Jewels and Jewellery

Things we, or our unconscious treasure; our integrity or sense of wholeness; the lasting parts of our nature, even the eternal aspect of self or the essential core of ourselves. For instance, ability to creatively work with others, is not just valuable in general, it also expresses the powerful symbiotic force in nature. It connects one with the universal. This might be depicted as a jewel.

Jewelery may represent the giver of the piece, or ones feelings about them; love given or received; something valuable in a ‘quality of our life’ sense, such as something we have learned through hard experience and ought to value; a woman’s honour, self respect, sexuality. If the jewellery has a particular history, such as a family heirloom, the first piece of jewellery given by spouse, then it represents what we feel about family tradition, spouse, etc. See: ring.

But jewels can be symbols of many things and have very personal associations. The can represent insight into the invisible of life. Also truths and wisdom condensed in the stone, and be symbol of the divine in us.

The searching for jewels depicts a search for the core of your being. To find them or dig them up shows that you, through your work on your inner life, have uncovered important part of you that were unconscious before.

To possess jewels is to know you have reached the highest in you. The cutting of jewels represents the work you have done in your attempts to grow and reach for the highest.

Jewels in caves guarded by dragons or serpents show you facing the immense power of the unconscious. The power can only be achieved by facing the dragon or serpent without fear. See Dragon

Jewels in crowns and necklaces show you that you have achieved recognition and enlightenment.

Jewels worn by royalty, especially women, and jewels kept hidden show you are in possession in great insight and wisdom.

In occult lore, jewels are ascribed various protective, curative and magical properties. In their negative aspect, jewels symbolise the material, greed for riches, and profane love. As always when dealing with dream meanings, it is you personal association that are important – see Associations Working With

Diamond: This is the hardest known material. It lasts forever, so the advertisements tell us. It represents the eternity of spirit, the gem or jewel at the centre of being. Spiritual consciousness. It can also represent human greed, hardness, cold as ice, anything for power. But is not often used as such in dreams.

Ruby: The feelings, sympathies, love, arising from the spirit, rather than material values. The ability to reach out and contact others.

Emerald: The growth principle, growth of consciousness, growth of spiritual awareness, harmony with life.

Pearl: Value, beauty, from the depths of our being. The fact that a pearl arises from irritation makes it the symbol of that beauty or inner wholeness that has arisen from the trials of life.

Sapphire: Religious feelings, devotion. quieting of material consciousness, peace of mind, protection from evil.

Opal: The inner world of your dreams, fantasies, psychic impressions. Protection against anger. Purification.

Amethyst: Bringer of dreams and visions. Protection against being carried away by spiritual elation or inner influences. Healing.

Lapis Lazuli: Sensitivity to inner impressions. Vitality.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If it is a jewel I own, what does it mean to me?

Was it something that was buried or hidden?

Did I receive it from someone?

See Inner World Emotions and Mood in DreamsSumming Up


-Shirley 2015-12-26 13:14:16

Hello I found the comments helpful , but I could. It find one related to my dream. I have. 85year old aunt and dreamed she send me he jewelry box filled with many and a $50 bill. No clue. If you could kindly reply I would deeply appreciate. Thank you

-kulwinder 2015-12-23 8:49:52

I saw in my dream that someone told me there are jewel gold digged below the entrence of my family shop we digged it out there were gold earlings necklace in plastic bag transparent one , I was digging it because we were finding my mom gold bangles bcause they were missing in dream

-cathy 2015-12-21 16:32:04

I felt as though i had this dream before. I am at this place that many people stay.. Maybe a camp for something but not sure. I have a fairy though. The dream changes to the people in charge explaining that we are looking fora yellow Diamond uncut but for some reason i already know where it is. I wait untili think no one is liking and go pick it up. The dream becomes nightmarish with them chasing me trying to take it from me. Somehow it breaks in half but I’m able to get to the ocean and throw it in before they take it. They can’t find it but I feel like i can go get it whenever the time is right.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-12-28 8:24:32

    Dear Cathy – The way I see your dream – and please explore it yourself as well – is that you start to remember; “I felt as though I had this dream before.” The fairy is a symbol for this process of remembering and realisation of your Self (your Core).
    In short, the Self – the yellow Diamond uncut – is the totality of our being, and any symbol of it within our dreams depicts some level of awareness of, and therefore contact with or communication with, our totality.
    To glimpse that revelation of the Core of Self, that is at the same time the Core of all existence, is to be pervaded by something you can never grasp and hold. It forever flickers and changes, yet at the same time is changeless. Dante says of this, “As I grew worthier to see, the more I looked, the more unchanging semblance appeared to change with every change in me.”
    This involvement is not in the end a mystical experience, it is the recognition, sometimes with awe, sometimes with shock, of an existing reality. It is so much a part of everyday life we fail to see it – as perhaps the fish might not know it lives in water. For instance, none of us grow all our food, make our own clothes or their material, produce the energy or gas or electricity in our homes – neither do any of us form the language we exist within and which forms the very structure and self-awareness we identify with as ourselves. We exist constantly as an integral and dependent part of this huge web of interactions; we cannot exist outside of it or without it – yet we may fail constantly to hold our integral existence in awareness. We may never see we are part of ONE huge organism. Dreams frequently depict this situation with such symbols as the sea, or symbols of the Self.
    In the last part of your dream you become aware of an inner conflict where you sense that you will lose the connection with your Self.
    This inner conflict is expressed in your dream by the diamond “somehow breaking in half”, which might reflect an awareness of your loss of feeling whole;
    With the loss comes the awareness that you can connect with your Self again, whenever the time is right;
    Anna 🙂

-Mussarat 2015-09-17 6:39:53

I saw diamond rings being gifted to my father and cousin. What does it depict?

-Che 2015-08-28 17:47:07

I dreAmed, me and my cousins and family searching for a treasure in a big house or hotel kinda. In one room me and my 4 cousins was in there. But then, i saw the clue for treasure and later on figured out where the treasure hidden. After finding the treasure there’s diamond like very tiny like dust that was fallen into the floor because of its tiny. There’s jewels as well. We divided it to each other and we are so happy because we found the treAsure and it’s really real like i was there… I shouted thank you (name of the person owner of the map) which i can’t remember the name. And my brother said where is the letter accompanied with the treasure and we found the letter and my brother read it. But then, i continue say thank you to the owner and theres a mirror i saw a guy in black and he smiled and said you will be mind. I felt scared when he said that i knew something is wrong. So we all rushed out in that place because zombies are coming but one of my cousin was left behind the person in black took him. And he need one more so between me and my other cousin. Therefore, i know the treasure was a curse. He followed us in our car cuz he want either one of us. But we throw the treasure back to him and fight for him and told him we don’t need your treasure we want our life. We love our life and not your treasure. So we fight and fight against him till his gone and we survived his wrath…. I woke up like i was so numb feels like i was there in real life.
What do you think is the meaning of my dream?
Thanks pls answer…

-Sandra 2015-07-27 11:29:43

In my dream I was searching for something. I found one jewelry box of medium size tucked away in a cabinet. As I continued to search I found three more jewelry boxes full of jewelry. It didn’t look to be expensive jewelry but I’m not sure. I never touched any of the boxes that I can remember in the dream but upon finding the three boxes of jewelry I remember that the three boxes were over flowing with jewelry. A large set of pink pearls were hanging out of the biggest box. The other boxes weren’t as full but still full enough for the lid to not close completely

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-08-03 8:58:48

    Dear Sandra – Your dream suggests that you seem to be searching for “something” and what you find is a sense of value (in others? which could be the reason why you did not touch any of it.)
    As you could read in this entry pearls are a symbol of value, beauty, from the depths of our being. The fact that a pearl arises from irritation makes it the symbol of that beauty or inner wholeness that has arisen from the trials of life.
    Because it is not clear whose value you were able to see in your dream and what the value is about, I feel it will be helpful to use “Being the person or thing” and “Talking as” to get a better understanding of what you have found.
    Good Luck!
    Anna 🙂

-Melissa 2015-06-21 15:35:35

I dream that I saw my daughters mouth and inside of her mouth, near her tonsils there was a lot of gold chains growing. I told her that was not sanitary I needed to take it out and she had lots and lots. It was like ingrown inside her mouth. The weird thing is that it’s the second time I dream it. I dream it a couple months again with one daughter and now this one.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-06-24 8:45:55

    Dear Melissa – What arose while reading your dream is that “Children do as you DO, not what you SAY”; children pay more attention to your behaviour as a parent than they do to your words “I told her that was not sanitary I needed to take it out and she had lots and lots. It was like ingrown inside her mouth”.
    See also and especially the comments.
    So ask yourself if you perceive your daughters as (too) introverted and if you have developed a habit to withdraw (too much) into yourself as well.
    Very often a chain – even a golden one; like a gilded cage – depicts restriction of some sort and the throat is a symbol of self-expression; therefore it denotes expressing the previously ill-defined or unformed parts of you; the revealing of secrets, and the ability to cry out with love, worship, or pain.
    If you can relate to what I see in your dream and you would like to learn your children to be open about what goes on in their inner world – which is certainly more sanitary for their psychological health – then I believe you will have to learn it yourself first.
    See also
    You wrote “It was like ingrown inside her mouth”. Not expressing ourselves as fully and as spontaneously as possible might have become a habit, a conditioned reflex, without us being really aware of it anymore.
    Observing your own ebb and flow of thoughts and feelings, your own habits and responses to things, is one of the most powerful of tools to use in transforming your life. This also leads to a fuller connection with your intuitive connection with your core.
    Much of our behaviour is largely or wholly unconscious. Becoming aware of something can by itself produce a change. If you are not aware of how you act or respond or not respond, there is less likelihood of satisfying change.
    Anna 🙂

-Cheryl Barron 2015-04-14 17:38:21

I had a dream in which a message was left for me on the outside wall of my house. It was like a business card and signed, Jewell.

    -Anna 2015-04-15 6:38:27

    Cheryl – A message signed with Jewell – Precious Stone – on your house is a message from your Core.
    It may be difficult to understand or perhaps you do not remember (part of) the message. So what, many things are not handed to us served up with gravy. Struggle with it, pray for help with it, live with it, for this is a message that is vital to you – ask your angel. Ask with a feeling that you have asked a friend an important question and now you are waiting quietly to hear the answer. See
    Anna 🙂

-Audrey 2015-01-22 9:47:40

So I keep having this dream-only when I’m at my mom’s house- where jewels are growing from inside from a small cave where my toenail from should be. Only on my second toe on my right foot. Any thoughts??

-Amel 2014-11-05 13:18:37

hi tony
I dreamed that I’ve found jewelry (especially earrings) in a tomb, the tomb was found in an unlikely place I had discovered. these were metal jewelry (silver-colored metal) but I do not know which kind of metal it was, and I think I was happy to have found them !!

-harita 2014-10-11 1:34:51

Hi..I dreamt of seashore and each heavy wave leaving behind a piece of jewelery..initially I am alone with a tiara beside that I dint pick…it had a red stone… but few more people come and all of us brave the waves to search for more pieces of jewelery..I also distinctly remember thinking that this act is greedy and wondering how rich people in this region would be. Overall I seem happy in my dream. Although I had cried that night

    -Tony Crisp 2014-10-29 9:28:52

    Dear Harita – Please don’t think you are greedy, because everything in your dreams are yours – you own them and no one can take them from you.

    The waves are the experiences of life that you have been brave enough to face. And because you have met things that are quite heavy for you to bear, the sea has given you the rewards.

    The jewellery is not at the moment money, but something much more valuable, because you have beautiful inner qualities. These usually lead to a better situation in life. It is the positive rewards of karma.


-Moonie 2014-10-04 10:36:48

I’m in a forest:
*very well lit, but warm (not blindingly bright) and welcoming
*A pond/lake not clear but not murky, I am going to assume it’s dark because the depth of the body of water is deep.
* cloaked woman standing near the lake
* A golden dragon- not a statue but actual creature whose color resembles gold
*Crown- encrusted gold crown with garnets, diamonds, and emeralds.

There is a woman wearing a cloak, most of her face is covered (she has been in a previous dream of mine, completely different from this dream I am describing here). I find that I am looking down at my hands to see a crown and the cloaked woman tells me what to do with it. So I throw it into the lake and up surfaces the dragon who now has the crown on it’s head.
I speak with the dragon differently than I would speaking with the woman. It’s more telepathic, because humans don’t speak dragon and dragons are appauld to speak human verbally. I don’t recall precisely what thoughts were exchanged though

-cheryl massey 2013-10-02 14:31:01

I had a dream about the birthstone in my ring being crushed to the point of being gone, i looked at my ring on my hand and there was just amethyst powder left in the setting

-Heide 2013-06-15 0:05:48

I dreamt I was putting several stones into a round container, that looked a bit like the sun, in terms to how it was arranged. Large circle in the middle, a ring on the outside that was separated into smaller boxes. I put amethyst, agate, and yellow stones, pink ones, turquoise, stones that go with my fire sign Leo. As I put them in I thought ‘for protection.’ My intention was to give them to a guy in my dream that I was attracted to.

-tracy 2012-05-28 6:26:51

I dreamt about a sapphire ring which is my birthstone. The ring was expensive but I knew one of the stones would fall out and it did. I picked the stone up and asked the jeweler for a discount on the ring and he agreed to fix the ring by putting the stone back then he said I could have the ring for 70 dollars.

    -Tony Crisp 2012-05-29 9:50:09

    Tracy – The ring with your birthstone represents an inner quality, it is a way for you to stay in touch with your central power and self. It is expensive because to get that sort of connection and power takes a lot of inner work – which presumable you have done otherwise you wouldn’t dream about the ring.

    But you have an intuition that you might lose the sapphire, the symbol of your inner being. So you ask the jeweller, who is a form of contact with your wider awareness, a sort of super intuition. It shows that you have also learnt a valuable skill, one in which you do not simple accept what is but communicate with your inner wisdom until change is achieve. You are very gifted.

    Please read and see if you can use the technique(s) given. They can put you into a deeper way of understanding your dream, and also the abilities you have of communication with the best in you.


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