Even where red appears quite casually in a dream, as with the hat in the example, there is frequently fear, screaming, horror or a sense of danger in the same dream. Red also represents ones basic emotions, earthy nature, and sexuality. In this sense it depicts your strength or vitality and your down to earth health and power. But because of the modern association with traffic lights and warnings such as brake lights on cars, it may sometimes be used as a warning, or a way of saying ‘stop’ or ‘no’.

Example: These men were throwing a big red rubber ball into a field, and if we didn’t catch it, we would get shot. Example: ‘An old woman with a very pink, lined face, and wearing a clashing red hat, knelt close to my face. The woman leaned forward to poke my hand, and I recoiled, screaming myself awake.’ Joy S.

But red must also be understood in context with the other ideas presented. For instance a road accident where blood is seen has a different feeling in your dream that a lovely young girl with red hair – a sign of a lively and perhaps passionate woman. From findings concerning early humans we know that the colour red, and substances such as red ochre, played a large and important part in their life.

In Africa red ochre was, and still is, called the ‘blood of the earth’ and is used in rituals to do with death and renewal. Because red is connected with blood and blood’s obvious links with health, being alive, and the process of childbirth in women, ochre and the colour red were and still are, often used in healing practices. Red wine is also seen as blood in the magical rituals of the church and other groups. See: blood under bodyarchetype of blood; wine.

A recent research team of U.S. and German scientists found that the colour red influences the way people function. It reduces the ability to perform well at whatever task they are doing. University of Rochester and University of Munich researchers reported that even if people being tested were aware of even a hint of red, their performance would be reduced in quality to a significant degree. University of Rochester psychology Professor Andrew Elliot, head of the research, said people associate the colour red with mistakes and failures.

Less frequently: Red can link with blood; menstruation; the biological life force; conception; reproduction; death. Pale pink: Baby feelings; gentle love; weakness.

Red and grey often appear together: Emotions connected with depression or lack of motivation and pleasure.

Red brick building: Homeliness; warmth.

Red clothes or motif: Sexuality; passion; strong emotions.

Red earth: Fertility; richness; the healing power of the body; the collective memory of past human struggles and discoveries which we now inherit as personal or social skills, or ease of performance of things that would have been difficult or impossible for our ancestors.

Red eyes: This usually suggests feelings or fears about sickness or being irrational or deeply emotional.

Red face: Anger; high emotion; illness .

Red hair: Passionate thoughts, angry ideas, great energy like a fire. See: hair.

Red flowers: Love; passion; dangers of passion.

Red furniture or decor; Plush: richness; comfort.

Rose pink: Love, as one might give to a child.

Idioms: paint the town red; redneck; see red; in the red; red carpet; red letter day; red light district; red faced; red handed; red tape; run a red light.

Useful questions and hints:

Are there signs of powerful emotions in the rest of the dream – if so what am I feeling passionate or emotional about?

Is there a warning of danger here, or a message to stop – if so what does that apply to in my life?

Do I feel in any way connected to the earth, to the spirit of nature or life in this dream – if so what does that tell me?

See Colours Emotions Techniques for Exploring your Dreams


-Carlnetta 2015-12-25 17:27:33

What does it means to dream of the word RED?

-Tasha 2015-12-15 18:49:59

I had a dream last night about my deceased mother and deceased boyfriend. I was really hurt because they were in a realtionship and both of them had on red sweaters. What does it mean?

-latrice 2015-09-17 22:27:26

Hello I had a dream this morning that I was laying on the couch and looking out the window at my mother she was sitting down she got up turned around and was looking in the window at me she had on a red sweater and red polish on her nails she just stared at me then she began to grow like a giant she was pressing up against the house so I closed my eyes and in my head I was telling myself to wake up it took a few tries but I finally woke up what does this mean?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-09-28 14:21:19

    Dear Latrice – Dreams are a magical mirror in which your innermost hopes, longings, fears/terrors and genius are made real. They are made real as external environments, people, animals and relationships. So the person you dreamt about is not them, but is a dream image made out of your feelings and memories.
    Unfortunately this wonderful virtual reality world is usually felt as dealing with other people, as externals, like something that can damage us, or something like the Devil that can possess us.
    If we can acknowledge and admit that our terrors we dream are actually our past hurts or fears that we have not faced presenting themselves for us to heal.
    I think it will be helpful to read and to explore the symbol of your mother in your dream by using “Being the mother”.
    Another approach could be
    You wrote; “and in my head I was telling myself to wake up.”
    So at that moment you are aware that you are dreaming, which is also called lucid dreaming.
    Like most other things, lucid dreaming is a learning process. To arrive at your creative power you may need to deal with the feelings or fears that prevent you being at your best in waking life.
    Unfortunately, some dreamers avoid this, as another dreamer describes as well: In many of my dreams I become aware that I am dreaming and if anything unpleasant threatens me in the dream, I get away from it by waking myself.
    Perhaps next time instead of closing your eyes and waking yourself up, you might decide to face “it” in your dream?
    Anna 🙂

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