Being self responsible for state of mind; listening to intuition and unconscious; introverting awareness, or escaping from external world.

For people involved in any form of personal growth, they occasionally have a dream in which some form of instruction is given as an aid to their unfolding. Such dreams are worth following as the unconscious has the ability to sift and consider our collective experience, and present what applies to our need.

But there are basically two types of meditation – with seed and without seed. With seed means you have a goal or state of being you wish to get to, so involves a goal of some sort. Without seed is to totally not have any goals or hopes of reward or getting anywhere. 

The first one, with seed, is based on ones personal desires, hopes or goals, the second, without seed, is based on your conviction that you are an integral part of life and the cosmos. This can be a form of surrender to what you feel is underlying your existence and so is trusting in yourself.

Sometimes we are influenced by old cultural viewpoints. We need an extension to fully be who we are and what we are. Our technological gadgets demonstrate this perfectly. Who would be interested in a mobile phone that only worked occasionally if you knelt in prayer for hours, or had to repeat certain mantras or types of meditation before it would function? We want something reliable and functional that is an expression of our best. I have seen it at work within myself in the past. A splendid possibility of enhanced awareness and response to situations.

We need to be able to meet the circumstances of our today, in all its variety, with real quality. That is true whether we are faced with making personal, political, counselling decisions, or whether we are responding to our children in a way to help them unfold their unique possibilities. Perhaps we want to guide our children in a way that takes in who they really are, and at the same time equip them to meet the possibilities and dangers of everyday life. We need to be able to help them to discover what their roots are. Not just their father and mother and immediate forebears, but what they have inherited from their culture, and their history. We need a wider perspective to guide us, and this is possible to us. See Using Your Intuition

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 Example: ‘While recovering from a major operation and experiencing enormous pain I dreamt my father – dead – appeared standing at the end of the bed, and he said in a very matter of fact voice, ‘Think of five pink bouquets’. My father would never have used those words, so the scene impressed itself on me. I therefore woke and tried to visualise the five bouquets. I managed to get three in a row, four, but I could not manage five until I formed them into a diamond with one in the middle. When I achieved that my pain subsided, and did so each time I used the image – why I do not know.’ Ken S.

Ken’s experience suggests a psychosomatic effect from his dream proposed meditation. Such meditations often show ways to alter character attitudes or help find strength to make necessary changes in life.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I hoping to find through meditation?

What does the dream say about meditation?

Have I hit difficulties?

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