A medium may represent the intuitive function, acquaintance or contact with the psychic rather than the spiritual; the knowledge of unconscious impressions, or of the dead.

Intuition, but perhaps in an obscure way; contact with the unconscious or the dead in its symbolic form. See: the dream as extended perception under esp in dreams; symbols and dreaming.

If you dream you are a medium and you are trying to communicate with a dead person, remember that at death we have no physical organs to speak through, so it all has to be done through thoughts. Also that at the level of thoughts we create huge difficulties by what we think. So a thought such as, “I am not a medium so I cannot talk with my dead son” is like a brick wall that we have created and cannot get through. Thoughts and imagination are incredible powerful and are real at the level of dreams and the dead – and of course your own inner world. See Inner World

 Example: The woman dwarf had features that, even in the dream, reminded me of someone. On waking I realise it was the dwarf woman who played the ‘medium’ in the film Poltergeist. Once in the room with her I felt more strongly I had known her for many years. She told me she was going to look in her crystal ball to tell me what she could see for me. The room was quite dim. It was her bed-sitting room, and like the corridor, had an air of things going on difficult to see in the dimness.

Example: I was at a public meeting with some friends (that I was trying to introduce to Spiritualism) and the medium who looked about 80 came to a woman in the front row who also looked about 80 and said, ” Mother in spirit dear,” she said it with a slight lift at the end so it sounded like a statement or a question. To everyones amazement, the woman said “No, she is still alive”. So the medium said, ” Well it must be your grandmother because she comes on a motherly vibration”.

I have seen a clairvoyant at a public meeting wave a vague arm that encompassed about 50 people at the back of the church, and say” does anyone recognize a Fred?” Amazing. I liked to think that if there is some heavenly beings orchestrating all of this then a least some have been getting to the people who need them the most and of course there are the “message groupies” that go to every meeting possible and absolutely must have a message but that’s another story. Larry

Example: I approach my God and ask to see what would be a direction that would be rewarding to my wholeness, and to other people as well. I prayed for guidance and what arose was the realisation that I had always wanted to be a medium, and I could do that if I wanted. It was something I had wanted to do for a long period of my life. The reason I hold back is because I feel it is a questionable process. At times what arises in this way is amazingly to the point and unexpected. Other times it seems like me making up drivel. A clarity about self doubt then came. I am a man who could go in almost any direction in terms of doing what would be satisfying, but don’t go in any direction much because I am haunted by self doubt. The crippling thing is that I doubt the very thing I love – the spiritual experience. I doubt the very validity of what is the centre of my inner life. I love that – I doubt that. So this leaves me in a sort of limbo.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What do you associate with a medium?

Have you ever been to one?

What happened in my dream with the medium?

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