This shows you attempting get somewhere that is presently out of reach, difficult to attain, or perhaps involves risks and anxiety. Depending upon your feelings in connection with the ladder, it might show feelings of achievement through effort and daring.

The ladder is sometimes a symbol of social success or failure, so if there are such feelings involved, it would seem you are meeting feelings about social or work standing.

Freud also describes the ladder as a symbol of sexual intercourse, the rungs representing the physical movements of sex and the mounting orgasmic feeling represented by the climb.

Ladder Your feelings – whether anxious or secure – about reaching situations or opportunities in life that are new, presently out of reach, or not easily attained. Attainment through effort and daring. Or the heightening of insecurity, anxiety or feelings in life or sex – getting up – getting it up. Sometimes it represent reaching a new realisation.

Rungs: The separate stages or efforts or skill necessary to ‘climb’.

 Example: I am at the fairgrounds in my hometown. People are all over carving stuff of stone. I go up a ladder to a second story and a woman there is even carving a cradle of stone. There is some type of art show they are getting ready for. Also a book has been published with several different stories by people but there is nothing of mine in the book. I don’t know any of these people except one man.

The woman has climbed up the ladder for at least two reasons. One is to get a better view of where she is in life, an understanding of what she has achieved, also to see of she has climbed higher is social recognition. The fact nothing of hers was in the book shows that she rates herself as not important.

Idioms: Top of the ladder. See also: stairs under house.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What was the ladder going to be used for?

Was I involved or just watching?

Did I realise anything new?

Was a relationship involved?

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