Menstruate Menstruation Periods

The possible association depends very much upon what age you are, and what gender. But if you are female, it can suggest (in order of age) emerging sexuality and child bearing, and any joys or worries you have about this. Dreams of young women often experiment with the whole process of menstruation and pregnancy long before there is any inclination to experience sex as an external fact.

It might refer to your acceptance or conflict with this powerful and spontaneous process of life working in you. In a sense it takes over your body as distinct from your personal desires. This calls for some adjustment, so the dreams might illustrate this.

The dream might reflect concerns about pregnancy, or in a few cases, directly shows that you are pregnant.

Lastly the dream might be showing actual physiological conditions needing attention. If you are worried about any such dream, check it out with your doctor.

Emerging sexuality; procreative drive; mystery of life; acceptance of life working in yourself if menstruating – non acceptance of basic life drives if not menstruating.

Menstruation connects her with the forces of death and renewal occurring within her during every menstruation. It connects her with the tremendous link with natural forces of mothering and the strength of womanhood and the female principle in the Earth and universe.

Blood can also mean fertility when it is connected with menstruation. It can be a painful cleansing and difficult period of releasing the old. The old dies away and leaves space for the new to grow. For women there is obviously a strong link between bleeding and menstruation. Therefore in women’s dreams involving blood, the colour red or bloody felsh in any form, the blood may depict whatever feelings, pleasure, difficulties are associated with menstruation and the power of female fertility for the dreamer.

Dreams of collapse and destruction are more prevalent before a woman’s menstrual periods. Just before menstrual bleeding the endometrium is thicker and its surface more spongy or “wrinkled” before it sloughs off and menstrual bleeding starts. At this time several women report dreams where they need to iron wrinkled clothing. One woman reported, “I was in the bathroom ironing.”

Women with negative attitudes toward their menstruation (“the curse,” “falling off the roof,” “on the rag”) showed 15 percent of their dreams during the first two days had concerns about their body health. While those with positive feelings toward menstruation (“my secret friend,” “my monthly visitor,” “Mother Nature calling”) had less than 2 percent of dreams showing concerns.

Menstruation is the assurance of true femininity and the sign of womanhood. At such a time women often dream of receiving an engagement ring or married to strangers. Women frequently dream of being in water or swimming during menstruation.

Just before menstrual bleeding the endometrium is thicker and its surface more spongy or “wrinkled” before it sloughs off and menstrual bleeding starts. At this time several women report dreams where they need to iron wrinkled clothing. One woman reported, “I was in the bathroom ironing.”

Problems with menstruation: Problems with relationship between what life needs of personality, and what personality wants of life; might refer to physiological problems which need attention. In man’s dream: Ones receptive nurturing nature; the aspect of the male self which can ‘conceive’ creative ideas.

If ill: problems in sexuality, creativity, emotions or in letting go of ‘I want’. See: pre menstrual tension; Menstruation and dreams.

 Example: For the past year and several months I’ve had a recurring dream at least 10 times pertaining to my menstrual cycle and bowel movements. These dreams have always been embarrassing. Either my period has came down unexpected while I’m sitting on the toilet and/or I am catching a bowel movement in my hand and trying to hide it from people around me. I have been thinking of what possible meaning this could be.

This is about the person holding onto their inner emotional rubbish/shit because they feel embarrassed if they allow it to be expressed.

 Example: We’re commiserating about the woes of menstrual periods.  We talk about how uncomfortable it is when one’s flow is very heavy.  We’re enjoying our conversation and I like her a lot.  We have so much in common.  Finally she says she needs to change her tampon or pad.  I offer her a tampon (regular) but she says that she doesn’t use them when she’s out like this.  (I get the feeling she means it’s too inconvenient.)  At first I was sitting on the end of the aisle and she was sitting to my right.  Now she’s squatting in the aisle on my left.  I thought she was going to the bathroom but she changes right there in the aisle.  She pulls out a thing that looks like a tampon but it’s round and white on a string.  It’s about 1/2 – 1 inch in diameter.  This is what she will use. She doesn’t seem the least bit uncomfortable about doing it in the aisle.  It seems to be natural for her.  I then ask her how she handles working when her flow is so heavy.  She laughs and says there’s no way she can work.  Her boss just tells her to take her shoes and go home.  He knows she’s going to be off work when she’s on her period.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I have problems talking about menstruation?

What do I feel about menstruation?
Is it easy or painful for you?

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-Simone 2016-12-12 18:09:11

Hi, I had a dream last night that my period came on my pants. This is weird because I have my period last week, I was diagnosed with pcos and I am now on letrozole pills. What could this dream means? Help me please.

-Maybe Kevin 2016-12-09 18:36:50

I dreamed I got my period but instead of blood, it was black and gray slugs the size of my hand. Whenever one came out its slime would burn me like acid all over my genitals and down my thighs, but no one believed me. They would stay in my underwear and I could feel them squirming around until I went to go empty them in the toilet or trash can, then they would swear at me and tell me I had to hurt (or maybe kill?) someone before they would go away. Does this mean anything?

-Amanda 2016-12-02 20:08:54

So, lately, I’ve been having slight cramps that feel like menstrual cramps after I pee, and I had a dream last night where I was in a grocery store / mall / library and I was feeding cookies to cats in the mall and then the cats were taken away by their owners. Then, I went to the library and saw this guy that I used to dislike a LOT and all my other classmates from my old school that I didn’t like. Then, somehow, it turned into a grocery store and this one girl was talking to me very rudely and made me extremely angry. The next thing I know, I’m talking to a friend but everyone’s laughing at me and I ask my friend “did I bleed through my pants??” and she said I was and I looked down and there was bright red blood on my pants. Everyone was whispering / laughing at me but I just strutted and said “this is what being a female is like!” and didn’t care what anyone said and was completely confident..then I went to get oreos. What does this mean ?? By the way, I’m 13 if that helps.

-bern 2016-11-01 8:11:17

Monday I had a dream of washing Virginia in a basin and the blood was flowing like a water fountain I try to stop it but I couldn’t so I stand up and it runs down my legs none stop what does thay mean

-Mary 2016-07-31 9:11:09


I had a dream

I felt I was menstrating I felt wet and visualed blood on feeling and observing my hand no blood. I checked my white pants no blood but wet.

What could this mean

Many thanks

-Karen 2016-07-22 20:21:33

Im 37, have never been a big dreamer, until last couple of months. Have had so many vivid dreams. Over the last 8 months my cycles have been shorter and more frequent which concerns me even though tests find nothing. Last night I dreamt I went to the toilet and I had black clotty blood when I wiped, TMI I know, but there was a black clot on my undies when I looked down aswell… any ideas what my dream is suggesting?

-Mumu 2016-07-21 10:26:19

I always dream about swimming about three days before my period everymonth.what could this mean?

-Maryam 2016-07-17 9:49:07

Hi I’m a 13 year old who just got a really weird dream and I want to know what it means. Since I’m already on my period I had this dream where I was on my period and whenever I sat down there were blood stains, but for some reason I didn’t panic to go clean it up but just looked at it like a normal thing. I was going to confront the queen on that day because she made a racist rule that a certain religion wasn’t allowed in a certain country. There were so many maids running up and down with trays to clean/give to the queen and her family. I continued waking up and when I reached was sat facing the queen and her family. But before that the queen and her husband were watching people play a certain sport and were happy when they won and held hands and skipped 20 inches forward then back, which was very strange. I looked like I was 16 or older. So to the part where I was facing the queen and her family, I sat down and was talking about how that should NOT be allowed. She was looking a me in a disgusted way. She said to me that I had a little something there and pointed at the char. I got up and looked at it and told her I was sorry However, the thing that before the dream happened I was awake on my laptop at 2 am and was watching people get their dreams/nightmares interpreted…

    -Belkise 2016-07-17 17:03:03

    i’m 15 years old and i got my period two days ago… I went to bed on the third day and i had this awkward but Cool dream about the magical wrist band… it was just a green wrist band made from rubber and i remember 2 other people with me in the night in front of my neighbourhood and we were taking turns wearing the wrist band so we could fly… when i was my turn it flew and it felt so real and i could actually control myself while flying… i was kind of lucid dreaming! i then woke up…

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-07-22 11:20:38

    Dear Maryam – What your dream may reflect is that you are exploring your stage in waking life as an adolescent;
    You start with “leaving your marks” on chairs, which could be a symbol of “growing your inner space”; being in charge of what you no longer want to adjust to while trying to become a more independent individual with more power.
    Your unwillingness to adjust any longer to rules set by what may be your (inner) mother – symbolised by the queen – is part of your growth process.
    Your inner mother is as powerful as your external mother. You have taken in millions of bit of memory, lessons learnt, life experiences along with all the feelings or problems met by loving and living with your mother, and they are a major influence in your early life and are a part of you.
    Your psychological growth process could be seen as a sportive event – playful and lively – and as life it is a three steps forwards, two steps backwards game.
    This can also be seen in this part of your dream; “So to the part where I was facing the queen and her family, I sat down and was talking about how that should NOT be allowed.
    She was looking at me in a disgusted way. She said to me that I had a little something there and pointed at the chair. I got up and looked at it and told her I was sorry.”
    When confronting the queen your dream figure moved from seeing her marks on the chairs as a normal thing towards feeling sorry about them.
    See also
    Let me know if you have any questions Maryam.
    Anna 🙂

-donna deukett 2016-06-26 22:49:31

I dream i’m having my period but I had a hysterectomy 11 years ago. I still have my ovaries. I’m single now. My children are grown up and leading their own lives.

-Lulu 2016-06-23 0:24:13

Hi, I’m an 18 year old girl and only had sex twice in the past 3-4 months. Both times were unprotected (Yes, I know thats bad) but the first time he didn’t come and i was still worried about getting pregnant. This last time he actually came but not inside of me. He pulled out before and I watched it come out. The first time I was panicking about it I never had any dreams of my period but this time I do. And now that I’m reading all of this I’m scared that I actually might be pregnant. This was my dream:

I believe I was laying down. I felt as if my period was coming down *You know like when you sneeze and its all hot (for those who use pads)*. That how it was and I felt myself holding it in.

This was the basis of the dream and I can’t remember the rest of it. What does this mean? Please help.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-06-25 14:50:02

    Dear Lulu – I hope that you know that even when your partner does not cum at all, or not inside you, there is no 100% guarantee that you will not get pregnant.
    Also there is no dream that can guarantee you whether you are pregnant or not, so if you fear that you actually might be pregnant, do take a pregnancy test!
    The feeling that you have to hold the blood in may be caused by you not dealing properly with your own fertility and the possibility of creating a new life inside you, which attitude may have effects on the way you perceive your sexuality as well.
    A way to explore your dream is to use
    What does your dream figure think and feels when she feels that her period is coming down?
    What happens if she allows it to flow without holding it in?
    See also
    Anna 🙂

-Rose 2016-06-15 23:51:23

I just had a dream where my boyfriend and I were laying in my room and there was another girl who was staring and looked mad, then when she left he snuggled up to me and fell asleep. And then I realized I had gotten my period and it was all over him. Gross I know, but strange. Any symbolism in this?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-06-19 16:25:00

    Dear Rose – “Another girl” who is staring and looks mad may reflect an aspect of you that neither you nor your boyfriend is fully aware of yet.
    “You” – in the role as “another girl” in your dream – do not express your feelings; all this girl does is staring and “looking mad”.
    There is a way to explore and express her feelings;
    Because you and your boyfriend do not seem to respond to her presence in any way, you may want to explore that too.
    Do you feel you can communicate openly with your boyfriend and/or with yourself about your feelings?
    Do you feel he responds to your feelings in some way; other than snuggling up to you and falling asleep?
    Because underneath being mad there is often pain, I am not sure if the bleeding from your vagina is actually about you having gotten your period.
    It might indicate your fears about sexuality and femininity, or hurts to your emotions connected with sexual relatedness and how this unexpressed pain is affecting your (inner) boyfriend too; “and it was all over him.”
    It may be helpful to start opening up to what is going on in your inner world while being alone;
    Anna 🙂

      -julia 2016-12-21 3:02:55

      Hi Anna,

      I’ve just read your interpretation of Roses’ dream. I’m in my early fifties, and when I was a lot younger in my 20’s & early 30’s my partner at that time, we both had poor communication skills. During my menstruation I would become really talkative, sometimes/often I would find it quite difficult to stop talking. I would also have an incredible surge in my energy levels and my thought processes, so much so, I’d feel like i could achieve anything i wanted to do. Dont get me wrong, my periods could be very painful too, and i would have very ratchetty outbursts, which id soon forget., but the supernatural energy was worth the pain. And as i became older the pain subsided. Ive a feeling i know what the pain was about. Eventually i changed my eating habits, particularly when menstruating and started running and cycling. I noticed a marked improvement. My partner then, like myself was very insecure and lacked self esteem. Sorry I’m rambling. I just want to say, I really enjoyed your interpretation and think that it is spot on.

-Aleesha Spaid 2016-06-05 19:35:50

My friend, who is pregnant, had a dream that she was bleeding out of her vagina. She said it wasn’t like she was on her period it was more like a waterfall that wouldn’t stop. She says there wasn’t a hospital around anywhere. What does that mean?

-Montaya 2016-05-16 21:44:32

Hello I am African American woman 20yrs of age I had a dream last night I was on my period for about two weeks in my dream this vampire was following me I was trying to get away but he ended up catching me he came beside me and was growling in my ear while caressing me He then grabbed my hair and bit me on the left side of my neck he then bent me over and had anal sex with me I had an orgasm and I felt him disappear. Why did I have such a dream I do not watch anything of the sort of have books on vampires?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-20 10:42:51

    Dear Montaya – Did you also read
    What I see reflected in your dream is that you have a maybe unconscious desire to have anal sex when you perceive that vaginal sex is not possible for “a perceived long time.”
    Because there is an inner obstacle that does not allow you to experience anal sex – in your dream life and maybe also in your waking life – you have created a vampire in your dream.
    The vampire disappears when your sexual needs are satisfied.
    Perhaps you can accept anal sex as a possibility too now that you have experienced that you can reach an orgasm that way too?
    See also
    Anna 🙂

-Oh shit 2016-04-06 12:12:55

Hey am 11 and I dreamt about blood on my jj so am preggers den

    -TammyCastillo 2016-04-11 4:30:43

    Great ideas.

-Rebecca 2015-11-09 23:55:58

I got off the toilet, took a couple steps and looked back. There was a bit of menstrual blood on the seat. I went back to clean it off.

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