Mouse Mice

Minor irritations; fears and worries; the mousy or timid part of self; shyness; the activities within us – our house – which go on unconsciously, which might be important though small, or gnaw away at one. It can therefore represent a problem of some sort that needs attention; the sexual organ which goes in and out of a hole. Often the mice in dreams are eating away at things you have stored, or are infesting a house or ones clothes. This suggests influences that are gradually gnawing away at your energy, well being or confidence. Or, as with the clothes, attitudes that are unclean or that you feel very uncomfortable with to the point of wanting them out of your life.

In some mouse dreams the mouse is burst open in some way, perhaps a cat attacking. This suggests the realisation or experience of ones own vulnerability or weakness.

But for some people the mouse depicts their feelings of revulsion, filth, horror, an influence that is unconsciously but persistently pervading their life and response to things.

 Example: I saw that the place was infested with mice, and was somewhat dismayed. Then I took off, or shook out, my jersey or shirt, into a bathtub full of soapy water. Hundreds of mice fell into the tub. I saw that they all died in there as the bubbles dispersed a little. Then my wife and my mother were with me, and I told my wife she must make an effort to put all the food away and into containers, as if the mice found nothing to eat they would go away. TP.

Example: A mouse darted across the kitchen work surface and I caught it by placing a clear glass cover over it so it couldn’t escape. I was upset because mice are unhygienic but I didn’t know how to keep them out. I was trying to stop somebody from lifting one of the covers off the mouse but they lifted it anyway and the mouse ran out. I turned and moved away quickly so the mouse wouldn’t run up my arm. I turned my back on it and crouched down, hunching my shoulders up. But the mouse ran up the back of my clothing, under several layers, and got trapped at the back of my neck. In the dream the scenario was horrific for me as this little mouse was wriggling around inside my clothes desperate to escape and I wanted it out ASAP but didn’t want to hurt it. I was annoyed that it had run up MY back. It could have run up anybody’s back so why did it have to run up mine? CJ

As these two dreams show, the dream mouse can generate great feelings of revulsion. The last dream also illustrates a feeling that was trapped, but then released and travelled up the trunk of the dreamer. This is typical of released feelings that have been repressed and held in the body. The upwards movement showing the shift toward consciousness.

 Example: I could now see that it was a small white mouse that moved. It was walking towards the children’s bedroom. We were all staying in a friend’s seaside holiday cottage at the time. I asked my wife what a white mouse was doing in the house, and thought maybe it had been a pet left by a previous holidaying family. Wanting to catch the mouse I got out of bed and went towards it. As I did so I saw that it was not just white, but shining, very beautifully. It also seemed to grow larger. First to the size of a rat, then to that of a cat. I was now close to it and it looked enormous, shining with an inner light, white and radiant. It was a thing of beauty. Its eyes especially struck me; pink but also shining.

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Useful Questions and Hints:

What if anything is eroding or gnawing away at your health, resources or identity?

Is there something happening that you feel very uneasy about or not proud of?

Is this a special or shining mouse – if so can you define the feeling and what it links with in you?

Does the feeling of revulsion link with any event in my life that I can remember?

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-Dunn eee 2014-03-24 11:15:43

,and there is a way where snej

-Darianne M Brown 2014-02-26 12:06:41

In real life i have 5 cats.
In the dream i was in my room my room and the cats were in there. Out of no where there was a white mouse but in my hands the 1 mouse turned into 3 and it just kept mulpitlying over and over and i only had a tiny container. I was having such a hard time keeping at the white mice in there cause the lid wont latch. One of the cats ended up slicing a mouse open down the belly and was eating it. Ive never had a dream like this… what could it mean…?

-Ky 2014-02-23 13:26:39

I was recently woken in the middle of the night by a dream that heavily worried me. I dreamt that I was in my apartment and none of the lights would turn on, therefore it was difficult to see. I walked into the bedroom to try the lights and to my utter surprise, there was a field mouse, relatively the size of a football, on the floor running rampant and trying to bite my cats. The mouse’s fur was matted and several bald spots revealed infected skin; it’s anthropomorphic eyes looked at me with determined human emotion rather than rabid animal instinct, which put me in a deeper state of fear than I was already in. I did everything to grab my cats out of harms way and stomp the mouse to death, but it kept leaping at us. Eventually it had gotten hold of my youngest and bit her severely, taking a chunk of fur with it on its way back down. The thought of losing my precious Maine Coon to disease caused by this invasive intruder of my home swarmed before my eyes. I became overly enraged, more than I have ever felt in real life, but any move I tried would not abolish the disease-ridden malice away from my home and, more importantly, my cats. The dream continued to repeat itself, almost like it was intentionally stuck on replay, however my other felines were bitten too. I have never had a dream anything like this, and it is causing me to worry that I may not be providing a safe and healthy environment for my cats, or that their health is in danger.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-02-24 9:33:27

    Ky – I think that before you read any comments I make about your dream you need to read the following, because most people believe dreams are about the world of waking life. But in fact they are about a totally different world of experience –

    The business about the lights not turning on shows that you started the dream in a state of fear or anxiety. That created all the images that followed. You obviously care a great deal about your cats, and like any good mother you have heightened anxiety, which explores any possibility of hurt or danger for those you care for.

    The mouse is simply an image of your fear, and I do not think it is in nay way a prediction or a sign of you not caring for your cats. So please be a calm and caring person, and do not give your cats feelings that they are in danger.


-Rita 2014-02-23 1:27:51

I had a dream that I was looking under some blankets and felt a black mouse. I grabbed it sound it wouldn’t bite my daughter. As I held the mouse away, it bit be a few times drawing blood. After my mom walked in the room, I threw it across the room so my mom could get it. What does it mean

-Brandy 2014-02-02 6:56:45

I recently dreamt that I was laying in bed & someone laid a small gray mouse on the blanket, near my face. The person was telling me to eat the mouse, that he had prepared it. I was confused, thinking, why would I eat a mouse? I was looking the mouse over, he was very detailed. Suddenly, I noticed his eyes were open, just staring at me. He never moved though. I was thinking, this mouse is actually alive.

-cara 2014-01-11 4:32:01

Last night I dreamt that I had a huge number of pets – many hamsters, mice and cats, plus one guinea pig. In real life I just have two cats. In the dream, all of these pets were in cages (even the cats). It seemed like they were all in cages because I was about to travel or move to a different place,and I wanted to bring them with me. But all of the pets kept escaping from their cages so I had to continuously find them and put them back in their cages. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to leave or take the pets with me because their cages weren’t secure enough. In the dream, it seemed like I really loved the mice. Even the cats got along with them! Any idea what this might mean? Thank you!

-sarah 2014-01-04 3:47:58

I had a dream that my husband and I had decorated a small condo, it was very nice. I looked up and saw a possum on it’s back and many baby mice were nursing from the possum. I was horrified and told my husband that I was going to Wal-Mart to get some poison.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-01-05 13:59:45

    Sarah – This certainly has a link in your mind with babies, or having babies. The fact the you and your husband have decorated a condo has a similar meaning. But you are set against them according to your dream. That is not a good thing to do to poison the dream babies. Even if you do not want children, it is not a good thing to poison them in your dreams. See


      -sarah 2014-01-06 18:12:41


      thank you. I love my children! I have three. The children in my dream were mice and about twenty of them! Hmmm…

        -sarah 2014-01-06 18:18:03


        I did have a beautiful dream about a human baby girl. There was a doctor from another country who handed me and my husband a baby girl who was also from another country, we were in a car and a horse was in the back of the car and nuzzled me and the baby with its nose. I saw my mom hold the baby adoringly and handed it back to me. I think loved the baby!

-Laura 2013-12-04 18:19:11

I had a dream were a was looking at a mouse running around my living room but thought it was cute that it was trying to hide and I wasn’t even trying to catch it (it looked scared)

-peter myles 2013-10-11 6:04:31

i dreamt hundreds of mice were running up my trousers as someone opened the door, there were thousands of them all biting my legs, i woke up in a sweat, what does this mean

-Kenzi 2013-08-18 3:36:02

Hi Tony, I had a strange dream last night about a small box of mice (there were 3 or 4 of them) being brought to my house. I was the only one home I believe. When I opened the box, the mice just sat there and stared at me. Suddenly a cat appeared out of no where and attacked the mice. But I quickly snatched the box away, afraid of the cat killing them. I continued to run with the mice throughout the rest of my dream, trying to hide them in places where the cat couldn’t find them, and when I did, the feline appeared again and tried to kill them. I woke up running with the box. This is so perplexing, I’ve never had a dream like this before.

-margaret williams 2013-05-08 15:06:47

hi tony. i hope you can help me with this i dream t i was back at my childhood home(my brother has just died there and i am sorting out his estate) my father was standing there we both are aware hes dead we meet there often in my dreams) when i look down an see a dead pigeon on the ground then a white owl land on the fence i say to it look there is a free meal there pointing at the pigeon then when the owl jumps on the bird i realize its still alive i save the pigeon and just as i pick it up it turns into a shrew (the rodent) and i turn to my father and say its not a pigeon its a shrew. i can get the meaning of the pigeon the ,the owl but not the shrew its important that its a shrew not any other rodent

i really hope someone can help with this i get allot of messages from spirit in dreams and this is definitely important if it helps i really love pigeons and rodents they don’t revolt me at all

-Rebecca 2013-04-27 0:58:07

In my deam I was feeding some kittens food that I had gotten out of the fridge, and then put a dead mouse on top. The kittens, or, a kitten, put the head in it’s mouth and blood spurted out. The kitten did not eat the mouse, that I saw of.

-Elle 2013-02-04 19:40:02

I dreamt recently of a mouse running along the bed and up to my shoulder/neck and then I woke up. Any thoughts would be appreciated

-Dana Volkerts 2012-10-26 14:20:38

Strange dream- was interested in additional input, if you may – 10/26/2012 dream last night -talking to girl from work on a partitioned bus. everyone lived in different sections,
I could see it was moving but at times it seemed to grow in size and become a little village.
My daughter was younger and I was trying to use a breast pump to get milk for her. Everyone kept
running into me, and then apologizing. They were kind of rude about it. Saw (my old roomate), and she told me
that she and (my ex husband’s) fish (I guess he was her roomate) were badly injured at the last party that happened.
I looked at the big fishtank and all the fish were cut up and battleworn. One of them jumped out of the tank
at me and i went to put it back and it wouldn’t go. So I tried to find someone who could help me.
then it turned into a mouse and the cat tried to get it so i tried to help it, but it attacked the cat!
Neither of them were hurt, so I just thought it was strange.
so I plucked it off the cat and then i think i woke up.

-Han 2011-08-25 20:41:08

Hi Tony
I just woke up from a dream that made me feel kind of perplexed. In my dream I was a mouse and surrounded by tones of big, scary-loooking birds. However I wasn’t afraid and decided to go to a “rescue mission” with a brightest, and strongest of one of the bird, the Eagle.On our way to the destination we were crossing the desert and when looking down it saw a landscape of golden sand. Suddenly the Eagle was chased by a giant-ancient type Pygmy Scaly-tailed Flying Squirrel.I (the mouse) was shook off the Eagle and landed on the golden sand and looking up above The Eagle and The Squirrel disappeared behind the thick clouds.The last thing I saw of the Eagle was its 3 brown feathers.I’m not sure The Eagle was dead or alive. I was laying low behind the block of sand for a while because of fear of being attacked by the squirrle however nothing was happening. Then I picked myself up walking across the desert to what seemed to be a demolished graveyard.Feeling graveyard was some kind of bad luck I was hurry but for some reason I found my file of study folder (finance subject). I picked it up and found a found then from that I turned to become a human and the next thing i know I was in class.

sorry for a long post, Any insight would be very appreciated

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