Mill Milling

Process of extracting what is useful from ones gathered experience. Can be painful as it needs intense self awareness; crushing or painful experiences of life. Trying times or feelings. Suggests the breaking down of old attitudes and beliefs.

To mill or being involved in milling is a way of transforming one thing into another – something that couldn’t be easily used by humans into something useful. As such it can link with nourishment.

Grist for the mill: Suggests that everything can be used if and when it is milled. Also often refers to making a profit.

Milling around: Having not set direction or not making firm decisions or choices.

 Example: The scene shifted to later that same evening. I was in a small, outdoor amphitheatre and a lecture was going on while people were milling about. It was still a rave scene and there were all kinds of beautiful, psychedelic visual effects happening up on the stage and all around on the side walls, though the theater was open aired. I realized the whole effect was inducing a trance state and it felt really good to collectively be linked emotionally.

Run of the mill: An ordinary situation that does not stand out.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I the miller or involved in milling?

What is being ground up and for what purpose?

What am I doing milling around?

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