Lion Lioness

Lions appear in many dreams, and usually signifies anger, desire to hurt, aggressiveness; or fear of these feelings in others or ourselves. We may feel fear of our own anger due to it threatening injury to others in a way that would reflect upon self, and devour our other feelings and desires. The lion can often express feelings of love that cannot express normally, and become aggressive instead. If we see someone we love showing interest in another, or if we feel ousted by brother or sister for parents’ love, our feelings may seem to us like a terrible lion. Daniel in the lions’ den is a beautiful symbol representing how these feelings may be calmed and changed if our life is given to the influence of love.

The power of our physical strength, of our temper, of our emotions or sexuality; love that has become anger through jealousy or pain; leadership; ones father or fatherhood, or mother if it is a lioness; an image of the father/mother God; leadership; watchfulness or guardianship; self assertion or boasting because of the power of the lions roar. The story of Androcles and the lion shows how the pain felt by our ‘animal’ life process, if tended by the conscious personality, brings a loving relationship between conscious and unconscious.

Many children experience recurring dreams of a lion chasing them through their house. This is most likely due to a developing struggle with their natural feelings of anger and aggression. This because their parents might attempt to quieten or control the child’s temper, or criticise it as ‘bad’.

Being frightened of an attack or possible attack from a lion suggests an ‘attack’ of anxiety or fear about something. Consider the rest of the dream to define what.

Many people dream of being chased or run in fear when they see a lion in their dream. But your dreams are simply a projection of your own emotions or fear upon the screen of your sleeping mind. So why don’t you rerally express those emotions instead of being afraid of your own feelings. Why not roar back!!?? But please see Nothing can Hurt You in Your Dreams

 As an example of what you can do in your dreams, here the dreamer ‘roars’ back!

 Example: When I arrived at the attic I put the dog down. But now the attic was empty and dark. I could feel my hair stand on end and my skin ‘crawling’. Actually I feel it all again as I write this. The feeling arose because there was an unformed dark shape creeping around at the far end of the room. The dog was really afraid and came into my arms. Then the dark creature leapt at me, transforming into a massive mouth with huge fangs and awful demonic face. Immediately I leapt at it in the same way and smashed against its face with my own huge fangs. This utterly disarmed it because it had felt, in its primitive way, to terrify me. It surprised me too that I could so immediately transform into a monster when necessary.

Example: A huge black panther chased me. I fell and it clawed my back. I/it was about to chew my back to bite me. I didn’t know whether to relax or struggle. After being floored by the Panther I managed to get up. I later did active imagination. I allowed the panther to eat me, and I thus became the panther. Then I, as the panther, noticed a tiger. Feeling enormous temper – anger – hate I leapt upon the tiger to claw and devour it. I really felt strong temper. It kept really appearing to get smaller and smaller. Eventually I saw it as just a toy cuddly tiger. Then its head came off as a pantomime horse does, and I was amazed to see that my cousin Sidney was inside it, who I felt had mercilessly teased me as a child. The panther was my own feelings of anger.

As an astrological sign, the lion is the sign of Leo, a ‘Fixed’ ‘Fire’ sign. In the dream of a person born with the sun in Leo, the lion may represent their basic character. It is said to be the heart of the Zodiac. In it all the activities of Aries have been concentrated and given purpose, permanence, passion and a certain nobility. It is the Royal Sign denoting Love, the Ruler of Life. Subjects of this sign are said to be proudly ‘faithful’ and scorn what is weak, small-minded, or mean. It is the sign of the Sun – the physical and also the Divine Sun. In terms of human evolution the sign of Leo represents rulership of the animal kingdom, to become a dominant creature, expressing the best of the instinctive and natural within human nature. Thus in The Witch and The Wardrobe, the greatest strength and unifying influence is the lion. But there is a step beyond this into independent awareness where one recognises oneself not only as the powerful and creative universal animal life, but as an individual human being as well.

Useful questions and hints:

Are there signs that this is about anxiety or anger – if so can I define what they connect with?

If the lion suggests strength and protectiveness, am I relating well to it?

What do I feel if I imagine myself as the lion?

What are the key words I use in describing this dream?

See: key wordsBeing the Person or ThingMammal Brain


-Elaine Ll. 2014-08-28 23:53:40

Hi tony these past few days i’ve been having dreams.. please help me interpret ^_^
Yesterday i dreamt of having a pair of shoes, where in the other one is damaged, so i therefore changed to slippers.
Then today, I dreamt of being Rihanna and I was attacked by group lions because I shouted strongly, but in the end it shown me that I don’t have even a little scratch.
Please do help me, i really wanna know the meaning of these.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-09-03 7:44:37

    Rihanna is about you shouted a bit more strongly than the other women around you and got a lot of criticism/jealousy. But in the end you are not even scratched – so keep one going/singing. Sing from your womanhood!


-david 2014-08-22 12:34:49

I had a dream i was getting chase by a female lion nd a male lion right behind her chasing me no where near my house i was scared they didnt get to hurt me or nothing

    -HY 2014-08-25 9:07:43

    Same here

-Melissa 2014-08-12 1:46:16

In my dream I was sitting outside of my aunts house watching my only daughter/youngest child plY. I notice about 200 yards away a lioness was approaching. I was unable to get my daughter and myself to safety. I was in the house but she was in the yard. The lioness approached her, pawed at her and picked her up like a cub and ran away. I was terrified and knew she would be dinner for the lioness.

This is not the forst dream ive had where ive been someplace and there were lions around. I always feel unsafe, as if i need to get to shelter.

Im not sure what to make of the dream since there isnt a lot on lionesses out there. Any insight?

-gabriella 2014-07-17 23:17:27

I had a dream that i had a pet lion and lioness. They were not a couple..atleast i don’t think so. I felt a negative energy off the lioness, i was afraid of her. I was afraid she might bite me but it didnt keep me from being in the house on the other hand, the lion was obedient and mellow. It was almost as if he didn’t care for what what happened around him i felt a sense of love towards him. I never touched him on my dream. My 2 cousins and my aunt (which are often cold and a little mean)..they came into my house not knowing that i had pet lions..when i told them they dodnt believe me but i pointed them out..they were both under covers. They ran out scared. .i stayed ..still afraid of the lioness. The lion would pass right by me and i just felt loved and protected..
Not much happened in the was mostly about my emotions towards these wild animals. I havent even though about lions. So it cant be coincidental. Pleease TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK PLEASE…I FEEL THIS SO SPIRITUAL ..i need someone to please interpret the dream

    -Tony Crisp 2014-07-23 8:49:36

    Gabriella – A very interesting dream. It says that you have a great deal of strength that you do not really admit to yourself, so you express it in your dream as lions. The male lion is your strong love that you feel for others, it gives you a feeling of not caring what others think. It is the strength of your love that is wonderfully protective. So it is good to express the pleasure and goodness of your love.

    But of course we all have dual nature’s – the dark as well as the light. And although most people shun the darkness. I see your female lion also as a tremendous strength, perhaps your anger that you are frightened of expressing. So you are afraid of your wonderful female energy. I believe that so much of our creative energy is locked in the dark because either we are ashamed of showing it or are afraid. The trick is to let it be expressed as creativity instead of denial.

    So please get in touch with the female lion that you are. Try


      -gabriella 2014-07-26 5:05:49

      Thank you soo much Tony.

        -Tony Crisp 2014-07-27 10:35:17

        Gabriella – It is so good to know I gave you something.


-chris88 2014-07-14 18:55:47

All I remember is a lion and a boatsman. But it did leave an impact strong enough that I searched for it . What could this suggest?

-Mary 2014-07-12 2:21:30

Hello, please help interpret this dream!
I was looking out of a glass wall/window. I was inside a tall building. When a huge tree appear before me. I looked at the tree, and noticed a huge lion climbing the tree. I screamed for my brother to get help, I was afraid it would fall. The lion made it to the top of the tree. It was looking right at me, through the glass. Then it jumped down, I looked to see if it was ok. It was fine, it was mating with a female lioness….very strange dream please help

    -Tony Crisp 2014-07-14 9:27:08

    Mary – The wall/window is your normal view of life, which is limited by your body senses – we can only see 1% of visible light and hear only 1% of audible sound. And looking through window shows you being able to have a much enhanced ability to sense life, as happens in the inner world of dreams.

    A huge tree is your enormous potential. I mean that if you planted an acorn and it started to grow, and it dreamt of seeing a massive oak tree, it would be dreaming of seeing what a wonderful potential for growth it has, as your dream is showing you.

    As your potential it includes your sexual power, you emotions, your voice, thinking and also the power of your wonderful imagination. The lion climbing is your animal strength, and climbing the tree shows how your potential, your sexual potential is ready to flower. That is why you see the lion mating.


-Zelly LeReveur 2014-05-24 14:48:44

Hi Sir Tony,

I had a dream that I was on the rooftop and saw the constellation of Big Dipper and Leo on night .

Thanks a lot


-Mark 2014-05-15 0:11:04

Howdy, the following description is of my dream. Are you able to discern it and provide meaning of such dream.

My dream is of me walking outdoors near some trees and as I walked under a massive tree, with a sun and blue skies as Texas would have with green grass all around, I PERCEIVED that something was above me within the tree. It was as if I was coming from out of a meadow into a tree line, or just in a lightly wooded area with trees.

So, as I walked about ten to twenty more feet ahead of the tree; I turned around to look up and I noticed what I PERCEIVED as a female lioness or it was a teenage cub.

This “cub” or adult female lion had PEACE with her/him and was just looking at me with eyes that were loving. It truly had no energy of danger or trouble and I awoke soon afterwards with prayers of thanksgiving, and rejoicing, in God.

To me, this was an amazing, peaceful, calming, positive dream and it would be nice if someone has the Gift of Prophecy from the Holy Spirit who may have a revelation for me to discern.

Thank you

    -Tony Crisp 2014-05-15 7:29:27

    Mark – I am moved by the Holy Spirit, but I have also had to learn from thousands of dreams sent me over the years. So, much of what I am to say has arisen from learning guided by the grace of the holy.

    The tree or trees are the tree of Life, and the branches are the ways you have developed in you life. The beautiful and loving lion is a part of you. To understand that you will need to read – and also

    It is wonderful that you have a loving relationship with the lioness. It is probably because you have a love growing in you by the grace of the Lord. The dream is saying that you will slowly have greater understanding of women and their place in you life. Also a greater insight into the female animals around you.


-Dayarna 2014-05-02 22:15:10

Dear tony
I had a nightmare that I was in the forest in a little house with my mate I went out side to lay under a tree and I looked beside me there was a little baby bear right next to me it was so cute. My mate came to lay next to me to just talk at look at the trees , I told her look at this cute baby bear she told me to put it down in fear I was scared because I was unsure why she was fared and then she said if there’s a baby where’s the mum ? She looked around and finally spotted the mum and calmly told me where she was so I slowly put the baby down and within that second the mother roared and I froze in fear seconds after the mother left and me and my mate ran inside and as we ran inside a lioness sprinted towards me and it jumped on to me as soon as it jumped I woke up in fear so scared and minutes after I went back to sleep thinking that I would end up in another dream but ended back in the same spot the lioness was just about to jump I then tried to close the door but the lioness pushed it with her strength and I used mine to close the door I then locked it , the lioness finally left so I walked outside and saw I was in the middle of a grassy field I looked at the end of the field and saw the lion I followed it , it then turned and chased me I sprinted back to the house and I slammed the door and behind me was the baby bear my mate had been looking after it I looked outside and the lion and the mother bear were at the end of the field I followed the lion again and the bear and the lioness threatend to kill me I said in anger I have your baby the bear calmly backed away but the lioness hated me I backed away to get the baby and return it so I did and the bear never returned again but the lioness stayed with me and followed me everywhere me my mate and her brothers came over for lunch and we ate it outside on a picnic table the lion was just walking around us in Bordem but we were laughing and having fun and we didn’t care about the lioness because it didn’t harm us then a whole group of boys came on the scooters, skateboards and bikes they were riding it around and the lioness charged towards them they started riding away as fast ad the could but the lioness went for the fastest little boy and attacked him riped his head and screemed for help I saw blood and stared in fear I told everyone to get inside they ran inside I looked at the lioness and poorer my eyes I got onto my knees and screemed the lioness looked into my eyes with this evil look and teeth showing with blood dripping and then I woke up breathing heavy in shock I did not want to go to sleep because I didn’t want the same dream. I’ve never had a dream like this and I have a strong feeling something’s trying to tell me something I’ve tried searching up meanings but none of them give me clear showings so please help me figure out what this something is trying to tell me.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-05-04 10:06:45

    Dayarna – You need to read because you are so afraid of many things. Dreams occur in a very different dimension than everyday life and dream animals are not out to hurt you, except you fear makes them into scary animals.

    The fact is that as humans we are mammals, and so have built into us many of the feelings, fears, longings and reactions that other mammals have. We also have all the whole levels of evolutions of animals built into us in the levels of our brain. So in our dreams we frequently express our fears, longings and reactions in the images of animals. See
    As a baby you were a small vulnerable animal, with all the natural instincts to feed, to survive, and to bond with your mother. When you were in your mother’s womb you started off as a bundle of cells; these gradually became a fish like creature with gills, and then onto a mammal form. It shows that we have all the animals built in us. So the animals we dream of are parts of our wholeness, and unless we are reared by humans who teach us to speak we remain an animal. See Animal Children
    But as people educated in the modern paradigm, many of us are totally out of touch with the animal that we are, and have never been able to raise it to love and protect us, and instead are often frightened of it when it appears on their dreams. As a child we are often told not to do things – such as do not get angry, or told to be nice to everyone, but the intuitive animal side of us feels and act on its superior insight – that would allow them to mature with our animal self intact so we grow up repressing it, and often miss the natural curiosity of our inner mammal.
    But also the animals in our dreams may seem to turn against us and attack us. But in the images of our dreams that is understandable, for when we are frightened or stressed our own body turns against us producing toxins that can cause grave illness.


-Sarah 2014-05-01 20:09:00

Hi Tony
Its midnight and my 4 years old girl came crying and said there were 2 lions angry of me, I said that was just a dream, she said but they likes zena(my elder daughter) but they were angry of me, and daddy should have closed the door.
She loves her sister they are great friend but shez realy sensitive. From your interpretation Im getting a clear idea what’s going on inside her mind
Thanks a lot

-Mahshid 2014-04-26 12:43:05

Dear Tony
Truly enjoyed your website,
I had a dream last night which makes me uneasy, read different options but can not settle,
I was in three story house with some people, there was a lion with it’s real colore not black or white, in one of the rooms, she was calm and me trying to give her food, I was very afraid if she harm others over hunger, even though she seems not to care about anything but when I got the food and could not find her,some one said to me she is lying down in the balcony, I went to the room which had balcony and left the bowl and exit and next thing i feel I can see her through the wall as calm and I’m in the other room and then I woke up, im uneasy nit sure to worry or feel fear or be happy, thank you

-Darra 2014-03-21 7:51:38

I had a dream that my boss told me to go and pick up their pet lion. When I did I was just walking through the street with him and I wasn’t even scared even though everyone else was screaming and running. I was so comfortable with the lion I was even playing with his hair and cuddling him. And this lion didn’t want to hurt me at all. What does this mean?

-Janel 2014-03-13 13:20:15

I had a dream last night about a Lioness charging me then stopped, looked at me for a minute then she turned and walked away.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-03-17 9:12:44

    Janel – Dreams often stand in place of actual experience. So through dreams we may experiment with new experience or practice things we have not yet done externally. For instance many young women dream in detail of giving birth. This function of what might be called ‘imagination’ is tremendously undervalued, but is a foundation upon which human survival is built.

    Your dream seems to be one to test and enlarge your ability to meet your own inner instinctive abilities – and not run away from them a s many do in dreams. See –


-Beverley 2014-01-09 23:11:32

Hi Tony
I had a beautiful dream about a lioness last night. She approached me and I felt a strong connection to her. I was a little wary but reached out to stroke her. She responded with nuzzling me and I scratched her belly. I could see how happy she was and I felt proud and strong. She whispered in a child’s voice ‘mammy, daddy’. I knew both words were for me. Then I felt what seemed like a man’s erection pressing against my leg. That was the end.
I would really appreciate your opinion on this as you gave me incredible insight once before.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-01-12 14:22:57

    Beverley – Excuse this long introduction, but I think it is warranted in light of your dream.

    The animal in your dream can portray your relationship with the fundamental life processes in you. Dreams depict these processes as intelligent and responsive, not just as chemical actions and reactions as modern medicine so often does. Therefore your conscious attitudes influence these fundamental living processes in you – processes that maintain health, digest, beat your heart, rebuild damage and fight infection. Negative feelings or attitudes can cause these ‘animals’ in you to despair or lose motivation, and thus lead to depression or illness. Remember that in looking at the animal in your dreams you are yourself an animal. You as a person are a tiny spark of consciousness, a little bit of self awareness riding an incredibly ancient animal you call your body. Remember that your body has formed from cells and genetic information that has gradually developed over millions of years. It holds that information in it unconsciously. The animal in your dreams depicts this ancient wisdom and how you relate to it. It shows you how you are dealing with the urges in you that are natural, but might need to be helped into modern life or transformed in some way, not killed out, maimed or tortured.

    The lioness is your female connection with the beautiful animal that you are and its ancient wisdom. That you felt a strong connection with the lion and despite your wariness reached out for her says a great deal about you. It spoke to you and in doing so reminded you that it is a child when in the modern world, and needs you to bring it up as a father and mother; your wildness needs to be “helped into modern life or transformed in some way, not killed out, maimed or tortured.”

    I has a similar dream – Now I was in a room, or storeroom, full of chimpanzees. I had to leave them. Some of them opened the door. It was not locked, and I didn’t lock it, but I went back in and asked them not to open the door, as there was a busy road nearby, and they might get run over. As I spoke, one was standing near me who was now almost as tall as myself. The features had become almost human, female. She seemed very sad, perhaps because she was only half human. I felt deep links of sympathy.

    I can only guess at the end of your dream because you didn’t comment on what you felt, or reaction you had to the erection. So I feel it is a further entry into you wildness, your animal. As a lioness you would have an urge to mate in a wild natural way, and maybe that is part of bring up your lovely child/mature female lion that you have within you. Please see – it may have something to say about being parents to our animal.


      -ChrisR 2014-03-06 11:41:45

      Dear Tony, I just woke up from a nightmare that included a lion. I am living alone now because I’m studying but in the dream I was in my parents house. My parents had a casual night out and when they came back they had a very intence talk with our maid and they fired her. In the small talk I find out that they were accusing her of putting things in their food or drinks to make them sleepy. When I got out of the house I saw that she had turned into a lion and my father was chasing that lion with a gun. I wanted to scream but nothing would come out for a reason. I see the female lion to multiply to 2 and attack my father. Another one comes close to me and becomes 2 as well. One of them gets in the house and after I try so hard to make it stay out of the door it turns slowly into a baby lion and then I wake up. Can you please give me your thoughts on that? Many Thanks

        -Tony Crisp 2014-03-09 12:13:17

        ChrisR – For a start, every dream image is actually made up of your memories, fears and imaginations. So you are not dreaming about your father the maid or a real lion. Please see and also

        It seems you are very anxious about living alone and the strength you got from your father being undermined. Also the lion is not trying to attack you but is an expression of your own female strength that has got undermined by your fear. As you can see from your dream your male strength – your father – is terrified your natural feelings that have been held back will hurt you. You fight like hell to control your feelings but they are – and should be – strong enough to break through. And when they do you see it is a baby lion that you need to cuddle, own and realize needs helping to mature into your own natural female strength. Please try using


          -boppers 2014-07-07 13:02:58

          Hi Tony!
          I looked at many websites trying to decipher this dream I had and I’ve gotten some insight but am still pretty confused. In my dream I was at a wildlife sanctuary and got separated from my friends. So I started to walk through by myself. I came to a lioness by herself, she didn’t try to hurt me but her closeness made me nervous so I started to climb the fence keeping her inside. I climbed to the top, which was barely out of the lionesses reach, but couldn’t get over. As I was hangingg onto the fence the lioness also climbed up it as if I was playing a game with her. I realized that she liked me…it felt more like she loved me to a fault, like she was obsessed. I tried to calmly walk away but she followed. A person who worked a the sanctuary saw me being followed and tried to distract and restrain the lioness but she wanted to be with me. At this point I really tried to put some distant between us. I ran and tried to hide. She found me. The boy distracted her long enough for me to run again, thinking that if she couldn’t find me she would forget about me. I ran into a building, upstairs, through many rooms. Again she found me. The rest of the dream is part of a blur but I kept trying to get away and she kept right on me getting more and more aggressive, she killed three people, and bit my arm (but didnt break skin) trying to keep me from running. In the end I got away but I don’t remember why, I think she was tranquilized. Any thoughts?

-azzir 2013-11-23 16:16:03

Hey Tony,

My dream was a bit weird, im not sure if i was this girl ib my dream but, the girl can actually turn into a lion, and the girl kept looking for this guy, she even had this photo of the man, and then there were a volcanic lava that was all over the house and it was getting higher, so inside the house there was a tree, and the girl climb onn that tree with i believe her friend, then on that tree the guy she was looking for was there. Then it all disappeared next thing i remember the scene was already in the beach, the guy and this girl were walking and the guy said, i can turn into a lion, then the girl yelled and told him, why didn’ t you tell me?! Then i woke up, wondering what was that all about?.. If you could interpret it would be really helpful, this was bothering me the whole day.

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