Jewels and Jewellery

Things we, or our unconscious treasure; our integrity or sense of wholeness; the lasting parts of our nature, even the eternal aspect of self or the essential core of ourselves. For instance, ability to creatively work with others, is not just valuable in general, it also expresses the powerful symbiotic force in nature. It connects one with the universal. This might be depicted as a jewel.

Jewelery may represent the giver of the piece, or ones feelings about them; love given or received; something valuable in a ‘quality of our life’ sense, such as something we have learned through hard experience and ought to value; a woman’s honour, self respect, sexuality. If the jewellery has a particular history, such as a family heirloom, the first piece of jewellery given by spouse, then it represents what we feel about family tradition, spouse, etc. See: ring.

But jewels can be symbols of many things and have very personal associations. The can represent insight into the invisible of life. Also truths and wisdom condensed in the stone, and be symbol of the divine in us.

The searching for jewels depicts a search for the core of your being. To find them or dig them up shows that you, through your work on your inner life, have uncovered important part of you that were unconscious before.

To possess jewels is to know you have reached the highest in you. The cutting of jewels represents the work you have done in your attempts to grow and reach for the highest.

Jewels in caves guarded by dragons or serpents show you facing the immense power of the unconscious. The power can only be achieved by facing the dragon or serpent without fear. See Dragon

Jewels in crowns and necklaces show you that you have achieved recognition and enlightenment.

Jewels worn by royalty, especially women, and jewels kept hidden show you are in possession in great insight and wisdom.

In occult lore, jewels are ascribed various protective, curative and magical properties. In their negative aspect, jewels symbolise the material, greed for riches, and profane love. As always when dealing with dream meanings, it is you personal association that are important – see Associations Working With

Diamond: This is the hardest known material. It lasts forever, so the advertisements tell us. It represents the eternity of spirit, the gem or jewel at the centre of being. Spiritual consciousness. It can also represent human greed, hardness, cold as ice, anything for power. But is not often used as such in dreams.

Ruby: The feelings, sympathies, love, arising from the spirit, rather than material values. The ability to reach out and contact others.

Emerald: The growth principle, growth of consciousness, growth of spiritual awareness, harmony with life.

Pearl: Value, beauty, from the depths of our being. The fact that a pearl arises from irritation makes it the symbol of that beauty or inner wholeness that has arisen from the trials of life.

Sapphire: Religious feelings, devotion. quieting of material consciousness, peace of mind, protection from evil.

Opal: The inner world of your dreams, fantasies, psychic impressions. Protection against anger. Purification.

Amethyst: Bringer of dreams and visions. Protection against being carried away by spiritual elation or inner influences. Healing.

Lapis Lazuli: Sensitivity to inner impressions. Vitality.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If it is a jewel I own, what does it mean to me?

Was it something that was buried or hidden?

Did I receive it from someone?

See Inner World Emotions and Mood in DreamsSumming Up


-Andrim 2018-02-21 16:50:41

🙂 Hey in my last Night dream. I was / so my body was producing any kind of Jewelry. It came out of different parts… from the solar plexus, my leg, my face and so on… like a machine… and i was suprised what it is, than i just took the mass from my body parts, layed in on a table and the the mass parts composed diffrent kinds of jewls. Different Colours, sizes…etc.pp. There was than a Necklace, some Bracelets. It was just beautiful. And the where a silver Key with a crown on the Top and a part of a siveler pistol * Funny…. Then it startet that many People came into the Room and they were standing in line to have a look for it… My dream last night was full of diffrent kinds… Like Travelling again in Spaceship, visiting other Galaxies with other beings, that i felt connection with… and so on… I woke up and was totaly refreshed :-* Kisses & Hug Andrim

-Steve 2017-07-20 21:31:50

Good ‘down under’ morning to you Tony.

Steve Rushbrook here from Australia. I’m 48 years old & a Gemini.

How are you?

I saw your website RE ‘Dreamhawk’ just now & thought I’d look up my overnight dream.

Last night I had dreamt of myself upon the smooth rocky shoreline of the ocean finding gold chains & gold diamond rings in the sand underwater.

I had read what you have stated; upon Googling my dream; which your explanation showed.

Thought I’d share my dream here & send you a message. You may have more to ad.

You welcome to post this on your website here as well.

Trust you; your partner; your family & your followers are well.

Love, Light & Peace to you ALL 🙂

Steve Rushbrook 🙂

-Amber Savage 2017-01-13 13:38:21

I dreamnt of a woman with open mouth and jewels were coming out of her mouth.

-Morrizone Cee 2016-12-21 17:10:24

I Dreamt that my feet had many colourful disks and flowered jewellery on them. I was sitting in a chair talking on the phone with my feet up on something.

-Miriam r. B. 2016-12-10 12:37:07

My dream had alot of things in it. I ran into my ex-coworker and.we were somehow in her house. It was big, stucco interior house with such a great flow. She showed me her husband’s rings. There were 3 of them. All unpolished, raw amethyst in different sizes. The small one was for his daily use. The medium sized one was for special occasions. The largest one was beautiful with many jagged points. That one was for business meetings. The thing with the largest one is that it was on an intricate base with tiny diamonds and dark blue sapphires but there had been alot that had fallen out. I expressed my amazement of them all to her and we continued in her house. Then there was a huge flood. There were two guys who floated through. That’s when one guy found out the other guy gained his friendship by disguising himself throughout a period of time as several different people. Guy #1 recalled playing a game and laughing hysterically with a guy who had an incredibly hairy chest and hairy hobbit feet. Guy #1 asked guy #2 if that was him from 2 months ago and it was, only realizing how intricate the disguises he was using! There were 2 skiffs to use and guy #1 took 1 in order to get away but came back because someone, I dont know who, told him his boat would sink before he could get rescued. Low and behold, 5 seconds later, both skiffs were filling with water and sinking. I dont know where I was. I was just watching them, unaware of my body or presence. My dreams usually come in that perspective. Sometimes I interact but through first pperson so I wouldn’t see myself but im involved or, the majority of the time, im not involved at all. Just watching from a distance.

-Dania Martin 2016-09-09 2:41:56

What does it mean if I dream about being at home i saw out a window of a sliding door that there was a bigger then normal sized Red 3ds Xl handheld videogaming system in a box but when i pulled it out it was broken.(also i feel I should mention i had the same system in real life of course normal sized but Black with 4 games and it all got stolen a couple years back)then right after that I appeared in a class room with desks in two horizontal lines with students sitting at them with me at the left side end second row.I didnt reconize any of them but I only talk to the student next to me and i showed him a paper with a bunch of women .then after looking at it he said “I need to get on your level” then after that I looked to my left and on a desk i found my Buddha necklace(the one I’m wearing In real life right now) on it ,so i picked it up and noticed that it was broken on the bottom left rounded corner of the little pendant case it was in.that piece of the corner came off and I said “oh my buddha necklace ,its broken…….”as i held it up still looking at I woke up.

-Bets 2016-08-11 10:05:07

Holding onto my own golden / diamond jewels / rings not to get lost while being in a boat on a large water surfuce to be rescued with other family

-Ally N 2016-05-18 19:27:59

I had a dream a couple days ago. I wrote it down as soon as I woke up. It featured me hiking with some former coworkers in the mountains when we reached this beautiful waterfall. We all stripped down and jumped into the water but soon we were under attack by terrorists dressed as dinosaurs. We all scattered and soon I found myself running down this long stretch of land next to a river or stream. I was able to hide from the attackers by triggering a hidden slide in the river and then the scenery changed to me standing in this fancy restaurant attending a wedding reception. My friend Nick was there, dressed in his best and he gave me an opal ring, saying happy birthday. (Nick and I have had a weird relationship. I guess you could classify it as “guy who’s in love with his best friend” type of relationship.) Then my whole family appeared, including my late brother who passed away from a brain tumor to celebrate the wedding. My mother admired the opal ring and then exclaimed “you’re wearing the ruby ring I gave you!” Ruby is my birthstone but she never gave me a ruby ring, she gave me a garnet ring when I turned 18.

Anyway, I’m trying to interpret this dream and having a hard time. I know it’s very bizarre and incorporates a lot. Is there any way someone could help or send me a link? Thank you!

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-23 10:12:48

    Dear Ally N – Your dream starts with going on an inner journey with your former co-workers who could reflect your inner resources. See
    Hiking in the mountain may be a symbol for the efforts you take to reach a wider awareness in your inner life.
    It will be interesting to explore what you feel when you reach the beautiful waterfall and when you all strip down;
    In general undressing is about removing the attitudes or ‘front’ you use to deal with people and social life; becoming more relaxed or intimate if undressing with someone; exposing your real self or moving toward sexual intimacy.
    It can also mean you are getting rid of the layers of social behaviour you have been hiding behind, or the attitudes you have defended yourself with – even the parts of your personality that arose from past trauma or difficult life situations.
    Your dream may reflect that when you “strip off” that you get at something “underneath” – something that your everyday attitudes or situations have kept hidden so far – so that you can deal with it.
    What you meet when you enter the water – enter your inner world – may be the Archetype of the Saboteur;
    Using “Being the person” for this part of your dream may help you explore why you decide to run and hide for what you have become aware of; “we were under attack by terrorists dressed as dinosaurs.”
    What happens if you decide to stay in the water;
    In the inner world of your dreams you may perceive Nick as the part that is “living your best”; a part that loves and accepts all of you, “the whole Ally”;
    This last part of your dream may also reflect what you can become aware of and grow into when you accept the role and the importance of Nick in your inner life (too);
    You can explore him by using “Being Nick”.
    Nick is aware of the possibilities you have when you dare to fully integrate “him” in your inner life; it is another step towards feeling more whole by uniting with this part of your potential.
    Birth means a new you, a new opportunity to express and realise the immense potential you have.
    What does your dream figure feel when he receives the opal ring from Nick?
    What did you receive from your mother in your life? and
    Perhaps you also feel like exploring your dream with Nick?
    Anna 🙂

-Haley 2016-03-30 3:12:54

Im 17 and i know im young but i love the guy im dating . We had a rough relationship last year when we first started dating but we got back together after a couple months of a break.
He has done nothing but try to make up for it and make me happy and i love him.
I was napping with him earlier today and i have a illusive dream and i saw green diamonds when it first started and i was with him in the dream the whole time. He was taking care of me and we went to the beach and his house. I dreamt we were in the exact room we were napping in. And whenever i looked up id see a green diamond somewhere in the dream. Other sites said that it was a symbol of healing from a past relationship (which i am, our first relationship last year) and healing and being healed by the person your with now (which is also very true) i told him about this dream and the green diamond, he’s leaving for marine boot camp soon. Wouldn’t it be something if he got me a green diamond promise ring?

-Vivianna 2016-01-01 11:26:05

I dreamt that I was at my Aunties, but her flat had changed into a large bungalow (she has wanted one for ages) but the whole living space was full of display cases filled with beautiful jewellery and other precious objects, such as glassware and shimmering fabrics. I remember saying to my Aunt in the dream, your place is so wonderful, you could open it as a shop! My Mother was in the living room holding a particularly lovely amethyst ring. Amethyst is my birthstone, so I instantly loved it. It was traditional polished amethyst on one side, with surrounding diamonds and on the other was a slice of raw amethyst. My Mum said she had got it from a museum.
Anyway, I then walked round the bungalow and to the right hand side corridor, you could see into a garden in which at least three peacocks played!! I was amazed at the sight, but loved it!
Any insight would be most appreciated, many thanks Vivianna

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-01-07 9:45:39

    Dear Vivianna – What I see in your dream – and please explore it yourself as well and is that you become aware how your Aunties mind has expanded and how wonderful her mind is too. Because you can only recognize in someone else what is part of your mind as well, this also means that you can see the beauty and the precious wonder in your own mind and there might be a desire to learn to share it and/or to help other people uncover the beauty in themselves too;
    I see your idea to “open it as a shop” as a symbol for sharing this love and beauty with others.
    Because your mother is holding the amethyst ring and because of your association with it – your birthstone – I feel the ring represents the love, the feeling of wholeness and any other association and/or thought/feeling this ring generates inside you.
    Your mother is aware that she too “inherited” this part of her mind from her ancestors and so how it represents the living past inside her and you;
    The symbol of the playing peacocks will need your personal association (too) and so I suggest you use “Being the peacocks” to understand what they represent;
    A garden dream often reveals what you are doing with your latent possibilities.
    Playing creatively, exploring feelings, ideas and approaches in a safe way and place – in the garden – can be useful before trying them out in life. This sort of self allowing, of letting oneself ‘want’ something without too much serious overtones, can be very creative and the beginning of new developments in life.
    So perhaps it is also a way of exploring in a playful way how you can share this inner beauty with others while becoming aware that in a true sense you cannot really give it (or sell it) to anybody because this beauty is part of every one’s mind already.
    Anna 🙂

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