Ones father. As the father the king may depict our need for approval and loving acknowledgement or what you are ruled by so authority. This may involve feelings of inferiority / superiority.

Also: In times past the King represented the group, the overall collective psyche of the people. He
therefore became synonymous with God, as the Pope is today. The word God was here equivalent to ‘the collective psyche’. So the King or Queen may represent our relationship with our fellows; our sense of identity, or depict the way we feel in relationship with the society in which we live. The acclaim or lack of notice given by the monarch in our dream also deals with this theme – of how we see ourselves in connection with the public – our public image of ourselves.
See: people; queen.

Example: I was engaged to be married to the Emperor. I then discovered he was in love with another woman and planned to marry her. I was devastated. Sally LBC.

Sally felt unloved by her father, and the drama of her dream works out this theme of feeling rejected.

 Here is another dream of a woman which she explored: I am the unseen. I cannot be seen. I am the natural way. My kingdom is the natural way. Those who seek me, like Ayana, will find me. I grant audience to all those who seek me. The tank (the wreck) entered my domain and was promptly destroyed for being unnatural – just as white cells in one’s body destroy invaders in order to protect its environment. That is the way it is. It is a self-regulatory process.

Here is king used in a different way: My wife had screamed due to some trouble with her period. She was pregnant. The troubles she was having were the traditional signs that she was pregnant and bearing a King Child. I felt that the whole pregnancy would be difficult due to these signs of kingship, but the delivery would be easier. I didn’t feel too pleased about her having a baby, but soon adjusted to the idea.

The woman was in fact having a baby, but it was not diagnosed at that time. The baby turned out to be an unusual child, and could walk at 5 months, and at school outstripped all his peers intellectually.

Example:  I was being presented to a Persian king in the grounds of his palace. As we talked a group of happy, laughing young girls came into the garden, followed by a rather sad looking middle aged woman who I thought must be the king’s chief wife. This woman was obviously in charge of the harem and was sad, I felt, because the king no longer wanted her sexually and had relegated her to the role of household organiser. One of the girls came to Sally and said, ‘Don’t you recognise me? We were together in a previous incarnation ‘.

From Dream Power by Ann Faraday.I realised the king represented my husband, and I was the chief wife. In the early years of our marriage we had been joyously sexual, but this has faded in recent years, and we have grown apart sexually. But I felt he was too inhibited to have affairs with other women, as the dream suggested. The past life I see as referring to the early years of our marriage. Some months after the dream however, my husband brought home a young girl from work – in the film industry – and said she needed temporary accommodation. There followed a long series of affairs with different girls, while I cooked, cleaned and looked after them all.


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