Light and Dark

Being aware, being seen, waking as opposed to sleeping. Light means being able to understand and have insight, to see. Lightness of heart, hope, confidence and release from dark feelings and fear. It can also at times indicate becoming aware of how others might see one. But it needs to be understood that darkness is necessary for light to be recognised. If you lived in a world of just light you would have no shape, no colour, no dimension, for all those things come from the ‘mating’ of light with darkness. Colour, awareness of shape are all aspects of darkness.

Apart from ordinary dreams of light, there is a much deeper meaning in some dreams. This is clear in Genesis

The Universe/God was originally the darkness of night. Universe/God then created light. Science says that it look 300,000 years for light to finally shine in our Universe.

“And the earth was waste and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. “And God said: Let there be light; and there was light.” Genesis is a scientific treatise – See The Hidden Bible

For the Creative force of our Universe was Everything and everything cannot take a shape or form, for then it would be something, a thing. The spiritual worship of light is misplaced, for we were all started in the darkness of Everything. Light is for the human recognition of what we sense in the Hugeness we hold within us in Darkness. If everything was light you would not be able to recognise yourself, for colour and shape exist because kight and darkneess mix to give us our experience in the world. But people have been led to fear the dark – the witching hour shows how we were told to fear witches and the dark of midnight. See Witch

It says that the heavenly lights, the stars were for signs and for seasons. As all old religions saw the stars as a great influence on human life, so do our dreams. This was made real to me when I dreamt a great dream with the Star Beings. It was a dream about things we call Gods, but not the sort of gods shown in films about them, but beings whose bodies were the stars and creative forces of the universe. We have called them the Astrological signs. And in some dreams they may be an intimation of such wonderful powers. See The Star Beings

Dim light: The clarity of daytime consciousness is dimmed.

Very bright light: Intuition, enabling you to see things more clearly and often including so much of your life and its meaning; the Self; a mega concept.

Spot or searchlight: Focusing attention on what is shown.

Flickering or dimming lights: Uncertainty; struggle to understand; loss of power or mental clarity; feelings about approaching death. Also can show a change of normal awareness, from darkness to light, saying something unusual is about to be experienced.

Projected light, as with a film or slides: See: projector.

 Example: ‘I am alone in the house. It begins to grow dark, so I switch the light on, but the light is very dim. So I go to another room and try another light, but this light is even dimmer. I carry on like this all over the house until I am in virtual darkness and very frightened.’ J. W.

J. W. was six at the time of the dream, and here light depicts feelings of sureness or confidence, which give way to anxiety. The light is the opposite to the emotions of fear which arise from within.

 Example: “I had that experience you were talking about”, she said. I had been talking about awareness of the eternal – cosmic consciousness. “There was great light. Light was everywhere.”  Again she was like a child, an Oriental child, full of wonder at what it had seen.

Example: I got out of bed and went towards the mouse. As I did so I saw that it was not just white, but shining. It also seemed to grow larger, first to the size of a rat, then to that of the cat. I was now close to it and it looked enormous, shining with an inner light, white and radiant. It was a thing of great beauty. Its eyes especially struck me. They were pink, but also shining.

Idioms: Bright lights; cold light of day; come to light; hide ones light; in it’s true light; lighter side; in a good light; see the light; light at the end of the tunnel; throw a light on. See:  DarkGlow.; day; flames.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What happens to the light in my dream?

Does the light affect you in any way?

Did you feel any inspiration of fear?

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