To receive an invoice often symbolises a bill of reckoning. In other words, something you have done or thought, is now producing consequences that have to be paid for. To send an invoice suggests you are calling in what events owe you. But sometimes people might cheat you, as in the example.

 Example: We had gone to bed early and the door bell rang.  When I answered it a salesman was there. I felt he was one of the pushy people who have nothing I want. All they want to do is sell something they have which will earn them a crust. The man was into the house. I got hold of his hair and dragged him out of the house – his body literally prone and dragging on the floor – put him out and shut the door. He had left some invoices or something similar in the house. I went to the door and was about to push them through the letter box when he came and started pushing a bill for two pound through the door for calling on us. I pushed it back with the other stuff.

That is the way you should treat dream hecklers.  “In the ancient view of dreams recorded in the yoga Atharva Veda, being active or even actively aggressive, was seen as a positive sign, even if one was injured or mutilated as a result of ones active stance; whereas if the dreamer passively accepted injury in a dream this was seen as a negative implication. This was because it was felt that the active or passive stance within the dreams indicated a similar disposition during waking life. As the active person is generally more successful, the dream sign of an active disposition was seen as fortunate”.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Did you send or receive the invoice?

What was the outcome in the dream?

Wht feelings did you have or where indicated in the dream?

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