Meet Met Meeting

(As in meeting someone – what do you meet?).

This is usually about contact, about relationship, and especially about the factors governing the relationship. For instance in one dream a man looking after children meets a man who he judges to be irresponsible. In fact the man is ill and therefore not acting normally. So the factors governing the meeting are misjudgement or misinformation.

Meeting is also about confrontation, or encountering challenge, the new, or about some sort of communication. There might also, in the communication, be questions asked.

The person we are meeting or moving toward can also depict the future, the person we are becoming or moving toward in our growth. It is therefore helpful to define what sort of person they are.

We might, as often happens, be meeting ourselves, thoughwe often put another person there to confuse our so logical mind; but I see so oftens that soemthing tells me again that within each of us lies a radiance that enriches us if we can meet it, that this radiance constantly tries to show us how to become whole, that becoming whole may take strength, surrender and trust.

We also meet again and again, yet for some reason cannot see it, Life’s age old unconscious processes are still the major part of our being, yet we seldom consciously meet them. See Life

 What do you meet in the dream? Is it a dark figure which suggests something about you that you are barely conscious of and need to know.

Is it an animal which is usually your instinctive or spontaneous reactions to events, you intuition or your fears that you are meeting.

Is it a woman and you are a man Then you are meeting your feelings and your female self. Also you might be experimenting with your sexual impulses. You cannot call having sex ‘making love’ – it may be sexual desire which is largely a natural impulse, but it is seldom love. See Love; Archetype of the Anima

Is it a man and you are a woman  Then you are meeting your more rational self or your male self. It might be a way you are trying to see whether the man is the ‘one’ – and that is something seen in many dreams. Maybe you feel it would be nice to fall in love and marry again. So you may be hoping that the dream is some sort of indication that ‘he’ still wants to be with you. I can only pass on what I see happens when someone has such a dream. There is such a huge difference between our inner life and outer life. Our inner life often tries to digest or integrate the experience of a relationship, or/and we live out the things we would love to happen. You realise how happy someone can be in a relationship, so you can’t help wondering if it could happen to you. See Archetype of the Animus; Questions; Learning to Love

Are you looking for support? Whether a woman or a man, we often find support in our dreams. But you must be aware that dreams arise and take place in very different set of circumstances than our waking life. So the people and animals should not be thought of as external, but are ways that you inner most self is showing the politics of your own inner world. See Summing Up

Useful Questions and Hints:

If the meeting did not work well ask yourself what went wrong?

If it went well see if you can build what you felt or realised into your life.

Have ever realised meeting yourself?

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