Deeply buried past experience which has pushed to the surface; heated emotions and sexuality; sometimes physical illness such as fever. Unconscious contents that have emerged under pressure and heat of emotion.

But the lava is often your own deep centre or core self pouring up its energy into your daily life. Jumping into it is a way to face and meet any fears connected with your huge potential. If you do it several times the fear or difficult feelings will gradually disappear.

Lava pouring over a landscape is a sign that huge inner changes are trying to emerge, and if not dealt with could cause difficulties.

 Example: I noticed that the river wasn’t water and that it was lava. I watched as the lava was emanating from the center of the river and I knew I had to cross it but I didn’t know how I could. Just then, to my surprise, an elephant’s trunk emerged from the lava. At first I thought it was dead, but then I learned it was alive and moving and beginning to ascend. My fear from the lava diminished as soon as I saw this and somehow I made it across. I wondered how the elephant was immune to the lava and admired its strength.

Example: I can remember being dressed as an heroic warrior running through crowds of people or soldiers who were trying to stop me. I pushed or knocked them aside and ran toward what was a huge caldera – the mouth of a volcano. It was hugely deep, and in its depths was a massive glow from volcanic lava. But I knew that this was the core of myself, so I ran and leapt into the void falling into what I knew or felt sure was the light at the core of my being.

Example: I realised that hell is hell and will never be anything else. I felt that there was some thing deeper and so I kept to a centre line, again there was no feeling and so I turned toward the god dream that I had. The look of total love for me in his eyes gave me the strength to trust my own process. I then went into fantasy, God holding my hand and picking up all the people and events in my life and placing them all together on a stone alter, which he then placed me upon and told me to surrender and allow myself to die. This I did and images of great water falls, and molten lava flows filled my being. Then the crisis broke through, and there I was in the kids home, the orphanage, as my father was leaving, I saw my self, or I should say my being go out to him. I felt that if I loved him he wouldn’t leave us. I then saw that I was already bonded to my mother and in that moment of transference there was guilt and I was caught in the middle, then he left creating a schism in which I was left in my spine with a personality on either side. Schizophrenia is the word that covers this state: Schizophrenia a mental disease marked by a breakdown in the relation between thoughts, feelings, and actions, frequently accompanied delusions and retreat from social life.

I then felt what I would call the primal scream emerge from my being and then I was through. I then saw the dogs as my anxieties that have taken up two thirds of my being constantly tearing me apart, also saw that as a kid I didn’t have enough information to redirect the energy elsewhere.

Example: I saw the whole village covered in lava. I explored it both watching panic as well as while all the people were asleep. Afterward there was a period of quiet where everything was still and then life came back…the soil was renewed and some of the people emerged from the village as new glowing beings in human form only not human as before, and others didn’t emerge at all. The past had been burned away – transformed and I intuitively knew that they were going to create a whole new village and community based on their new way of being…new ways of perceiving and doing things…all wonderfully new and evolved. I see these as aspects of myself and this whole process of change underway. Also, just after recording the dream I sensed that the lava erupting was really some kind of eruption of love from within that just needed to be allowed. ~DT

Useful Questions and Hints:

Was I frightened of the lava?

Did any emotions show during the dream?

Are you meeting any big changes?

See Summing UpQuestionsSecrets of Power DreamingMartial Art of the Mind


-Luna 2016-10-03 13:15:42

This is the end of a multi part dream and it really bothered me because “feeling” the heat covering my body.
It’s pretty complex, somehow the previous part of my dream starts a reaction in which the world starts to fall apart. I’m on a school bus as people around me start talking about how bad it’s gotten in the past week with trying to park in the school parking lot with only these piliars of stone earth left to park on with beams laid out by contrition workers to get to each one. I start to ignore the conversation as the bus is almost full and something tells me to get off the bus “you are going to die if you stay on this bus” so I rush off the bus pass a crowd of people trying to get on the bus but are being stopped by a security guard. I remember see a jock in full wrestling gear waiting as well. After the bus passes by I feel the first bump of the earth and hear the breaking of the earth’s crust. I know I have to run and run I try but I never seem to run fast enough to get away from the thinning earth that is about to spew lava. I’m running and running trying to get away and every time i think I’m going in the right direction I get trapped by the thinning earth. I make it to a housing complex that has some thicker earth, on a slight hill, and try to get into a house that a family is hiding inside but won’t let me in. I turn around hoping that the thinning earth will be stopped, at least here, but it’s not, so I bang on the Windows telling the people to get out they are not safe and run some more. I dream shifts to me trying to just get “home” and me trying to avoid traffic of emergency vehicles. I can hear in the background how the news reporters arei telling motorists to be careful of running pedestrians because of the current situation, that no one can explain. One guy stops and says he gives up and just will let the lava take him. I push forward to a neighborhood convince store and get inside hoping I’m at least safe in here. Unfortunately I hear the stretching and breaking of the earth but I know it’s just too late to try and run, so I run to the elevators that are broken and make everyone, a few women with children or babies and only one or two men,hide underneath thinking it would protect us.
My dream cut to scenes that are happening around the city, like on a tv. I see the explosions of lava in a high rise and see the windows bow out of the building as a bus desperately trys to drive by to safety. I see where a couple of actors are trying to continue film there show and a collum of lava shoots of grabbing the male actor and bringing him back down into the earth, the woman shrugs says something about hell and jumps in , while the camera is still rolling. Then my dream cuts back to us and then everything goes blank, but on the back of my mind I know these people are safe. My dream shifts one last time to me in a plastic dome like I’m the lava or a director of a movie looking out and I’m taking candid commentary from the “actors”/”survivors” I really don’t know. I slip and fall in the lava and I feel it all over my arms and legs. And that’s how I wake up I still feel the uncomfortable heat on my arms and legs until I get up and move to write this.

    -Tony Crisp 2016-10-04 10:49:43

    Luna – The dream is about cracks appearing in your personality structure. Most of us have weakness built into us, and the deep processes of Life are constantly trying to break open our old self to create a better one.

    You have read the Lava entry, and saw where people enter the lava and survive – so go for it – because whenever we dream its images are not like real life, because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is an image like on a cinema screen that even if a gun is pointed at you and fired it can do no damage – except if you run in fear; so all the things that scare you are simply your own fears projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind. See


-Sonya 2016-09-24 2:58:16

A couple nights ago I had a dream that I was sitting on a train that looked like a bus on the inside. I was sitting next to my friend near the front, where the conductor/driver was. We were going along some tracks on the right side of a bridge, and I kept noticing that there were signs saying the tracks were out ahead, so the train had to take a different route. He seemed tired while he was driving, but at the time it didn’t appear to be a super big problem. I kept chatting with my friend and suddenly the driver is saying “Oh shit shiT SHIT” to himself because he didn’t turn when he was supposed to, and we were all heading for the broken part of the tracks that dropped down into a pit of lava. He slammed on the breaks but I was so incredibly terrified, I was imagining how much pain I was about to be in, dying in lava. And that I was sitting in the front of the bus/train and didn’t even have time to try and jump out the back. I turned around in my seat and just clung to the upholstery as I squeezed my eyes shut waiting for it to happen. A second longer passed and I realized it should feel like falling, but miraculously the train had stopped, and only the front part was hanging off of the edge. I was relieved but the strange thing was that no one had been screaming, or had been panicked and tried to move. Even my friend just sat calmly next to me with her hands in her lap, and then I woke up.
The entire rest of the day, the thing that stuck with me was imagining dying in lava and how truly awful that would have been.

    -Tony Crisp 2016-09-26 9:42:37

    Sonya – Whenever we dream its images are not like real life, because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is an image like on a cinema screen that even if a gun is pointed at you and fired it can do no damage – except if you run in fear; so all the things that scare you are simply your own fears projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind.

    Another thing, humans are creatures that suffer enormous pain, fear, even terror, because they can imagine awful things – what a pity they cannot imagine life creative, problem solving and loving things. Animals do not do this. Instead they react to present threats, but when the threat has gone they are at peace again.

    Example: I can remember dreaming being dressed as an heroic warrior running through crowds of people or soldiers who were trying to stop me. I pushed or knocked them aside and ran toward what was a huge caldera – the mouth of a volcano. It was hugely deep, and in its depths was a massive glow from volcanic lava. But I knew that this was the core of oneself, so I ran and leapt into the void falling into what I knew or felt sure was the light at the core of my being.

    He had it right, the lava arises from the core of the world and the core of yourself – in dreams. You were terrified of entering the core of yourself. See


-Kevin J L 2016-09-13 17:44:44

I just had a dream about lava.
I was in a random house, in there was me and 1 of my best friends. in the dream the floor started to show heating signs and strated getting really hot. me and my friend moved backwards and watched.
It didn’t stop heating and suddenly it became hotter and the ground started melting away.
we both ran outside and watched as the house melted away and a huge river of lava started erupting from the ground. at that point i coulden’t see my friend anymore. I felt som sort of anxiety, i also remember a litle stress occurring somewhere in the dream. I looked down into the deep heated river of lava where the house vannished and saw some sort of flames errupt up. I was no longer afraid and i just watched as the river became bigger and bigger. the ground, inside the world my mind had created started to become lava.

    -Kevin J L 2016-09-13 17:49:45

    **we both ran outside and watched as the house melted away and a huge river of lava started occurring from the ground**

    Had to switch out errupt with occurring to discribe better what happend.

    -Tony Crisp 2016-09-14 10:12:20

    Kevin – In dreams, lava represents something breaking into awareness of repressed urges, fears, terrors, or even insights and healing. Basically a healing process, but it can be disturbing.
    Your being, as when you eat something poisonous, tries to get rid of irritating or harmful past experiences or feelings. It does this by pushing them to the surface, and for a while, as when we vomit, we feel ill at ease. But if we can allow it the sense of being healed is enormous. An eruption is something that comes from a deep level and usually forces through to consciousness.
    Example: A number of us, soldiers, were moving up to the battlefront. We had to climb over a pile of rubble, like a wall, and ran across open ground. There was a great fear of being shot down as we came into the open. This did not happen, and once passed the obstacle I felt it was actually a sort of training circuit getting us used to battle conditions. We moved on into the fighting. A volcanic type of eruption from the bowels of the earth spewed up a prehistoric monster. There was a lot more, but cannot clearly remember.

    The house disappearing suggests that an old way of life will radically change as the up-heaval occurs.

    Think back to what was pushing up into your everyday life. Or maybe it is still coming.


-Angela 2016-08-30 10:49:46

Well, this morning i woke up in a bad mood because i had the worst possible dream ive ever had. It started out i was at my best friend Justins house and 4 tornados hit right at his house. We were holding on to trees in his front yard to not get sucked up into it. Well after the first toronado hit then the rain started and it was horrendous. When the rain calmed down the second tornado hit. Then came the thunder and firework type lightning. Oy was exploding like a firework. A tornado hit while that was happening. That took about 10 minutes. Then after that yhe final tornado hit while my bestfriend Justin and i when to get my mom to go into their shelter. When we got back to Justins house with my mom thats when the Lava came down. It was a straight line coming from the sky. It didnt harm anyone but my mother. I need help figuring this out

-Lisa 2016-08-23 13:21:44

My dream i sawthe volcano erupt and the lava was flowing fast as my entire famliy ran from it to get to higher grounds. While fire trucks and ambulances tried helping. I was very veryscared in my dream.

-Catty 2016-08-05 14:41:25

I dreamed i was sititng at my desk, beside my husband’s desk, and lava was beginning to pour in the window. I kept saying, as soon as the lava hits the floor, we would have to leave, the house would be destroyed… as if maybe it wouldnt hit the floor, and there was still an option to save things. i was telling everyone to charge up their phones because we would be homeless. I was not worried about saving anything, just that it would be time to go. all was calm.

-Hannah 2016-07-29 14:40:26

In my dream I was at a mall in the middle of the night, and my friend took me into the parking lot and confessed their love to me. I confessed back and after a hug we went back into the mall, but right outside the door some guy holding lava in a bucket accidentally poured it on me and that was the end of the dream, what does this mean?

-Kristen 2016-06-30 14:02:56

I was house sitting and friends and family were over. Everyone went outside to hang out in the pool and I was in the kitchen, and when I came into the living room, there was a small pool of lava that was sparking and shooting flames all over and the lava was flowing, but didn’t seem to spread over the house, just over edges of what seemed like a kiddie pool. The house wasn’t catching on fire and seemed to only be contained in the spot it was in. I stood there frozen not knowing what to do and then all of a sudden someone came inside and put a big covering over the lava and it wasn’t on fire any longer and there wasn’t any smoke or any residual dust or anything – the air was clean. I wasn’t scared by this at all, just shocked at what I saw and I looked around the house and wondered how I was going to clean up the mess before my friends came home?

-hannah 2016-06-10 15:53:59

I was outside with my mother and random people watching the stars, and all of a sudden a huge explosion happened in front of us and lava started flowing very quickly toward us all. Some people were burned to death immediately but the rest of us tried out running it. My mother suggested going into the nearby laundromat and hiding in the dryers. Some people followed us but I was the only one to make it inside one of them. I was the only one who survived.

-Maegan 2016-06-05 2:39:52

In my dream, the Earth’s crust is falling apart and lava is bubbling up. It has engulphed almost everything. I am frantically searching for my husband and daughter. I know we are all going to die, because the Earth is at an end, but I want to be with them and comfort my daughter during the end. Lava is surrounded me. I have found a group of random people,who are all family and hugging each other. I lay on the ground and think of where my daughter is and if she is scared. Then I wake up.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-06-10 9:40:39

    Dear Maegan – Your dream could reflect a “break-through” the crust with which you have covered difficult feelings.
    Having lost your husband and daughter may reflect the fear for the loss of control you thought you had in your (inner) world;
    What you perceive in your dream is the end of the world as you have known it so far; this is felt as the death of your old selves; a death that is necessary to be re-born again;
    The end of the world, and the fears that go with it, depict the powerful and threatening inner and outer changes that accompany major transitions. The transition from childhood to adolescence for instance is the end of the world that existed for the whole lifetime of the individual up until that point. Such points of transition occur several times in the life of anyone who dares to heal, grow and adapt. Menopause for women, the leaving home of children, the loss of a job, retirement, can all be represented by the end of the world – or a world.
    See; this approach can be used to explore every symbol in your dream.
    Anna 🙂

-Alice 2016-06-02 20:55:46

In my dream lava started coming out of the ground and them it turned into a beautiful clear lake which I could see horses swimming in. I’ve been dreaming a lot about crystal clear water recently.

-Selena 2016-05-31 19:31:04

In my dream, we were driving down this road and all of a sudden the road started turning into lava and then the tires popped from the heat and we got stuck there? My 2 cousins (female) and I. We were going to my house.

-Kylie 2016-05-26 23:47:24

I had a dream that I had a 6 month old baby girl (I have kids, but they’re both boys and they’re 4 and 5) and left her home alone, sleeping in her crib. I had found out that the house was on fire and I was horrified that I had left her there and that she died in the fire. To my relief, a fireman had rescued her without a single burn on her. That part really doesn’t have lava, but after that we went to the hospital to visit someone and there was a man there, inside the hospital, who was pouring lava onto the floor. It was moving so slow and collapsing the floor, creating a chasm of dark lava, and it kept getting wider and wider. Then I realized my baby was on the floor and right then I look at her and she crawls right into the chasm, and that’s when I wake up. I’m not sure if the symbol/theme in this dream is a baby dying in fire over and over, or what it means. If you have any ideas, that would be awesome.

-Myann 2016-05-26 4:21:21

In dreams, I remember when I’m in the school now. Running to that reason is say that there’s an earthquake like running in lava with my friends and I don’t know whats the meaning that. And when I’m run now in the outside, there’s a gate could do sheld or protect to no where go a lava and it’s trap. And me, I realize that I lost my supplies in bag because of that, sleeping in the outside and other people trying to touch the all of part of shield, I don’t know why they are joking.

When the earthquake finish, I try to look in the school and a lot of people worry about what happen and I start to go in my classroom to see if my bag was burning and lucky, my bag was protecting a shield. And completely my bag is safe, so thankful for my dreams. I don’t know whats meaning my dreams and im so happy when im wake up in the morning

-Dashley 2016-05-14 22:33:23

In my dream I was walking through my yard because I just got home from somewhere, and I noticed a pizza the size of a kiddy pool just sitting in the yard. It was really hot even though it was a gloomy evening and that’s when I noticed the lava. My mom and sister knew about the lava, and did nothing about it but try to cook a pizza outside. There was lava near by that caught me, and I fell back flat, feeling nothing even though I expected pain. I was still awake even after the bright yellow and deep red engulfed me, and I was waiting for either pain or death.. but then I respawned somewhere.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-18 14:58:45

    Dear Dashley – I wonder if you had this dream after the dream you shared in the entry on “killing”.
    What I see is that “getting home from somewhere” may reflect returning to your core self after you have had a somewhat “gloomy experience”.
    What you realise then is that you have enough energy or inner power to cook a pizza that has the size of a kiddy pool!! Some potential that is!!
    Your inner mother – – and inner sister may reflect those abilities and practical life skills that can make your life experience palatable, such as the means of dealing with and adjusting to life.
    In a very real sense they adjust; they do nothing about the lava and rather use the heat to try to create/cook something.
    If you feel like it you can explore your inner mother and inner sister by using
    Creating a dream – yes, you are the creator or your own creations – in which you dare to be engulfed by bright yellow and deep red reflects another courageous step on your inner journey.
    Jumping or falling into lava is a way to face and meet any fears connected with your huge potential. If you do it several times the fear for difficult feelings will gradually disappear.
    See also
    Perhaps you also feel like using this approach ?
    Anna 🙂

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