Very often gaps suggests obstacles to get over, such as a gap, such as between something you must jump over. Or there are gaps that promise a way of escape, such as a gap in a fence. The gap in a boundary fence can indicate a way you can meet someone from the other side, or run through, or even defend the perimeter.

In some dreams the gap is a space you can look through to see beyond the wall or obstruction.

So in general a gap can represent a difficult or an opportunity, away through. See: Space.

There can be gaps between who you feel you are and what you are, usually caused by traumatic events in your life. See Body Images

Such gaps or bad structure in our psyche/personality can lead to difficulties in relationships and can bring about much agony in the person. Bridging such gaps can be a real building task and need work on oneself. See Life’s Little SecretsAvoid Being Victims

Example: ‘I climb a few flights of stairs. As I go up the stairs start wobbling and breaking up. At the top the last flight breaks away from the landing and I am left to cross a gaping hole with a few bits of debris to cling to. It is very frightening, but I see other people passing me on the caved in stairs and onto the landing as if nothing has happened.’ See: space

Example: Observer William: 023. Trends can be compacted into one word. . . GAP. Widening GAPs. GAP between 023 and those who can club seal cubs to death, set cats on fire, shoot out the eyes of lemurs with slingshots. (Oh sure, they are poor and hungry. From 023 they can get poorer and hungrier: 023 doesn’t care if they starve to death. There is no empathy, no common ground.) Those who say: “I think animals are a splendid tool for research.” . . , Most of it quite useless. But so it does save lives.

Human lives. Too many already . . .023 doesn’t care. He contributes to Greenpeace, the Primate Center at Duke University, to “nokill” animal shelters. Not a dime for cancer research!

GAP between 023 and antidrug hysterics like Daryl Gates, Chief of Police of Los Angeles, who says casual pot users should be taken out and shot, and someone named Davey in an article in SWAT: “All drug dealers, no matter how young, should be summarily executed. They are murderers many times over.” (Like cigarette companies?) In the same category are Paki bashers, queer bashers, and anyone with a “Kill a Queer for Christ” sticker on his heap.

Nigger killers, raw material for lynch mobs, the Bible Belt, the fundamental Muslims-023 feels nothing for these specimens. GAP.

World leaders catering to the stupid and the bigoted. Bush says the drug war has united us as a nation. Of finks and lunatics? What do they care what someone else does in his own room? No skin off them.

GAP. 023 don’t like liars. And lying comes natural as breathing to a politician.

The leaders are desperately trying to achieve a standard and malleable human product. But instead, by enforced proximity, the irreconcilable differences of interest and basic orientation are constantly reinforced and aggravated.

Fact is Homo Sap is fracturing into subspecies: 023 predicts that this trend of separation will continue and escalate and will be reflected in basic biological differences rather sooner than later.

The leaders, cut off from any intelligent and perceptive observers, will lose control. The motions they go through, the convergences and agreements, will have less and less relation to actual events. This is already happening in Russia. Another trend that will continue and escalate geometrically.

The violent bigots will become more and more bestial, degenerating into a hideous subspecies of vicious and graceless baboons.

“We know our duty.”  By William Burroughs

The gaps in Christy’s life are obvious, and the urge or need to compensate are also plain to see. In fact Christy has an experience which he describes as follows:

Example: I realised that because I had always felt inadequate in a certain degree, I had used religion as a means of compensation. Suddenly I saw the need for hero figures to use for compensatory purposes for individuals and groups. The person may not be able to live out some aspect of their life. They may not get a sexual partner; they may not get recognition in their work; perhaps people treat them as of no account. For some people an actual physical disability stops them from living out their life fully. So there are huge gaps in them/me. The hero/ine figure is then used as an image which has several functions.

For instance nuns in a convent will not live out their ability to get married or have a child. The figure of Christ is used as a compensatory symbol for this in that they marry Christ and their passion is through meditation on his being. In this way people use a hero/ine figure to compensate for what is missing in their own life. They can live their unlived soul through the passion of Christ for instance.

The figure such as Christ represents our own wholeness and complete potential. To compensate for our own unlived areas we look to this figure and have a taste of what we are not expressing outwardly through identifying with the hero/ine. Meditations on the figure might produce great feelings of love, pain, wonder, recognition – in fact whatever is missing in everyday relationships. The Christian festivals appear to be a way of living out via the image of Christ the passions of life that we might not meet in our everyday life. The birth, the struggle, the love, the death, can all be partaken of. We can share the passionate experience of living in this way, even though in our own actual life we might not be able to live such a passionate and eventful existence. And I suppose television does in some degree for many people today.

When I first met realisations in myself I had a strong feeling this sort of compensation was used by people who are inadequate in some way, a path for the weak, and a path that I had taken myself. This suggested by inference that I was less capable of living a full life than most. I had a sneering feeling about how people use this as a crutch, but then realised I was judging once more. ‘I need a kick in the arse. I’ve got an ability to see, but I put all these judgements on things.’

As I looked at the situation more fully though I saw that in fact nobody lives a complete life. No one is completely whole. Nobody is expressing every aspect of their potential. So in fact we all relate in some way to the Christ or other such figures who represents, or in some way ARE the total potential of human existence – a mighty example of what human life can achieve.

Idioms: Bridge the gap; fill the gap.

Useful questions and hints:

What part in the dream is the gap portraying, an obstacle, a way though, or a view?

If it is an obstacle, ask yourself what obstacles you are facing?

If it is a way through, what life situation are you seeing and opportunity to move out of or escape from?

Or if a view through the gap, what you can see beyond that is new or informative?

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