The gathered essence of your life experience, so it can indicate the wisdom and skills you have developed. Because the honey comes from the hard work and dedication of the bees it can include this as part of the way you attained the wisdom as extracted from your life experience. So it represents the fruit of your labours, the summary of your experience and/or work. Its mystical symbolism, arising from its use as a promise in the Bible, the land of milk and honey, suggests the reward of spiritual labours, or facing personal difficulties and dealing with inharmonious conditions.

Because bees produce honey there is a suggestion that bees can harvest a sweet and satisfying experience, and suggests what you have gathered from your life experience. It can also point to sensual pleasure or sweetness. Its use as a term of affection might at times link it with your feelings about a person, or someone you are ‘sweet on’.

Honey, which is the food of gods can be a sign of spiritual attainment. Bees are symbols of the soul and the sun, and are messengers to the heavens like birds. They are associated with the gift of prophecy; the priestesses at the temple of the Delphic oracles were called ‘Melissae’, or bees. The oracles and gods of prophecy were given offerings of honey and honey cakes.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What does the plotof the dream suggest about your relationship with honey?

Is there any suggestion of fruits of your labour or life?

Did your dream include any sensual pleasure?

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