To dream of a hurricane can indicate many things; approaching danger, frenzied emotions; feeling as if all power has been taken from you and you are tossed around by forces you have no control over; an overwrought and tormented mind; or even excitement at some passionate and exciting experience.

But if you can tolerate the emotions, fear or excitement, the outcome of these hurricanes of feeling can be joyous. For if you come through they lead to realisations that were hidden behind the emotions or fears. You will have conquered your fears and become a much bigger person and gone through the powerful change you were meeting.

 Example: I notice that there is a terrible hurricane coming up. I call out to everyone to go to the cellar. Charla is asleep. I go to her and finally have to pick her up and carry her as she wouldn’t wake up. My grown son who is gay and his fiancée are there.

Example: Our house had storm shutters and a storm cellar. Dad had already gotten food, clothes and blankets, and we went into the cellar. The hurricane hit and we were safe, though we didn’t have power for a while. They named it Hurricane Juno.

Example: Huge thunderclouds boiled into formation, but just as rapidly shifted and went. I said to the people in the room that it looked as if a storm was coming. But of course the clouds had all shifted. Suddenly however something new happened. Instead of thunderclouds a huge spiralling wind formed – a hurricane. I felt the excitement and danger of the situation and I think I called to my friends to warn them. Quickly the huge column of twisting storm moved down the open countryside directly toward the house. At one point I thought it changed course and would miss us, but it turned back and came straight at us. At this point all the distant view was obscured by a whirling mist. It was suddenly dark as the massive whirlwind blotted out everything but its own presence. Then it hit the house. I was expecting the roof to be ripped off, but there was no sound of rending or breaking. There was great tension though and I turned to look out of another window across the room facing the opposite direction. I could see great turmoil as the wind hit people and objects outside. It presented a great contrast with the house, unmoved and unshaken. Through the window it appeared as if an earthquake were lifting people up and dropping them. The earth itself shook and rolled like it were water rippling.

The dreamer had found the strength of his core self, which left him unshaken.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Did you run from the hurricane or did you meet it?

Where is the strength in you to face such things?

Is your house/self build upon shifting sands, or upon the rock of self realisation?

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-Caitlin- 2016-08-31 15:00:53

I had a dream that i was in my home and i could sense a big storm coming and it started raining hard and i got both of my sister but they were arguing the house was weird you looked in the mirror and it was backwards i was scared i was trying to hurry out of the house we left running from it and i found my dad on the side of the road and i havent seen my mom in years but i was looking for her

-Yvette 2016-08-05 14:14:00

I had a dream of me and my youngest son of 4 where in the middle of an ocean and a hurricane came over us and I just stood over my son covering him so that the hurricane would not hurt him and then it just went over us and it we gone.

-Kayla 2016-07-24 20:27:56

I had a dream where I was yelling at my mom and telling her we needed to find shelter but she kept refusing and walked outside. To which I followed her. I told her one more time that we needed to find shelter and she replied with we are already I. The middle of the storm. I looked over my house and saw a huge wave coming towards me and a dog I ran in the house. That’s when I woke up what does that mean

-Sarah chavez 2016-07-05 22:12:21

I had a dream that there was a storm while I was in Walmart my dad was outside waiting for me he kept telling me to hurry up and I wasn’t listening to him . Then I felt the ground shake and I ran to his truck and then my mom pulled up in a car next to us and we tried to hurry up and drive off but by then it was to late . The water started to tear down trees and the water got to deep to drive in . Me and my dad had to get out and start swimming when we looked back we couldn’t see my mother any more 🙁 . I was so scared and on top of that there was big waves comming in we had no choice but to keep swimming . I was so worried About my kids . And I remember that in my dream I keeps apologizing to my dad cuz I felt like it was my fault . My dream scared me so bad I woke up. What does it mean ?

-Cindy 2016-06-19 12:02:04

I had a hurricane dream just last night. I was looking at a television and the weather was on. It showed a hurricane stretching in a line across the middle of the US. I live in Indiana, so straight across from IN to the east and west. I was at my ex boyfriends brothers house and he was tying everything down. He went back in the house. I went to my truck to get something and a man who felt like my brother got in and said it’s too late, the hurricane is here. And we were picked up by the winds and I felt the back of the truck hit something. He said “Oh crap, God did this!” And I said something like I hope we don’t hit anything else and all of the sudden we dropped in a sunny calm place. And he said “Now we have to find our way home!” I didn’t know where we were, but in all of it neither of us were scared, it was like it was normal or OK. We both got out of the truck and started to find our way home. It is so interesting how the mind releases through dreams. Thanks! 🙂

-Kat 2016-06-02 22:02:41

I had a dream that I was walking out of school when it got dark as midnight and crazy hurricanes formed where they would be created and then dissipate over and over. Then my friend came and I told him to get out of the storm and started shielding him, but then the sky just turned clear blue before it started raining lightly again.

-G 2016-03-30 11:27:36

I was in an unfamiliar home, filled mostly with people I knew, some who I didn’t know. A young girl let me borrow her iPhone. When she handed it to me I noticed the glass screen had some chips around the edges. As I walked away I accidentally dropped the phone, it landed on carpet and no damage was done. I went upstairs to a guest room, it was mid afternoon, there was a restaurant with an outdoor patio and people eating next door. I looked out over them from the balcony and thought to myself how strange it was they’d all be havin lunch outside with a storm coming. I laid down on the bed and was doing stuff on the iPhone, I heard a commotion outside and looked over to see all the people outside scrambling for cover, and the sky quickly turn from blue, to gray, to black, in a swirling, high-speed way. Large trees, etc., were hurled through the side of the house and into the room I was in, some getting very close to me, I rolled off the bed onto the ground, and quickly pulled the mattress over the top of me.. The storm passed and I went downstairs to find everyone else cleaning up the damage, I handed the phone back to the girl and she said I damaged the screen. I said the screen was already like that when you have it to me, several others agreed with the girl, and said they saw me drop it. I said “fine, I’ll buy you a new phone.”, and walked back upstairs.
Then I woke up…

-Rocelia Reynoso 2016-02-26 14:03:17

I had a dream where me and my partner were at a supermarket like target, we were walking out and I saw the hurricane and asked her if it was age and she replied “oh it’s really happening” and we tried to go back inside but the hurricane started forming and the winds were pushing us, she started panicking asking for my help but I just seemed to be their quietly, her sister came out of nowhere and started trying to calm her down asking her where she had parked the car and my partner wouldn’t answer then I woke up scared.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-03-02 11:30:58

    Dear Rocelia Reynoso – Your dream suggests that both you and your partner are aware of “the wind of change” that is coming your way; “I saw the hurricane and asked her if it was age and she replied “oh it’s really happening.”
    When “the wind of change” blows, we are often afraid because we do not know “where it will take us” and what change it might bring in the relationship we have with our selves – the different parts in our psyche – with the important people in our life and with activities that are part of our life.
    It is like a journey into the unknown;
    Your partner in your dream and her sister reflect the different parts of you that deal with this “being pushed into growth” in different ways and your dream shows how they support each other.
    If you feel like exploring them you can use
    Anna 🙂

-Lilly 2016-02-19 23:41:30

A lot of the dream faded from me almost immediately but I had a dream that I was living in a home of which seemed to be one room and the entire side facing the hurricane was made of glass but within the little house/room we were safe. My mother and I were in the room together and outside the room there was a empty porch and then two white curtains before the porch and the property line. From what I remember is that the hurricane caused the water to rise instantly and we watched it but then it goes down and we go to a store basically without actually going, we end up there. I buy a couple of things we need and when I open the door to the store we are immediately back in the room. The water is still down and I see the winds getting stronger. I ask my mom to help me close the curtains (which honestly made no sense because they weren’t protecting us from the water and regardless the sides were open). I grabbed both ends and as I’m preparing everything the water has already risen to crazy levels and my mom keeps asking me if the hurricane started without answering me about what I need to use to hold down the curtains and I drop something, at the moment the area I’m stepping on is the only area without water and I reach for whatever it was I dropped which fell in the water and I look to my left and I see a huge wave headed towards me at full force it hits me and I feel it fully engulf me and knock me out because it slammed my head into the wall. I open my eyes and I’m somewhere that looks like a bus stop leaving her with someone. I told her she almost got me killed with her negligence which were my exact words. I tell her that he’s a good man and he’s going to take care of her but I have to go back to the house and handle things.
Then I woke up.. What could it mean?

Side note: My mom isn’t negligent, we are not on bad terms or arguing about anything. We do not have any big decisions going on. The only difficult aspect in my life is me dealing with my ex. Even though it was my mother in the dream, could it signify something about myself and her?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-02-23 15:40:09

    Dear Lilly – I trust you have read this part of the entry on hurricane;
    “But if you can tolerate the emotions, fear or excitement, the outcome of these hurricanes of feelings can be joyous. For if you come through they lead to realisations that were hidden behind the emotions or fears. You will have conquered your fears and become a much bigger person.”
    What you are doing in your dream at first is the opposite; “the entire side facing the hurricane was made of glass (a symbol for a powerful but invisible feeling barrier) but within the little house/room we were safe” and “two white curtains before the porch and the property line” and “close the curtains”.
    What did you buy in the store?
    I see that your mother is trying to help you in your dream; she does not answer your question about holding down the curtains. She is merely wondering if you have allowed the start of the inner hurricane yet. I reckon that she knows that you can deal with it and that closing the curtains will not help you to become aware of what is going on in your inner world.
    Almost getting killed by a huge wave is like a wave of inner growth with the intention to kill the attitudes and approaches that do not work in your life and this can be symbolised by “knocking you out”;
    You can then leave your inner mother behind again and wait where the events will take you after you have decided that you “have to go back to the house and handle things.”
    This dream could symbolise a part of a process that you went through and that you are now digesting, or it could be that you are exploring how to approach an inner process; what will work and what will not work.
    “I ask my mom to help me close the curtains (which honestly made no sense because they weren’t protecting us from the water and regardless the sides were open)”;
    If you feel like exploring your dream for yourself;
    Anna 🙂

-Ashley 2016-02-14 10:13:01

I dream that my son, one of my best friends, and I were caught in a hurricane. We ran and took cover before we were blown away. After the big storm was over there were still small tonados coming that we had to dodge. After it was over everyone else in the city came out of hiding but i didnt really pay them any attention. I just kept looking out for more tornados and was afraid to let my guard down. I woke up feeling very afraid.

-Veronica 2015-12-30 14:34:02

Whenever I fall asleep, which is not often, I keep having dreams of distant hurricanes. They never meet up to me, nor do I run. I always stare and admire how beautiful they are, theres always more than 3, and everyone else takes no notice to them. I pack up to run away sometimes, though they never seem to move.

-Gladys Elena 2015-11-05 8:14:44

I dreamt that I was on the beach with my dad as the waves were rising and it was being broadcasted and some man I had never seen before was telling the broadcasting lady that around 4:00 am the waves were uncontrollably crashing against each other that it had been happening for a few days. My dad told me that the man who was talking to the reporter was sleeping in his car. It was then that I watched the hurricane formed. It was then that I woke in my dream and I was alone. I was in a parlor that had lost power but there was two more men that were there as well and I had a feeling I knew them but I still didn’t know from were my father was there helping as well. They were trying to get air conditioner going and it was then that I saw my brother and mom and I had ask who they had brought with them and were had they been. They had been taking care of this little girl and that lived the next town over but I didn’t know who she was. They pulled over in the storm and it was then that they told me that a girl named Brook was struck by lightning. It had went into her arm and they hadn’t believed her until she couldn’t move her hand to open her palm and saw the burnt skin on her arm. (I had known her in high school but never cared for her). They had to wait out the worst of the storm and came back and they mentioned paisley that, that was were they had waited out. (but I didn’t know what that is in my real life). The one of the two ladies was family and the other one was very timid with a child and was scared to ask for milk but my mom told her not to be that they were welcomed to anything we had. I went to sit on a chair with my brother… (Then I woke up).

-Roly 2015-09-15 22:41:43

Hi. I dreamt that i was in the backyard of a house with some family or friends waiting for a hurricane to arrive. Winds started picking up and we got excited but shortly after the hurricane winds got really strong and we decided to move inside for shelter. Nothing got shattered nor destroyed.

-Shania Obejrro 2015-06-27 19:10:47

I dreamt that I was in school and It was the last day of school and we had to clean things up. Then I saw these students in our gate looking paniced. I went to my bestfriend which is my busmate. I called her name but she wont answer just untill I tapped on het. Then I looked at the sky it was gold kinda yellowish in color and then we all heard aloud sound I saw a suddenly a circular hurricane forming in the sky and the teachers called for buses to bring us back home. I accidentally rode a wrong bus but then I saw my bestfriend going to our right bus and squeezed through in and I remember saying “Why didnt you call me to ride here?” she didnt answer, she looked nervous. I sat right at the back of the bus driver. At first it was just a regular run then our bus ddriver said “Tsk” and the roads lifted cracked and and he went to the roads which he can drive. i even videod the roads for some reason then it cut to when it was my turn to go home and went to my mom which was calm and doing her sideline and my dad browsing to the net like nothing happened and said to my mom what happened she just said “We cant hear anything from our house” and continued doing what she was doing. As if when I got home nothing happened.

This is my first time ever experiencing this. I almost cried and I’m so scared of the future. 2014 has been bad for me and I am not ready for something bad to come.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-06-30 11:35:18

    Dear Shania Obejrro – Your dream is not about something bad to come in the future but in your dream you make an effort to digest experiences that were part of your waking life in 2014.
    Sometimes it is difficult to leave painful and difficult experiences behind, even more so when we do not feel heard by our parents or caregivers and have our feelings acknowledged by them.
    Your dream does express that you do not perceive your parents as being able to understand and share your difficult and painful feelings.
    Your dream also suggests that whatever happened to you did help you to grow, for you made it back home from your learning experiences in the school of life.
    So your dreams try to help you to come to terms with what is still a part of your inner world – not your outer world or waking life – and if you feel like it you can join the Forum and allow your dreams and Tony to help you with digesting and integrating experiences that are still bothering you.
    Anna 🙂

-Julio 2015-06-24 17:58:24

had a dream of a hurricane destroying all homes but mine and then saw a figure of god in the sky afterwards. what does that mean?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-06-26 8:41:40

    Dear Julio – The way I see your dream is that you become aware of your own life within change – the houses/homes that were destroyed – and constancy – the home that was not destroyed.
    You do not seem to identify with the homes that were destroyed, yet I see them as a symbol for your ever shifting experiences of your body and your personality.
    Rudolf Steiner explains parts of this process very clearly. He points out that from conception through to death our physical body goes through a process of continuous change. There is never a moment when changes are not going on in the body. Also, part of this change is that physical impressions last for moments only. One impression gives way to another continuously through the day and the years.
    If we are lucky, during our lifetime we can observe that not only our physical experiences lead to the development of our personality; not only does our personality gather understanding from the many separate experiences we meet; but occasionally the concepts we arrive at are seen to gather into a higher synthesis again. At such times we glimpse or experience a universal understanding. We see how the everyday things that we experience, the concepts that arise from them, in some way connect with the universal principles in the cosmos and in life. With wonder we see that the ordinary everyday things and events around us are expressions of processes and human endeavours that flow through our lives from ancient times, perhaps even from the timeless.
    You do not reveal anything about what you felt when you had this dream and I do trust that a dream like yours must have evoked emotions in your dream figure and perhaps even still inside you when you woke up.
    If we take away the images and events occurring in a dream and simply look to see what feelings or emotions are evident, the dream is often more understandable than if we try to interpret the symbols. Feelings in dreams are nearly always undistorted. We therefore do not need to interpret them, simply to recognise them and see if we can recognise where they might occur in waking life.
    Please read and the links in this article to explore this important dream.
    Anna 🙂

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