Lagoon and Lake

The inner world of our feelings and fantasies; the unconscious. The mysterious waters are a powerful symbol of female sexuality, especially if the dreamer is male.

Sinking into: Becoming introverted; giving up on trying, or expressing oneself.

Looking into depth: Self awareness; looking into oneself.

Dirty water: Difficult feelings; being unsure of oneself; depression. See: water.

Drowning in a lagoon: Can indicate sexual difficulties. But it more likely shows the dreamer finding it difficult to deal with a rush of fantasies or feeling of losing touch with reality.

 Example: I am watching a dirigible (blimp) full of people in the gondola trying to escape. It is shot down over a lake. I have a lot of problems getting through the soldiers who are surrounding this lake. Finally I succeed and I see that they are pumping the water out of the lake to get to a truck full of gold down at the bottom. When they have finally succeeded I realize that only a few people must have died as there are few or no signs of death around the scene.

This illustrates that deep within us in our unconscious is a great treasure if we are not afraid of death and can dive deeply into ourselves.

 Example: I realise this was my place with them, to help them understand themselves.

They then asked me if I would get some water for them, as there was no water in the house. To get water one had to wade into the middle of the lake. They explained that only in the middle was the water suitable to drink. Even in the middle it looked murky, but I thought we could boil it. I waded in and suddenly realised that something strange was happening. Visions or hallucinations occurred stronger and stronger the further one went into the lake. I also realised that all the others had been in the lake and immersed in the visions. As I pressed on I knew that most people became so involved in the visions they lost grip of their purpose to walk on. I had the visions, but found I could maintain the decision to go forward – i.e. most people lost sight of physical surroundings and became absorbed in the visions.

The dream shows that because the dreamer was willing to help and because he could face his own inner difficulties, he could pass through the usual fantasies and neurotic influences and get the precious water.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What were my feeling about the lake?

Was there treasure to be found?

Did I manage to get under the surface?

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-ivan 2017-05-20 19:44:18

i was in a lagoon absolutely gorgeous, there was 3 men there filming something but i didnt really pay much attention but one of them got naked and started swimming, after him i went into the lake too and the water was perfectly clean, i went as deep as i could swam a little bit, there was a rock with moss on it and i touched it, swam a little bit more and the dream ended. and i am still trying to understand how all of those things i dreamt fit together.

-Rafael 2015-01-08 15:06:07

I wasn’t asleep, but I had a vivid experience that I dove down and pulled my friend out of a lagoon. The water was calm but evil and green.
I love her. I hugged her and loved her. I could feel her hair on my real face as I hugged her.
Then the experience was over and when I tried to go back I fell asleep. In my dream she spoke to me and seemed happy.
In real life she is always smiling and happy but not so secretly afraid of my love.

-ana 2014-09-13 10:40:52

Hi Tony, can you give me a clue what is the meaning of this dream:
I was in a lake. Beautiful lake with sparkling snow. I met someone there (who I ever met in real life for a glance). Then after long time I dreamed again the same. Lake, but a green lake, with him again. What does it mean? Thank you

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