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Ancient peoples believed that seeing a meteor in the sky, or finding a part of a meteor suggested that a gift had been given by heaven. That is where the idea of wishing upon a falling star arose. To dream of a meteor or meteorite is for some people an expression of anxiety that they might be hit. But usually it has real significance. It represents something from the mysterious cosmos, the hugeness we have within us to enter our experience, so can represent awareness or recognition of something beyond our present experience showing itself to us. It begs the questions, where did it originate; what different world of experience does it represent, and how and why did it enter my life? Well it usually is from your core self. See Opening to Life – Dimensions of Human Experience – Your Core

A meteor can also represent the soul or spirit. Or it could be wishful thinking with regard to some aspect of your life. But such wishes if persisted in tend to move toward becoming realities.

Meteors were completely denied by ‘scientists’. Nothing could fall out of the sky that wasn’t shot upwards from earth, we were told. It was only ‘ignorant’ peasants working in the fields who said they had seen such things. Then one day a ‘scientist’ saw one – then they suddenly they existed as a fact. 🙂

A meteor crater might be indicating very ancient influences that you are in some way becoming aware of at the moment.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What feelings did I have seeing the meteor?

Did I see it as something I could make a wish on?

Do I have any feelings of what it means in my life?

See Being the Person or Thing – Healing Experience – Inner WorldClicking On


-Lea Patterson 2016-06-08 16:56:20

Last night I had a dream I was walking down the street with a few people, and I noticed up in the sky a black meteor coming at me full speed, I jump out of the way and it landed like 2inches from me it was smoking black and (red) from the heat. Then I looked back to the sky and saw a small dark circle that began to open as if it was a tunnel, it got longer and wider and I seen at the end of it a red devilish face on fire. What can this mean help me it frighting

-Jackson Gonzales 2016-05-18 17:05:59

I was dreaming that Meteorites were coming down to Earth. It felt like I was in the future, Meteorites were hitting buildings and houses. While i was looking out my car window, a meteorite was big as my house and hit a futuristic building. While I was in the car driving, I looked out the window and saw a meteorite blew up a car in the distance. most of the meteorites were about 12 feet tall, 12 feet wide, and 12 feet thick. I thought it was the end of the world.

-Varren 2016-03-21 20:40:11

I dreamed of a whole swarm of meteors entering the Earth’s atmosphere, although they were being intercepted and shot down by the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force). I know that could be interpreted as a sign of worry about something in life (since meteors have the potential to kill all life on the Planet), I remember watching these meteors falls and having a profound sense of peace.

-Bea 2015-12-14 15:57:53

Hi, Sunday morning Dec 13 – waking up walking from what looked like my apt door way to being a garage some what like mine but with an open roof to I could see a comet and shooting stars, or meteor shower. It was green and then gold, then I heard a voice sounded like Madrid (daughter)and then it was her. I couldn’t see her face but she was mom mom and I said come here look up there. And then suddenly felt where is Italia and asked and then I heard her say mom mom and then they were there with me watching the comet. As we look I see a man in a light red faded scrubs standing and looking up to see the comet or stars. He saw me and I saw him. Oddly he stared and I don’t know if I felt uncomfortable or scared or why he was there. Very confusing. It went black and I woke up in panic like always. That’s was around 8 or 9 something in the morning and I remembered the dream. I went back to sleep right after. And woke up around 10:30ish I think. I keep remembering it for some reason. This Monday morning at 830am I see an article about a Meteor shower and the best nights to see it last night and tonight. I had wtf moment, is this a psychic dream?

    -Matthew 2016-03-06 0:07:47

    I had a dream that a black hole appear above the sky that u could see and gravity was changing in every direction and meteors were falling everywhere and i was escaping down a street and then i was hit by a metro n was unconscious then i woke up…… I was petrified

-rebecca 2015-11-23 6:22:15

I found today what looks identical to a peridot meteorit . And then tonight i seen one fall from the sky it wasnt untill after i seen the bright green ball fall that i decided to look up the green stone type thing i foubd today please what does this mean to find one then see one the same day

-Lily 2015-11-20 15:54:21

I dreamt I was standing with a group of people when a meteorite shot down from the sky and onto the grass in front of us. Nobody seemed to notice that it had landed so close and when I walked near, it was glowing, rainbow colored, changing colors rapidly. I got everyone’s attention to look at this thing and they all ran over excitedly. Then I turned and a young (8 or 9 yr old) boy looked at me and gave me a vision of an eye that seemed to speak to me. I then followed the boy onto a ferry of unknown origin. Then I woke up.

-annete milbourn 2015-10-25 6:40:35

the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how did you make it so good?

:•] :•] ;]) :•[) :])

-rose 2015-09-10 17:17:59

I dreamed that I awoke, looked out the window and saw a giant meteor passing slowly by my window. I felt like I was in outer space and was very afraid.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-09-20 14:34:01

    Dear Rose – When you woke up in your dream, were you aware that you were dreaming?
    When we dream of space we dream of opportunity, the opportunity to explore, to build in the space, to explore our imagination in creativity. There is so much opportunity in a large space some people might even be frightened of it. It brings with it the feelings that here, in a large space one can go beyond the present view of the world one has created. The realisation one’s personal experience is not all there is.
    A meteor expresses the same; It represents something from the mysterious cosmos entering our experience, so can represent awareness or recognition of something beyond our present experience showing itself to us.
    Many people as their awareness reaches beyond what they feel is their normal self feel scared.
    If we realise that they are things we have created through our own fear we will pass on. But otherwise it will continue to haunt us as something that will get you; or you feel uncertain even lost in facing it! But it is only our small self-image, our ego that reacts because it feels powerless, even though in reality the Hugeness is part of our totality. It is the enormous potential you have within you, it is Life you are frightened of or have been ignoring.
    Anna 🙂

-violeta 2015-09-05 17:04:48

it was a weird experience..I remember it was night and i was with someone i had no idea who but it seemed that we were friends. we were stood in a field, i don’t know what we were doing there but i know i felt alarmed because of that girl or i think we were running from something, all of a sudden i felt the urge to look up. I saw a meteor but the flames were so colorful i felt joy and i just gazes at it falling because it looked so beautiful, it looked like it was extremely big or it was close i wasn’t sure but it looked like the moon. i looked up to the stars and saw all of them just randomly falling one by one but it wasn’t like they were falling at me, they were falling like shooting stars and they had the same colors as the meteor. i felt joy and thought that the colors were extremely beautiful and fascinating. i remember making a wish…

-Nicole 2015-08-24 1:34:12

Hi, wondering if you can help. I had a really bizarre dream last night…I was outside of my car in a parking lot somewhere, I looked up and there was an amazing meteor shower in the sky; suddenly a massive meteor was coming down, i just sat and watched as i got closer to my location when i changed shape. It turened into a large black object with spikes and stopped before it hit the ground; it hovered there for a while until it started moving toward me, I freaked out and then woke up…
Any ideas?

-Katie 2015-08-15 15:28:01

Hello! I would love to say how much I loved your dream interpretation of a meteorite dream! I have been having meteorite shower dreams for quite a while now (probably for at least a year). Last night I had yet another meteorite dream, but this time it was a little more unique: I got hit by a pebble-sized meteorite that gave me a burn on my arm that was exactly the same burn my boyfriend got a couple of days ago. Do you know what that could mean?

-malou 2015-07-23 2:05:05

I dreamt of silver meteor falling from the sky and it became a golden meteor when it landed to me. the meteor spoke and ask for my wishes. and I did

-malou 2015-07-23 2:04:05

I dreamt of silver meteor falling from the sky and it became a golden meteor when it landed to me. the meteor spoke and ask for my wishes. and I did

-Pana 2015-05-09 11:50:32

I dreamt I was watching the news channel and it spoke of a large meteor that would strike earth. Later on in the dream there was a terrible storm with twisters rain and a rather large tornado. While begging someone to come with me so we could get out of there. While looking out a window I see the gigantic tornado approaching the house then I hear this loud Crack and I see a bright red meteor come plummeting towards the ground. When it hits the ground everybody hits the ground as black smoke shoots up from the ground and starts towards the house

    -Queenb 2016-06-12 3:53:53

    I had the same exact dream no lie that is so weird I really wanna know what it means

-Kefilwe 2015-05-06 14:17:02

I dreamt of meteors falling from the sky and one landed close to me and pure water was flowing out of it.
I was rubbing that water on my legs…with such excitement.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-05-09 7:34:11

    Dear Kefilwe – The most important part of anything; a person, a machine, and organisation, a fruit, is the core of it.
    An apple is an example: the core carries the seeds that are the most important thing as far as life is concerned. The same goes for the person who may believe their body, the external them, is the most important, but it is their core being that is the most important and carries their essential self.
    When meteoroids enter the Earth’s atmosphere they are called meteors.
    Meteorites, and their parent asteroids, are the most-likely sources of the Earth’s water. – See more at
    Water can refer to the Life in you, the spirit that lives in you and can advise, uplift, grow and lead you.
    I see your dream as an expression of you being touched by the Source of Life in your dream. Rubbing your legs with “Life” can be a symbol for bringing strength from “beyond the earth”.
    Quantum physics has begun to show that the roots of our being are not in the atom — the material object that led to our view we are only a body that lives and dies. The new view suggests that the very foundation of our being lives beyond time and space.
    Dreams can have many functions and your dream reflects the function of reaching beyond the known world of experience and presenting intimations from the unknown. Many people have dreams in which ESP, out of the body experiences, and knowledge transcending time and space occur. This type of dream may indicate a link between the present person and people who had lived in the distant past; or between the dreamer and all existing life. Some of these dreams present powerful insights into how the transitory human personality may arise out of an eternal consciousness. They thus deal with the spiritual aspects of human nature.
    A Wonderful Dream indeed!
    Anna 🙂

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