Acceptance of what is being kissed – Pat in the example mentioned below, accepts or allows her sexuality depicted by the cat. It can also be a sign or sexual agreement, tenderness or a movement toward unity.

Occasionally a sign of betrayal or duplicity, as with Judas kissing Jesus. This would be depicted by the feelings in the dream.  The kiss is also the flowering of love, and your dream response can be an indication of how you are meeting such love.

In a sense, a kiss is always a merging with the person or creature who is the dream character. Because we are always inside of ourselves male and female and also everything we dream about, it may therefore show merging more fully with these other sides of you. Or if it is the same sex kiss, then you are merging with your own self image.

If you look at lips you will see that they are the softer and more vulnerable and inner part of your body. Kissing is like exposing your soft internal self or organs to another person. That is why it is so intimate.

Expression of love, passion, sympathy, union, becoming closer in sympathies or understanding.  The kiss is also the flowering of love, and your dream response can be an indication of how you are meeting such love.  Also a kiss is often an adult way of going to the breast, and in doing so – kissing – you are starting the flow of sexual feelings.

Example: I felt, still young, inexperienced and a bit clumsy, but laughing and happy, the flow of pleasure to Janice, leading to a kiss. The deep internal pleasure of kissing gradually widened until it led to genital feeling. I realised so many things as this lovely gentle growth of feeling and flowing occurred. I realised that I and most teenagers have too much technical sex instruction, so it is portrayed as an erect penis entering the vagina. But I was seeing it wasn’t like that at all. First of all came the gradual relationship with Janice. As that deepened it led to touching, being happy together and kissing.

The kiss, oral pleasure, was our first area of loving with our mother. From that original centre of pleasure, it grows into anal and genital pleasure. When that happens the body begins to move. But there was still no erection. The movement was the forerunner of the inner pleasurable urge to thrust and penetrate. So there was a slow and internal growth through escalating feelings, and not an outwardly ordained set of movements that lead to “sex”!

Example: Dreamt I was in the basement of our house in London. I was lying on a camp bed (I think) with Sheila and another woman, perhaps Ann. I was being quite sensuous with them. Then another woman came in and lay on the bed on my right. She was sometimes like Win’s friend, but also like other women. She seemed to settle as a dark haired young woman. I climbed off the bed and lay on top of her. I made love to her, but it seemed to be by kissing her breast and mouth. The sensitivity was so great there seemed to be no need for anything more. Yet there also seemed to be genital intercourse as there was an underlying thought of her/we going to Australia, and that our intercourse reached into the future via the as yet unborn or unknown. This latter was very strong. Pete

 Example: Then I arrive at the preschool where I am doing a field study, and I am a teacher and my students and I are playing a name song. When it gets to one of the male volunteers, he leans in and kisses me. I don’t recognize his face, but I seem to know him. I have a strong physical attraction to this person and throughout the dream I hope he feels the same way.

Example: Tumble words, like couples in the woods. Please each other at each touch, And yet be free to look upon the sky. Or at the pigeons starting from the trees As I pass by. Kiss her warmly on the cheek And on the breast, my words.

Example: I felt I had to go back for something. I went back and the woman was crying. I understood that our conversation had awoken her youth – in the sense of her desires for love and a willingness to face sexual experience, and give herself in it. This was very beautiful, but difficult to explain. We went to her bedroom, where we embraced and kissed. This was wonderful as I felt great tenderness, and willingness to lose myself in her need, which I did.

Example: I was kissing S. but her breath smelt, and I was put off. Also, her skin felt like putty.

Example: My father had asked to use a telephone in one of the factories. He had phoned his father, who was old, and had been put in a nursing home. His father was then with us. We were in a room, still in the central area, and my father was in a bed with his father. His father looked old and weak, and like my uncle. Then my father put his arm around him and kissed him. I felt uncomfortable because I could feel the emotions becoming so powerfully loving they would be difficult to cope with.

This is about the enormous and often unexpressed love between family members.

 Example: I find my husband along with Ashton Kutcher (famous actor). I become very excited to see Ashton and we start talking. Then I see my husband run up to some girl who walks in and start kissing her. I run up to him, screaming, “What are you doing?” He looks at me and tells me that he doesn’t want to be with me anymore and just walks away with this girl. I’m feeling very sad and confused when Ashton walks up and comforts me. He takes my hand and we walk outside into this tunnel.

A part of the dream not quoted included an earth tremor and terrorist attack. It shows the dreamer facing enormous changes in her relationship and even life direction. To quote from ARE dream interpreter, “You may need to sit down and talk about your relationship with your husband, your hopes for the future, and even any communication issues that may be occurring in the present. I hope that helps.”

 Example: ‘I went to the fridge to get out some mincemeat to feed the cat. It came in. As it fed I had a strong urge to touch it, such strong feelings of love were pouring out of me. The animal looked up at my face as I wanted to kiss it. The lips had pink lipstick on. I kissed it, it’s paw came up around my arm, I could see the black claws. We were rolling around on the floor, it felt very sexual.’ Monica.

This is an expression of the enormity of our natural ‘animal’ urges.

Idioms: blow a kiss; kiss ass; kiss curls (hair style); kiss it better; kiss of death; kiss it off; Kiss of life; kiss off; kiss something/somebody good-bye; kiss the blarney stone; throw a kiss

Useful Questions and Hints:

Does the kiss express fondness or passion?

Is it with a dream character or someone you know?

What does it signify to you?

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-Sanna 2015-11-03 8:57:11

I dreamt I kissed a close friend, that I’m getting intimate with, and his ear appeared out of my mouth, in pieces. I gave back the big piece and he tried to put it back. I had to pick out the smaller parts, like hair that gets stuck in your mouth.

-Samantha 2014-04-01 0:22:51

I have dreamt that I was kissed by a boy but I am. He continue kissing me but Im not refusing, There’s another guy smiling in front of me. Whats the meaning of it? I know the both guys.

-wesley patterson 2012-08-19 23:34:56

years ago, i had a dream wear my teacher was pairing us up for a project that was coming up in real life. i got paired with a girl i barly knew, and the girl i liked got paired with a guy i absolutly cant STAND!! enyway, it was awkward at first, but we ended up having a great time. then, i brought her home, and we were on my porch and i began to notice the exact shade of green her iyes were, how her hair flowed gently in the wind. then, we shared a very, VERY passionate kiss. what douse this mean?

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