Deeply buried past experience which has pushed to the surface; heated emotions and sexuality; sometimes physical illness such as fever. Unconscious contents that have emerged under pressure and heat of emotion.

But the lava is often your own deep centre or core self pouring up its energy into your daily life. Jumping into it is a way to face and meet any fears connected with your huge potential. If you do it several times the fear or difficult feelings will gradually disappear.

Lava pouring over a landscape is a sign that huge inner changes are trying to emerge, and if not dealt with could cause difficulties.

 Example: I noticed that the river wasn’t water and that it was lava. I watched as the lava was emanating from the center of the river and I knew I had to cross it but I didn’t know how I could. Just then, to my surprise, an elephant’s trunk emerged from the lava. At first I thought it was dead, but then I learned it was alive and moving and beginning to ascend. My fear from the lava diminished as soon as I saw this and somehow I made it across. I wondered how the elephant was immune to the lava and admired its strength.

Example: I can remember being dressed as an heroic warrior running through crowds of people or soldiers who were trying to stop me. I pushed or knocked them aside and ran toward what was a huge caldera – the mouth of a volcano. It was hugely deep, and in its depths was a massive glow from volcanic lava. But I knew that this was the core of myself, so I ran and leapt into the void falling into what I knew or felt sure was the light at the core of my being.

Example: I realised that hell is hell and will never be anything else. I felt that there was some thing deeper and so I kept to a centre line, again there was no feeling and so I turned toward the god dream that I had. The look of total love for me in his eyes gave me the strength to trust my own process. I then went into fantasy, God holding my hand and picking up all the people and events in my life and placing them all together on a stone alter, which he then placed me upon and told me to surrender and allow myself to die. This I did and images of great water falls, and molten lava flows filled my being. Then the crisis broke through, and there I was in the kids home, the orphanage, as my father was leaving, I saw my self, or I should say my being go out to him. I felt that if I loved him he wouldn’t leave us. I then saw that I was already bonded to my mother and in that moment of transference there was guilt and I was caught in the middle, then he left creating a schism in which I was left in my spine with a personality on either side. Schizophrenia is the word that covers this state: Schizophrenia a mental disease marked by a breakdown in the relation between thoughts, feelings, and actions, frequently accompanied delusions and retreat from social life.

I then felt what I would call the primal scream emerge from my being and then I was through. I then saw the dogs as my anxieties that have taken up two thirds of my being constantly tearing me apart, also saw that as a kid I didn’t have enough information to redirect the energy elsewhere.

Example: I saw the whole village covered in lava. I explored it both watching panic as well as while all the people were asleep. Afterward there was a period of quiet where everything was still and then life came back…the soil was renewed and some of the people emerged from the village as new glowing beings in human form only not human as before, and others didn’t emerge at all. The past had been burned away – transformed and I intuitively knew that they were going to create a whole new village and community based on their new way of being…new ways of perceiving and doing things…all wonderfully new and evolved. I see these as aspects of myself and this whole process of change underway. Also, just after recording the dream I sensed that the lava erupting was really some kind of eruption of love from within that just needed to be allowed. ~DT

Useful Questions and Hints:

Was I frightened of the lava?

Did any emotions show during the dream?

Are you meeting any big changes?

See Summing UpQuestionsSecrets of Power DreamingMartial Art of the Mind


-blanca 2016-05-13 13:58:39

I had a dream that I lived on the foot hills of the mountains. My kids were little in the dream (now 14 &12). The lava was coming from the mountains and was coming at a very slow pace, towards the town. I remember my husband being in and out of the dream. My brother was in my dream trying to get us out but not really doing anything. I know it sound confusing but that’s how the dream was, confusing. Anyway, my brother eventually was out of the dream and my husband said that he was going to work. I went home and saw that the lava was slowly reaching us. I went to the house to get one last look at our home. I thought about taking photos I had in a box but then decided to leave them. I remember that I wasn’t thinking straight in my dream. Then out of no where a stranger called me, he was in my backyard and the lava was in the neighbor’s yard (behind my house). This stranger had dug and made a baracade around my house to save it and the lava stopped in the neighbors yard. I was thinking how could my husband be at work while this is going on and a stranger came to help me. Then I woke up.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-17 9:13:22

    Dear Blanca – What I see in your dream is that with your children entering adolescence you realise that great inner and outer changes as far as your family life and your inner life are concerned are unavoidable; their growth process is yours too.
    These changes may remind you of a time when your children’s presence in your house and family life grew gradually stronger which asked for great inner and outer adaptions too.
    Any change may feel confusing at first and at those times it may be difficult to think clearly and find the right approach towards accepting and embracing what is slowly coming your way.
    Because of the role of your husband and brother in your dream I wonder if you are a “working mom”.
    Your husband and brother in your dream may reflect your mental and social power – your ability to act creatively in ‘the (business) world’ – and this part of you (your occupation outside the family life and house) is not directly influenced nor does it feel threatened by your children’s individuation process;
    The inner picture looks and feels different though for you in your mother role and while you “get one last look at your home” you realise that the way of (family) life as you have known it will change and it will never be the same again.
    Leaving the photos behind may reflect different things.
    It may show your awareness that you cannot rely on any past experience or approach as far as the process of change inside you and your family life is concerned; you have to think “outside of the box”.
    That is why “the stranger” may be introduced in your dream; he may reflect a new aspect in you that you have not met before yet and that is able to respond and act in a way that you perceive as helpful.
    I feel what he introduced as well is the ability to give yourself some time to find a way on how to approach this new stage in your children’s life and so yours and your husband’s as well.
    When you have gained inner clarity, you can remove the barricade again.
    Of course what I see only reflect my thoughts and feelings while I explore your dream.
    If you feel like “diving into it yourself”, you can use or maybe explore your dream with your husband’s help;
    This video can give you some helpful information and a different perspective too;
    Anna 🙂

-Jason 2016-02-29 17:35:41

Last night I dreamt I was on an Island helping evacuate people. The island seemed barren and hilly with only grass or moss covering it. I stood on a road cut into the side of a hill, signaling people to hurry to an underground bunker. Waving with hands for the last car to continue down the road to the left where I could see the bunker in the distance. The there was only 1 that car passed and in the distance there is no other vehicles at the bunker. As it passed I started to head towards the bunker. Just as I started to move, I looked up the rock face beside the road and saw a lava flow cresting the edge, fall down and engulfing me. Everything went black and I immediately woke up with sleep paralysis and a light phantom burning sensation all over.

-Steven 2016-02-12 22:47:23

I had a dream where at first I was in my home town and I seen a plane crash in the distance, at this point my close family appeared and they then drove off and left me on my own. After this I then went into a chocolate shop and bought and eat a few bars of white chocolate and then I started to walk home the exact way I normally would have in my everyday life but when I was doing this I seen everybody start to panic, then two old friends from school were saying run there’s a bomb so I ran with them but the road was blocked so i turned around and hid on the roof of a hospital near my home, I was on my own at this point and that is when I noticed the lava rising which was engulfing everything around, me being high up I had a few seconds to react so I chose them seconds to send my mam a text message saying: tell everyone I love them loads x at this point the lava reached me and I woke up but I wasn’t scared during this but rather it was like I had just peacefully accepted my fate. Any ideas on what this dream means? It’s been on my mind since I woke this morning

-C. 2016-01-28 23:31:58

I found myself within a dark and fiery landscape covered in creeping lava. I stood at it’s maw. It krept faster and faster while, behind me tidal waters were breaking the ground beneath me and gushing up from it, leaving many rocks floating in the churn. I remember standing between these in the center as they both approached until I was hanging from a ledge with the water close below and lava approaching, eating away at the ledge. They both frightened me. I flung a rock into the water, as I saw only floating rocks on it and felt like it was trying to decieve me from its danger. I felt like I would drown in it but I was trying to escape the lava. Oddly, there was another ledge on the other side of the water where familiar personages were. Some were trying to help me up, some were merely standing and witnessing. I remember next walking through a spacious and delapodated concrete building that was also within a cavern, with doors that lead to small rooms, or blocked by debris and wire, and in particular, one with a shower or fountain that had ever flowing water that seemed to come from an unnatural source. I was walking through this with the sense that the tide and lava was behind me, and that some of those people were with me.

In context, I’m in a destructive relationship and I feel like I have two faced friends, so this dream makes sense. This relationship is bringing me down, but I cant overcome my emotions and hopes for change which tie me to it. It is beginning to detract my character and focus from work and school..

Curious to hear your interpretation.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-02-01 11:53:35

    Dear C. – What I see in your dream – and please explore it yourself as well and – is that the way you perceive your inner world (and outer world) is not necessarily correct.
    You wrote; “. I flung a rock into the water, as I saw only floating rocks on it and felt like it was trying to deceive me from its danger”.
    Pumice – a volcanic rock – is created when super-heated, highly pressurized rock is violently ejected from a volcano and these rocks initially float on water.
    The way out of a wrong perception is to question it consciously and you can start with questioning/exploring this part of your dream – “I was walking through this with the sense that the tide and lava was behind me” – which suggests that you are able to leave this part of your past behind with the help of your inner resources; “Some were trying to help me up” – while also using self-observation; “some were merely standing and witnessing”.
    When you use self-observation you are less likely to drown because you will not be lost in your emotions or moods.
    While awake you cannot believe in your own power to move beyond where you feel stuck; “I can’t overcome my emotions and hopes for change which tie me to it”.
    Becoming aware of where you are “two faced” might transform the perception you have of your “two faced” friends too;
    It might help to learn to distinguish beliefs – “and felt like it was trying to deceive me from its danger” – from facts – “pumice initially floats on water”.
    See also and
    The fountain with ever flowing water you perceive as coming from an unnatural source.
    It serves a purpose to question this perception too.
    I see the fountain as the LifeStream that can help you clear out the rest of the debris and wires that blocks your awareness. See
    Writing down and exploring your dreams will help you too to understand what is going on in your inner world.
    Let me know if you have any questions C.
    Anna 🙂

-Alex 2016-01-23 15:44:51

I dreamed that I was driving my son was in the back in his car seat and y car got stuck I did not know I was in lava to my feet got really hot and then I looked up and waves of lava where coming at us I went to the back of the car to sing Tokyo son and tell him we are going to be ok but I knew the hole planet burned then I woke up before I was going to die what does this dream mean?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-01-26 12:32:07

    Dear Alex (male or female?) – Certainties that the world was ending have been experienced by humans since the beginnings of their history. It is still a theme that frequently appears in dreams and in the way many people live their life today. Many sects have predicted precise dates for the end of the world. All of them so far have been victims of their own fears and hopes. Looked at from the point of view that dream images represent our own life and feelings in some way, the end of the world, and the fears that go with it, depict the powerful and threatening inner and outer changes that accompany major transitions.
    The transition from childhood to adolescence for instance is the end of the world that existed for the whole lifetime of the individual up until that point. Such points of transition occur several times in the life of anyone who dares to grow and adapt.
    Menopause for women, the leaving home of children, the loss of a job, retirement etc. can all be represented by the end of the world – or a world. Social changes also bring enormous stress and the ending of a way of life to many individuals.
    So inward and exterior changes can produce the feeling and/or dream that the world (as we know it) will end.
    This can usually be met and passed through, although it does require a sort of death, a letting go of old traits and responses built in connection with the old way of life. This can produce anxiety. A new personality, one suited to present needs or situation can gradually emerge – be born – if we can pass through the anxiety and meet the experiences of the new world we are living in.
    Your dream suggests that you will pass through; “we are going to be ok.”
    What is the song about that you sing for your son and do you perceive the lyrics as helpful? See also
    You woke up before you died because it takes some practice to be able to “meet death”;
    Anna 🙂

-mary 2016-01-14 15:05:43

In my dream, I noticed a bright glow on the horizon and seen it was lava coming, I yelled to my kids to run upstairs, I grabbed the hand of my youngest and started up the stairs I my oldest child saying “wow look at it” I yelled again RUN, Then the sound of gasping for air, I looked and my oldest child was laying on the floor gasping as my middle child watched in shock as lava flows around my oldest child and a horrific scream wakes me up.

    -Stefan 2016-01-20 7:51:02

    I woke up 5 minutes ago and I had very frightening dream. There was a volcanic eruption in the centre of my town and my house is close to it. As the river of lava was arriving at us, firstly I warned my mother, but she said that she would rather stay home and not to run away. I got angry because I wanted to save my life and also their. I was persuading her for a long time. It gets complicated. I somehow dreamt two versions of this “event”- if we died and if we survived (ran away). We were having lunch as lava was approaching. It started to burn the house and I just closed my eyes. When I closed my eyes, I saw me and my family leaving the house as it was the thing that I wanted to happen. And everything was real. Many scientists say that this ground here is made of volcanic rocks, but there wasn’t any eruption so far, because there’s no volcanoes. What does this dream mean? Please help!

-stephanie 2015-11-17 8:05:43

I dreamt last night that my partner and I were in a car similar to his but bigger, and we were taking my daughter to nursery. On the way there the road cracked open and all this lava was underneath. We tried to turn the car but it wouldnt work. My daughter scrambled into the front seat and I woke up just as I was trying to put my window down for her to jump out. It was terrifying!

    -Tony Crisp 2015-11-17 10:31:29

    Stephanie – Your dream illustrates to me how much we terrify ourselves because of the common beliefs of where we live. Obviously to you lava was terrifying. Yet when I visited Iceland I was amazed to see people lived within yards of massive vents in the earth with enormous heat and stuff pouring up. They use it to heat their houses.

    On visiting Los Angeles and New Zealand people didn’t seem shocked when quite big earthquakes happened – they were used to it.

    But whatever we dream takes place in a completely different world that the waking world. It is also important to know that whenever we dream its images are not like real life, because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is an image like on a cinema screen that even if a gun is pointed at you and fired it can do no damage – except if you run in fear; so all the things that scare you are simply your own fears projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind.

    The lava in dreams usually represents your amazing energy at your core breaking through into your ‘everyday awareness’. The core of our Earth in fact is molten and helps keeps our earth warm; it is thought to be the same temperature as the surface of the sun. See

    Unfortunately or for some fortunately we are blind to the real world we live in. This means that you are so out of touch with your inner world that you are terrified when it breaks through. Your dream shows that while trying to take you inner child to nursery school – the very first things to learn and adapt to – the road – the direction in life you are taking – cracks and releases a lot energy. In clearer words the dream is part of your learning process. See

    So do not be afraid of the wonderful forces of life which you are a unique example – such dreams are sent to help you grow and not to terrify you. See


-Paige R 2015-08-29 9:04:48

I just woke up from my dream about 30 minutes ago. In my dream, a lot happened before this part but Ill skip those parts since its longer. In my dream I was walking home with my 5 year old son but it wasn’t our home, it was my mothers, but my family lived there instead.. While we were walking I got a phone call on my cell phone from someone I know who works at a local gaming store, he told me we needed to hurry and leave town because lava was flooding the town, and that it would reach us I picked up my son and ran the rest of the way home. My husband and 2 year old son were already outside by the car but had no idea about the lava until I got there, but lava was right behind us. My husband wouldn’t get us into the car to leave, he just kept trying to play cards saying that we lived on a hill and that the lava wouldn’t reach us, but it did. It destroyed the car so I picked up both of my kids into my arms and started running away from the lava but it started coming from all sides, I tried to avoid the lava but I eventually stepped in it and I dropped my kids and they died. After I dropped them I was crying and my husband had dissapeared so I let the lava engulf me, but it didn’t hurt when it engulfed me it was like I was being pulled under a giant wave of water instead. But then I closed my eyes and let it “kill me”. I then woke up. I was terrified the entire time..

-Tiffany 2015-08-05 16:33:44

I work in student government or ASB so we were in there and next thing I know bright boiling lava comes up the hill(the classroom is on a hill) and we all are moving to high ground but it doesn’t work so we start climbing up other areas and and I hop into a large almost a water tank I think and my little brother appears as I’m hopping in and this girl I think she was made out of lava she’s like jumping spreading lava around laughing and I’m holding my 3 year old little brother who honestly came out of nowhere and she tries to hit his leg with lava and I kick her and she kind of disappeared into the lava and I think I subconsciously knew it was a dream and like dreamed my little brother out of it then I woke up (also it was my classroom like I had never been in there but like I knew it was for my ASB class and I didn’t recognize anyone)

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-08-13 16:19:35

    Dear Tiffany – I believe that your dream shows that working in student government is a wonderful opportunity for you that serves as a way to meet your core Self and the energy that radiates from it; “and this girl I think she was made out of lava she’s like jumping spreading lava around laughing”.
    I believe that in your dream as well the fear for the lava is based on your view of the outer world, but in dreams lava is a flow of life from your core self.
    Your little brother is a symbol of your outgoing self which feels somewhat vulnerable with this new experience.
    He “popped out of nowhere” because you probably did not expect to feel this way.
    I trust that reading Tony’s book LUCID DREAMING – which is available on the website too – (See will give you a better understanding of this part of your dream; “I think I subconsciously knew it was a dream and I dreamed my little brother out of it”.
    Anna 🙂

-Rebecka 2015-04-24 7:21:33

I dreamt that I was falling into lava, I was scared because I thought I would die but when I hit the fire it did not hurt, Suddenly I was surrounded by water. It felt as if I was drowning and then I woke up, I usually dream about sharks since Im scared and facinatefacinated of them but I didnt tonight, what dose this mean?

    -Anna 2015-04-24 9:45:39

    Dear Rebecka – A beautiful dream!
    You are certainly moving on in exploring your inner world in your dreams. Dreaming about sharks can be a reflection of practicing your loss of self in the impersonal Whole or All; the power of the unconscious – so also its protectiveness.
    I wonder what your dreams about sharks were like. Your fear for sharks I see merely as a symbol for your fear of the power of your unconscious mind and you did manage to overcome that fear, as this dream shows.
    The lava is the enormous potential you have within you, it is Life.
    Falling has everything to do with allowing in the context of this dream. And so it is about allowing yourself to face and meet any fears connected with your Huge potential.
    When we begin to meet the Hugeness that we are, we often react to it in our dreams or in waking with fear or panic. So we dream of being attacked by aliens or frightening creatures (did you ever dream about being attacked by sharks?); or being swallowed by a whale or something huge, a tsunami, or even possessed by evil entities. If we realise that they are things we have created through our own fear we will pass on.
    But it is only our small self-image, our ego that reacts because it feels powerless, even though in reality the Hugeness is part of your totality. You wrote “I thought I would die” and then your dream reflects that your small self (awareness) symbolised by your dream figure in your dream did not have to die because it is part of your totality.
    Feelings of drowning can enter into this process too. For some people the first meeting with this Huge potential did knock them off their feet; for Jesse Watkins this meant that the barriers between his known self, and wider self had been broken down by overwork, fatigue, a dog bite, and a visit to hospital.
    For most of us, as I feel is expressed in your dream process as well – from sharks to lava – it is a gradual process though.
    Anna 🙂

-paulina 2015-02-03 13:49:52

2015 January 3rd Tuesday. I just woke up an hour ago. I dreamt about me and a bunch of my classmates standing around on my street. I hear someone shout something and everyone starts running. I try to run, but I only fall. Then I see lava creeping up the street. I jog to my house and go inside from my garage. The two garage doors are separated and my driveway is downhill so lava could get in. Some classmates look at me and I motion for them to get inside but they run away. i say “f*ck” because i know the lava will get in soon. Two guys, one I’m friends with and one I don’t recognize come into the garage via the gap in the doors. The guy I don’t recognize helps me with the door to make it straight with the other one. I see the lava coming up the street so I grab two coats and go up the stairs because I know I will need them since it’s winter. I say “guys get up the lava’s coming” and my friend gets up to where I am. There’s a bed in the back of the room, and I sit on it because I think we are kinda safe. But I start to sink because the poles the bed is on start to melt. My friend watches me sink. But he’s done nothing wrong to me in the waking world. Maybe it’s because I feel lost and uncertain since there’s a new marking period. In another part of the dream we were at school in the gym. I think it was lunch time. There’s a big group of boys sitting on one side of the gym and Kara (this girl in my gym class that keeps getting up close and personal with me) sits on the other side. For some reason I sit on the other side and Kara tries to sit on my lap but I push her away. In another part of the dream we were on a school bus. I used to be friends with George but then he turned into a weirdo so I avoid him. On the bus I sat with George and we were slowly going thru a neighborhood and I say “that’s an interesting house” to an oddly shaped house that’s black and looks like a crystal with many ides or a spaceship that’s flat. The house keeps whispering something but I don’t understand what it said. Flashback to the lava part of the dream, he was one of the last people running. He tried to go into a house but it was taking too long since it was locked so I ditched him and ran for my house which had light green bushes covering the yard and a big tree was there. I remember in another part there were samples of soil. I point to the darkest soil and say “this soil is rich, like in Poland. many of the plants there are very green.” This part I don’t remember too well but I think the lady, who looked like my second grade teacher, said “yes I know”. Before dreaming, last night I thought about how I’ll sit with people who sit alone and make new friends (I sat with Hayleigh and we’re friends now)but then I thought about how George sits alone in the cafeteria and I don’t sit with him. I know that he’s a weirdo and I don’t want to sit with him. Hmmm…

-Ryan 2015-01-11 7:42:38

I had a dream that a volcano erupted in the near distance, about 15 miles away from my house. The magma was coming down the mountain towards my house, except it flowed down the river like a flash flood, and not on land. as it flowed it slowly over took the water, and then surrounded my house where it stopped. Not sure what this means.

    -paulina 2015-02-03 13:54:52

    I’m not sure but I think this means you thought something bad was going to happen but then you escaped it, but it crept up on you again and caught you offguard.

-karen 2014-12-17 9:10:18

My 9 year old woke up saying she had a dream about lava and it burn the family up

-roz 2014-04-15 16:55:28

had a dream last night that I was swimming across a river. The current was fast, I made it 1/2 way thru the river when I noticed the water was boiling and turning to lava. A tall rock emerged from the lava & I climbed it for safety. I dont remember anyone else there, however I was speaking with someone. I was asking what is this, a female voice responded “it is healing itself”. I knew I had to cross but the lava was engulfing everything, I was a little bit afraid, but still I jumped to the other side, landing on the hot coals of the river bank as I woke up.

-Ashley 2011-08-12 6:02:56

I had a dream where I was on an obstacle course race and i was paired up with an indigenous mother and her daughter to the foreign land we were on and the first part of the obstacle was to be race on a make-shift raft by myself in the middle of a huge lake and i was to meet up with her on the second part. I reached the end of the first part of the course and the lake had turned into a river. Everyone else had started out ahead of me and i was having trouble maneuvering my raft initally. Everyone who was participating were my friends and family and they had left me far behind, but i was not upset about it, in fact i found comfort in taking my time even though i was struggling with the raft so much, but the part of the dream that stood out most to me was after the dream had turned into a river and i had met up with my partner and her daughter who were also my team mates, i noticed that the river wasnt water and that it was lava. I watched as the lava was emanating from the center of the river and i knew i had to cross it but i didnt know how i would. Just then, to my surprise, an elephants trunk emerged from the lava. At first i thought it was dead, but then i learned it was alive and moving and beginning to ascend. My fear from the lava diminished as soon as i saw this and somehow i made it across. I wondered how the elephant was immune to the lava and admired its strength.

    -Tony Crisp 2011-08-31 13:17:54

    Ashley – This a great dream and it is a wonderful description of your life and how you meet it.

    The obstacle course is your life as dreams see it. The obstacles you meet and overcome are real life issues and when you overcome them you are learning something that is then applicable to everyday life. But the obstacles are all big things that were put in your life to learn from and grow spiritually.

    It seems that you were not born with the best equipment to deal with the life issues you meet – the make-shift raft. Also you are left behind by your family in their performance. But in fact you have a very valuable gift that will soon put you ahead. The gift is that you are not blaming others for your difficulties, and that is a rare gift.

    So the first part of your life was difficult as you felt that you were not getting anywhere and wasn’t sure how to get ahead. But your persistence – another wonderful gift – got you to the river and you could feel the flow of life and that you were part of it.

    Your partner and her daughter are yet another gift you received through your persistence. They represent a growing sense of connection with the part of you that still has awareness of and contact with the natural life processes within, and feels unified with the rest of nature and the cosmos. The modern western adult is often very much out of touch with the life giving processes within them and feel isolated and often ill at ease in the world.

    And the final wonder of your dream unfolds. You face not just a trial but a fear. The fear is based on your view of the outer world, but in dreams lava is a flow of life from you core self, and the elephant is a representation of the living expression of your core self – the remover of all obstacles. It is a great honour to receive the elephant and to realise that the lava is not dangerous but a great gift.

    I feel that over the years that follow you will begin to really see the meaning of this dream and how it is made real in your life. It covers a whole area of your life and is like a prediction.

    Blessings on your Way.


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