In dreams this can refer to nothing being able to grow or sustain life. See impotence; desert

 Being infertile or impotent can have terrible emotional and personal consequences. It might help to read Avoid Being Victims

To dream of it may be a way to help or heal the siutation. But as such human conditons are very much interwoven with the structure of your personality and its unconscious elements, it usually needs a lot of work digging into who you are and why you got to that situatioin. Medical drugs might help, but the long hard work of exploring who you are by dream exploration or such methods as LifeStream can help. See Techniques for Working your Dreams and Life’s Little Secrets

 Example: I frequently dream that my mother and father, or perhaps an older authoritarian female are standing over my bed. I am in bed with a man making love, but disturbed by the presence of whoever it is looking over me. I’m 36, single, probably infertile, working class, typically Cancerian with Leo rising. Tell me all!

An excellent example of a possible cause of infertility – a sense of an overbearing attitude from parents about their duaghters love life.

 Useful Questions and Hints:

Does my dream show me as infertile, and does it give clueas as to why?

Are there parts of my life that are infertile and allow no chagne or progreass?

Have I struggle with infertility – with what result?

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