Due to it being a product of a mother, it usually represents the ability to give of oneself, the giving of sustenance, self-sacrifice, nurturing the young or needy parts of you or others. It may also indicate motherhood, infantile sustenance, or sympathy. It can be the symbol of some­thing bland, harmless, mild, lacking the stimulus of alcohol, tea, or coffee. Thus the word ‘milksop’, that is another name for childlike, unmanly, cowardly. On occasions milk can also represent sperm or the female vaginal flow.  See: FoodDrink.

Through the mother’s it breast a baby receives nourishment, but it also receives in the milk things that help the baby meet the infections and threats confronting it in the external world.

An adult drinking milk might suggest the person has not matured – or needs more calcium in their diet.

Being milked: Giving of oneself; taking support or nourishment from someone else; taking, or being taken, advantage of.

 Example: Quoted from Dreams, The Language of the Unconscious by Hugh Lynn Cayce. ‘I dreamed my brother and I with our wives were out on a party with B.B. I fell asleep at the table. We got home very late. My brother left the car and walked home. He and I stopped to look at a bottle of milk that was marked “undistilled milk!”‘ An intuitive analysis of this dream by Edgar Cayce suggested that it represented the man as having too many late nights. This is portrayed by his falling asleep at the table. It also is said to suggest a need for more physical exercise in the part where his brother walks instead of using the car. And lastly, Cayce says, ‘Change from the present supply (of milk) for this shows adulteration in same.

Example: A young woman was there, not particularly good-looking, but okay. I suppose I would describe her as a fairly plain young woman, neither highly intelligent nor stupid. Almost immediately we were in a sexual relationship. I was sucking her breast. It was very beautiful and warm sweet milk was coming out into my mouth. It felt very satisfying, both for me and for her.


Idioms: Milk and water; milk of human kindness; milk somebody; cry over spilt milk.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What is happening to the milk in the dream?

Am I drinking it or giving it?

Do I avoid drinking milk, if so what is my dream suggesting?

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-Lindsay 2015-01-25 14:59:26

I dreamt I was shopping and my friend kept bringing me gallons of milk. I told him I already had milk at home but he wouldn’t stop. Gallons and gallons of milk.

-Clayton 2010-12-24 17:04:39

Last night I dreamed of two women–one “practical-minded”, the other “mystical-minded”. They were both quite likable and seemed to balance each other. The practical woman’s thoughts seemed to be occupied with somehow “helping” the mystic woman, who had an almost tangible aura of busy-ness about her, like her mind was elsewhere and she could not focus to save her life. Ms. Practical realized what she needed was to have her breast milk pumped. Luckily there were a variety of pumps on the shelf.. They laid down together bare-chested and Ms. Practical tenderly showed Ms. Mystic how to do it. Very sexual, but the mood was quite honest and not gratuitous. Now, “I” was present in the dream, and Ms. M’s friendly cat told stopped licking itself to tell me “Study the Natural Sciences”. Then the cat began playing with the two women on a bed. I looked to the side and saw a tall stack of colorful books. A few I recognized as being about “2012”. Now, strange red tissue paperish pieces were soaring around the mystic woman, and I felt ‘something is happening’ here. Then the dream descended into me laying in my bed, dark, and I was restless and desirous of the women. My thoughts for some reason went to Jesus, and something with the #4. Imagery of a bull?, or the devil?, but not so much evil as human, worldly, base. My body scrunched around, and I felt like I was twisting in frustration, and i imagined my foot hitting the wall and disturbing the pet dog to start barking. When I awoke, it seemed as though I hadn’t moved at all.

This was such a potent, detailed dream for me, I simply felt like sharing it. I feel just by (re)discovering this site–I’ve consulted it often for I Ching interpretations–, I’ve found something very helpful and special, and I hope to dedicate my attention more fully to dreams and their reasons. Any extra insight would be most appreciated. Thanks Mr.Crisp

    -Tony Crisp 2010-12-31 13:15:52

    Clayton – Well, the two women seem to fit very nicely into the right brain and left brain category. If healthy they will balance each other. But there is a great need to express milk. (I have seen this in a childless woman who felt incomplete unless she could express milk. She felt she needed to find out if she was a full woman). But I see the need as a pressure to express the loving giving of herself, and if that is not met it can cause what used to be called hysteria. For many men the need to have sex and ejaculate can cause a similar neurosis if withheld. In fact that is the root of a lot of yoga practice and religious discipline – the withholding of what is a pressure in men and women. If the pressure is used in the right way it can lead to new level of awareness, usually called spiritual. If not it leads to neurosis.

    The cat is a rather knowing addition to your dream isn’t she/he? And rightly tells you to study the natural sciences. I feel this is because the more you know of such sciences, if you keep yourself open to the Core of you, it can provide wonderful insights into human nature, in fact, Life.

    You seemed to have covered a lot in your dream. The bull, devil, are all a part of the realisation of the Life as a whole, of human nature. If you cannot meet sexual desire in guiding it, releasing and yet being in a directing role, you haven’t started the climb towards the other levels of human experience. It is a long climb and I can understand your restlessness and desires. It starts with the sexual desires, and goes on to be led up to the abdomen, hunger, integration; from there to the heart, where it can open up the wonderful insights gained through passion, emotions, giving and receiving; up to the voice, and allowing it to express from deep within, and up to the eagle eye, the seer or wide landscapes – until the opening of the flower within. Each part of the body is a sense organ – without the full opening of your sexual nature you would never know how to tenderly care for your children, to care for the needs of your wife or husband.

    Jesus and the bull and #4 are all parts of human nature that need to be acknowledged, expressed, without being possessed by any aspect. That is the walk along the razors edge. Just one of the sayings in the little book, The Light on the Path says “Kill out ambition, but work as they work who are ambitious.”

    Sorry – I got carried away.


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