Glasses Spectacles

Ability to see – understand – or lack of it; a way of hiding oneself, as behind sunglasses. Terms like ‘short-sighted’ or ‘long-sighted’ help to understand the use of glasses in a dream.

Coloured glasses: Suggest attitudes that may colour your view of life, as with ‘rose tinted glasses’.

Finding glasses: I shows that you have gained a new insight or are seeing things more clearly.

Lost or broken glasses: May indicate that you are not taking care of the insights you have gained that would give you a better view of what confronts you.

Sunglasses: Protectiveness or disguise.

Example: I keep pulling my glasses off and rubbing my eyes; I can maneuver pretty well without them, but I’m very aware that if a cop were to stop me for anything I’d be in trouble.

Useful questions and hints:

Is there a problem with my glasses in the dream and if so what does it signify.

Have I noticed any forgetfulness lately or lack of ability to focus?

What am I faling to clearly understand?

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