Freeze Frozen

This usually shows that you have been frightened of expressing your emotions, or that you have denied a part of your memories, feelings or sexuality. It might be that you emotional natures has no developed by being in a cold environment. You, or someone near you, has been or is cold emotionally. It can also mean you miss or need affection or warmth. So it is about being unfeeling, but sometimes painfully unfeeling. To become cold emotionally and perhaps sexually. To need affection or warmth. To be unfeeling, but sometimes painfully unfeeling. See: cold

It depicts what is meant by the term cold shoulder, where we shut off any display of warmth or compassion. It also therefore shows the dreamer as having ‘frozen assets’ in a personal sense.

But often it means that the dreamer has shut off a part of themselves in a sort of cold storage – a freezer. Something what is frozen can be thawed, and so the frozen things can depict potential, personal assets not yet used or brought to life.

Frozen can also mean stillness, a quietness of mind and emotions.

A freezer would depict either your ability to repress your feelings, or ability to store something for the future – like denying spending now so you can save for something in the future.

Icicle: Frozen male sexual feelings.

Iceberg: Similar to ice, but may suggest frozen potential.

Body locked in ice, perhaps dead: Deadening of all our feeling reactions and enjoyment or motivation.

Idioms: Break the ice; cut no ice; put on ice; tread on thin ice.


Useful questions and hints:

What am I unfeeling about at the moment?

Is there a part of me frozen in the past and unable to move on?

Is this about stillness and a sense of peace in me?

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-Kimberly 2016-12-28 12:13:33

Hey! I had two odd dreams yesterday the first one was that I was in my friends house and I went to the living room and I was surrounded by snakes big snakes small snakes and I had no way out and I kept asking for help from my best friend and her mom but they couldn’t hear me I think and then I woke up and went back to sleep and dreamt that It was my graduation day and me and a group of 5 friends that I’ve never seen before decided to go out of the ceremony room (it hadn’t started yet) and go out during a snowstorm and climb down this huge mountain that was outside and no one was aloud to go out because of the horrible conditions we still went and we made it down perfectly fine and back up good too but at some point we stopped because we wanted to rest then we woke up like 5 min later and we went back up only to find everyone gone and my friends weren’t with me anymore somehow we were in the mall cause that’s where the ceremony took place I guess and I asked the lady in the front about the ceremony and she said they hadn’t had one in years then I turn and see a news paper hung up that said 5 teens missing after heading out to the snowstorm and I looked st the glass next to it and I look 35 now i to crazy trying to figure out everything and then my old boyfriend (never seen him before but I knew he was my old boyfriend) came up to me and recognized me and then explained how that day we couldn’t be found so I figure out that I was frozen for 18 years and somehow unfroze and he took me to my family and we ended up together but I had anxiety the whole time because I knew I had wasted 18 years of my life

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