Glass represents the invisible but powerful feeling or social barriers we use in everyday life.

The sort of invisible yet tangible barriers we may erect or feel around others, such as natural caution, emotional coldness, disinterest, fear of being hurt or pride; social barriers. Invisible aspects of oneself which nevertheless may trap us, such as fear, lack of self respect; self doubt.

Glass can be a protection for food and to cook in. Also a protection against the weather and cold.

Frosted or smoked glass: Desire for privacy; keeping parts of oneself hidden; an obscure or unclear view of a situation; occasionally relating to death – the very real yet obscure experience we all face. Barriers or social techniques you use to gain privacy. It can also suggest keeping parts of yourself hidden, or an obscure or unclear view of a situation. Occasionally it relates to death – the very real yet obscure experience we all face.

Breaking glass: Breaking through a barrier; shattered emotions. What barrier are you breaking through, what restraint? It might also mean shattered emotions. Breaking a relationship; shattering an illusion; broken hearted.

Breaking something made of glass: Breaking a relationship; shattering an illusion; broken hearted.

Stepping on broken glass: Glass may not be very visible, so may represent hidden dangers; being careless about direction in life or present situation; or if it is being done without heed to injury, represents self inflicted pain.

Glasshouse: Something in your experience that protects fragile aspects of your growth; something that is itself fragile; a subtle but real barrier between the energy of your life and the aspects of you that are needing to grow.

Glass inside you swallowed: You have taken in very dangerous feelings, ideas or events that can knock down your ego or personality from within. It may cause a great energy loss because of loss of blood.

Example: Later, a lot of very ugly injuries and cuts appear in my chest and throat because I swallowed bits of glass, I realized the glass is going through my body, but nobody in my family believes and they think I did it to myself.

Next, same injuries but now in my belly, and I start throwing up blood, again and again, throwing up even my entrails. Now everybody believes I have glass splinters inside my body, and something has to be done.

Finally, when the bits of glass are in the last stage of my intestines, a doctor comes and something like a surgery is conducted. I can “see” the interior. With a pair of tongs the doctor is helping the glass to be “got out” without hurting anything in my body, and among the dirt (crap) he found a flower and in the interior of the flower he found a piece of glass, but then he realizes, that it was not glass, it was a diamond.

An amazing dream saying that amid all the pain and fear of illness when it is all felt and faced and healing is sought or thought, then it is realised that the awful hurts and fear was all in order to allow the awareness that at the heart of such experiences is the connections with the unchanging and eternal. See Diamond

Useful questions and hints:

Is the glass protecting me in some way?

Or am I in a dangerous situation with glass?

Am I looking though glass at something or somebody?

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-Marian 2018-06-23 14:50:37

I dreamt I was in a home near glass windows. A helicopter was going to crash into the house. I yelled for family members to get away from the crashing glass as the helicopter crashed into the house. I woke up terrified.

-Jo 2017-10-06 2:15:53

What does it mean if you dream someone you know is walking on glass that is about two inches above hard wood floor?

-Sarah 2017-02-18 18:35:50

I had a dream where I was watching my husband having a meal. Not sure if he was alone. He knocked his empty glass on the floor and it shattered. I watched it fall and break in slow motion. Then the dream was over. Same night had a dream I was being swept away in a river and trying hard to get to my daughter on the shoreline.

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