1.Something negative has crept into the situation. This may appear a small thing not to be worried about, but it must be stopped at once. Even a small pig that has wriggled into the garden, can do much damage as it grows.
    So try being the flea to uncover what this is about.
    Good Luck!
    Anna 🙂

-heather 2015-02-09 14:29:20

I had a dream I was sitting with my family at the tabke and a white kitten can up with green eye discharge and was hungry so we were feeding it then in the dream I noticed the kitty had worms and they began going everywhere and my sister held the kitty and all sorts of worm were emerging and I just got scared like I was going to get them and had to find someone to help the kitty but then it turned into a dog at the end. Could you help with this. I have been having crazy dreams the dream before this was a room filled with possums and all of them had mouse traps on their mouths and all they could do was whimper. Seriously sick of my dreams. The tiger dream before that wasn’t bad they just followed me. Why are these dreams like this?

-joshua 2015-01-18 8:03:31

i dreamt of a cat with lots of lice and i try to remove the lice, then i killed the lice with a hammer then someone tries to help and puts a powder to the cat. (whats the meaning of my dream?) thanks

-Annie 2014-10-29 13:41:00

I had a dream that I was throwing a party and as I was looking up to talk to a very tall guest who also happened to be an old co-worker (who I would not invite if I were throwing a party in real life), I noticed a white glob in one of the corners of the ceiling. So, I said to my co-worker “Oh my God! What is that?!” and he said “It looks like a swarm of giant lice. But don’t worry they are harmless.” Then I started noticing them all over the ceiling in big groups, which I pointed out to him. He appeared to know a lot about giant lice, so I started asking him a ton of questions because I was afraid they would jump into the hair and clothing of my guests. He assured me they were not like regular lice and way too big to hide. So, I figured if I hadn’t noticed them all this time, then I would leave them alone and just hope nobody else saw them. Then I told my coworker that I would be moving out of my apartment in a few days (I’m moving in real life in a month), so they would not be a problem for long. He nodded in agreement and that was the end.

-aldo 2014-10-20 17:29:34

I had a dream in which I found a litter of kittens, but when I picked up a kitten a dark calico kitten it had fleas around its torso. The fleas did not attempt to get on me or bite me. I went ahead and placed the kitten in a box with the others. When I returned to the spot where I first found them to spray the fleas there were more of them hundreds. I sprayed and killed them them went to put flea treatment on the kittens. When I was done I looked up and a few feet from me I saw people sitting around a table laughing, conversing, and eating. Can you help with this please.
Thank you,

-Sheryl 2014-10-15 15:31:56

I had a dream in which a louse fell out of my hair and onto a tabletop,I squashed it and heard it pop.Then seen another smaller one which I don’t think I killed because I woke up. Any ideas ?

-cai 2014-08-18 6:27:51

I dreamed of seeing a hand (don’t
know whose cause the face was not seen) pulling out a louse from a dog and killed the louse in front of me. I had that the same dream twice.

Hoping for your help.

Thank you.

-ivy 2013-10-05 3:47:12

In my dream, there were fleas (lots of them) on the floor, something like a garage or the back are of a house. I was with a man, couldn’t see his face though. We were trying to kill the fleas with some sort of a fire extinguisher. I stepped on some of the fleas to kill them. What’s the meaning of my dream?

-nicola 2013-05-14 16:29:22

Hi i had a dream of being at my friends caravan which she and her husband live in full time (my neighbours) it was a beautiful warm summery hazy day and whilst i was standing in her doorway she pointed out that she could see fleas crawling on my lower legs and commented on how red they looked. i started to slap them and tried to remove them but my legs were very red (but not at all sore) . i felt rather calm whilst all this was happening and cannot understand why i would dream of fleas. the fleas were tiny and very thin like a grain of riceand very dark brown.

-refiloe 2013-05-13 5:31:19

Last I had dream of my mom having fleas crawling on her scalp but I have managed to kill them all.

    -Tony Crisp 2013-05-13 7:47:27

    Refiloe – This is a sign that your mothers ideas are not for you, and you have done well to not act on them. Take your own counsel.


-maria ramirez 2013-04-29 5:03:41

I dream that there was a flea on my bed.I was mad and try to kill it but it would not die.it would fly away and come back and mess with me.2 days later i am in fight.Family fight.Never should have happen.And this dream stay in my head.Crazy and crazy!!!!

-Monica 2013-01-10 18:04:20

i have just dreamt of dog fleas on my left wrist and on my head, near my nape. i couldn’t feel it but i think they’re biting through my skin because it was difficult to remove. they were dark brown in color and is as fat as if they’re sucked enough blood from me. when i checked my arm, i was full of bite marks, w/c are bumpy.. this got me worried coz it was one of my most vivid kind of dream

-Cassie 2012-09-21 18:41:23

I’m impressed and intrigued by your knowledge of dreams. Usually I can decode my dreams however; this one has my totally perplexed. I dreamed that I moved a sofa to find a tiny white kitten totally infested by fleas. They were attacking the poor kitten and when I reached to swat them and pick up the kitten it bit me. I managed to pick it up to see the fleas had bitten past the fur in one place on the kitten and the flesh was showing. I quickly immersed the kitten in a sink of water and woke up. Can you help me with this.



    -Tony Crisp 2012-09-22 10:30:14

    Cassie – The back of the sofa suggests a place you are not aware of much in yourself. And what you find is a vulnerable scrap of life, your natural instinctive feelings, to do with caring and supporting. But they are feelings that can bite you/hurt you yet you persist with them and discover its problem – the fleas.

    Without knowing more about you, I need to say everything that might apply. The kitten can be feelings about a baby, or about your sexual feelings. And fleas suggest something that is sapping your energy, probably your emotional energy, and perhaps this is another person’s influence that you ‘caught’.

    But you have become conscious of it in the dream and despite it is not good to see, you are doing something about it in fact it woke you up to what is happening.


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