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Lion Lioness

Lions appear in many dreams, and usually signifies anger, desire to hurt, aggressiveness; or fear of these feelings in others or ourselves. We may feel fear of our own anger due to it threatening injury to others in a way that would reflect upon self, and devour our other feelings and desires. The lion can often express feelings of love that cannot express normally, and become aggressive instead. If we see someone we love showing interest in another, or if we feel ousted by brother or sister for parents’ love, our feelings may seem to us like a terrible lion. Daniel in the lions’ den is a beautiful symbol representing how these feelings may be calmed and changed if our life is given to the influence of love.

The power of our physical strength, of our temper, of our emotions or sexuality; love that has become anger through jealousy or pain; leadership; ones father or fatherhood, or mother if it is a lioness; an image of the father/mother God; leadership; watchfulness or guardianship; self assertion or boasting because of the power of the lions roar. The story of Androcles and the lion shows how the pain felt by our ‘animal’ life process, if tended by the conscious personality, brings a loving relationship between conscious and unconscious.

Many children experience recurring dreams of a lion chasing them through their house. This is most likely due to a developing struggle with their natural feelings of anger and aggression. This because their parents might attempt to quieten or control the child’s temper, or criticise it as ‘bad’.

Being frightened of an attack or possible attack from a lion suggests an ‘attack’ of anxiety or fear about something. Consider the rest of the dream to define what.

Many people dream of being chased or run in fear when they see a lion in their dream. But your dreams are simply a projection of your own emotions or fear upon the screen of your sleeping mind. So why don’t you rerally express those emotions instead of being afraid of your own feelings. Why not roar back!!?? But please see Nothing can Hurt You in Your Dreams

 As an example of what you can do in your dreams, here the dreamer ‘roars’ back!

 Example: When I arrived at the attic I put the dog down. But now the attic was empty and dark. I could feel my hair stand on end and my skin ‘crawling’. Actually I feel it all again as I write this. The feeling arose because there was an unformed dark shape creeping around at the far end of the room. The dog was really afraid and came into my arms. Then the dark creature leapt at me, transforming into a massive mouth with huge fangs and awful demonic face. Immediately I leapt at it in the same way and smashed against its face with my own huge fangs. This utterly disarmed it because it had felt, in its primitive way, to terrify me. It surprised me too that I could so immediately transform into a monster when necessary.

Example: A huge black panther chased me. I fell and it clawed my back. I/it was about to chew my back to bite me. I didn’t know whether to relax or struggle. After being floored by the Panther I managed to get up. I later did active imagination. I allowed the panther to eat me, and I thus became the panther. Then I, as the panther, noticed a tiger. Feeling enormous temper – anger – hate I leapt upon the tiger to claw and devour it. I really felt strong temper. It kept really appearing to get smaller and smaller. Eventually I saw it as just a toy cuddly tiger. Then its head came off as a pantomime horse does, and I was amazed to see that my cousin Sidney was inside it, who I felt had mercilessly teased me as a child. The panther was my own feelings of anger.

As an astrological sign, the lion is the sign of Leo, a ‘Fixed’ ‘Fire’ sign. In the dream of a person born with the sun in Leo, the lion may represent their basic character. It is said to be the heart of the Zodiac. In it all the activities of Aries have been concentrated and given purpose, permanence, passion and a certain nobility. It is the Royal Sign denoting Love, the Ruler of Life. Subjects of this sign are said to be proudly ‘faithful’ and scorn what is weak, small-minded, or mean. It is the sign of the Sun – the physical and also the Divine Sun. In terms of human evolution the sign of Leo represents rulership of the animal kingdom, to become a dominant creature, expressing the best of the instinctive and natural within human nature. Thus in The Witch and The Wardrobe, the greatest strength and unifying influence is the lion. But there is a step beyond this into independent awareness where one recognises oneself not only as the powerful and creative universal animal life, but as an individual human being as well.

Useful questions and hints:

Are there signs that this is about anxiety or anger – if so can I define what they connect with?

If the lion suggests strength and protectiveness, am I relating well to it?

What do I feel if I imagine myself as the lion?

What are the key words I use in describing this dream?

See: key wordsBeing the Person or ThingMammal Brain



-dionne 2015-05-21 15:10:19

I had a dream that i put a female lion in my backyard of an old townhouse i use to live in many years ago.The lioness somehow broke down the gate an roamed free..all of a sudden i was scared where as i wasnt before.i tried calling the police and animal control but at 1st the call wouldnt go thru..then when i spoke with police i couldnt speak inorder to explain..i suppose i was to excited scared or upset..the words came out in peices…informed the police not to kill her just to subdue her…then all of a sudden i felt the need to bond with the police ..(which i hate in real life) and tell him about how im planni g to build a shipping container home…then i jump to a sceen where im in an appartment…and the lion is there in the kitchen while theres a baby playing on the floor..the lion was there but wasnt harming anyone..however i was terrified annd woke up…really dont know what happened to that lioness….i rarely remeber my dreams..but im going thru some things and found this to be very mind boggling


-Stephen May 2015-08-03 9:59:58

Can you please differentiate between the lioness and the (male) lion in a dream? I dreamed of a pile of very large dead lions and on top stood a lioness of equal size licking the blood of a dead lion. I hopped in my car and drove at speed and the lioness gave chase but I sensed she was just playing, not really trying to catch me.


-Marilyn 2015-11-03 18:44:58

Tony – Last night woke up from a dream of being held down by a lioness, one paw across my chest and I could look up into her face as she looked around. I feared she would claw me open or bit my neck to kill me but she didn’t before I woke. I didn’t wake fearful..just woke up.
Thankyou for any comment.
Marilyn McArdle


-Pauline 2015-12-12 5:46:52

I dreamt that I was at a zoo and watching lions behind bars, pacing back and forwards. Tgen all of a sudden they disappeared. They had cleverly made dens which resembled caves and could escape from these. I was very afraid and tried to tell someone at the zoo that we were all in danger but no one listened to me.


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-12-18 15:16:16

    Dear Pauline – A zoo is a symbol of inner urges and instincts that are repressed, or caged; so your spontaneous urges trapped by social conventions. It might suggest that you find it sager to see your natural urges and drives caged/repressed because it seems safer.
    It can also show how you relate to natural urges and instincts such as sexuality, parental caring, social grouping etc.
    What do you feel when you see lions behind bars, pacing back and forwards?
    Captivity often drives (our inner) animals crazy – they pace back and forwards – like it happens in a zoo when lions don’t get to do the things that are natural and important to them because they are kept in cramped spaces with virtually no privacy and very few opportunities to exercise or keep their minds active.
    I believe that you must have perceived their pacing as disturbing and so you gradually learned to totally repress these feelings and urges; to push them into a cave, which is a symbol of your unconscious mind.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/animals-as-dream-figures/
    Perhaps it helps to explore what you perceive as dangerous about repressed urges and instincts?
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/autonomous-complex/
    Apart from the infant there are many beings we touch in our dreams. It can be everything from the deeply animal such as the dog (or the lion) in our dreams, or the wolf, to the sadist, the lover, the monk and the business tycoon. If we do not meet these characters and manage them in our life, they will certainly manage us, and lead us into relationship tangles, emotional responses and actions that are not what we ourselves choose to be or feel.
    Let me know if you have any questions Pauline.
    Anna :-)


-Isaiah White 2016-02-02 1:35:23

Last night, 2/01/16, I had a dream I was in some town or city. There were a few dozens of people pointing up at the top of this old brick building about 8 or 9 stories high. At the top there appeared to be 3 to 4 lions growling, walking back and fourth out of our eyesights, then immediately someone pulled my attention away, “There’s people still in the!” Someone exclaimed, and I was quick to approach the door. “They have guns!” Someone in the crowd screamed out, so I picked up a broom stick on the side of the doorway and wrapped a metal hanger, that i found on the ground, around the tip and looked back at the audience and askef who was coming with me. Thankfully, my older brother Josh was there, astonished by bravery, so he joied arms with me. Then I noticed two older guys, one was a minister I’ve worked with, and the other was a good friend I worked with as well. All of them I knew, and all I can trust. Anyways, they all follow me into this now dark, deserted building. There was hardly any light, but as I lead them through the dark hallways in stealth, we spotted our enemy. I went to take him out and he tried to shoot me, but I reflected his attack and knocked the gun out of his hands and shanked the man in the chest with my stick. After noticing his death, I signal the others to keep moving. They were all in awe of courage, especially Josh, so they continued by my side. Next we approached a dead end, but it wasn’t completely dead. There was an old ragged ladder that went straight up. I thought I heard a woman or child up there, so I instructed that we all climb up. After just a few feet up the ladder, I noticed a couple screech sounds and I feared that one of the older men, who was a bit overweight, might be too much weight for the ladder. I didn’t want to hert his feelings, but I noticed the sweat in his brow already, so I asked him and the other man to stay down and keep watch. Once my brother and I reached the top of the ladder, we saw that it was just an attic. I looked back thinking we should climb back down, but then I heard growling. It had to be the lion! I clinched on tightly to my staff and proceeded towards the snare. My brother was in awe of my bravery and continued by my side. As we made it around the corner, we can now see light sipping through the cracks of the wall. Through the light we can see that these weren’t lions at all, but lioness. I stared, waiting patiently for its next move. Sadly, I woke up, not sure if it ever noticed me or not. Please share your opinions on what you might project through this dream of mine. Thanks.


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