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The influence of the abstract or subtle in your life. What this points to is the subtle but inbuilt things such as place of birth, historical period, financial situation, social level you were born into and that form almost unconscious motivations and hesitations in you.

The planet might portray a desire for the strange or alien. If you have any understanding of astrology, the planet can depict the traditional ‘planetary’ qualities.

A planet might also suggest a different style of life, a new world of experience.

But at a practical level the planets of our solar system are part of the influences that make up our own inner environment. Their subtle effects on gravity and us are the weaving of our own psyche. They are constantly moving and so creating an ever moving web or influence.

A planet very close to us: A marked influence that is effecting you. What the influence is might be revealed to you if oyu can imagine yourself as the palanet hanging in space near you. See Being the Person or Thing

Sun: Vital energy; the giver of all life on our planet. The Self, so consciousness or awareness.

Genesis gives a much fuller understanding of the sun and moon than is usually stated. I am indebted to F. J. Mayers and his book the Unknown God for this understanding.

They represent two aspects of the universe we know, Light and Darkness. They are the power of consciousness – the Light the sun – and the Lesser Light the moon of consciousness the unconscious. Also they are, to quote, “the moon and stars are definitely stated by the author of Genesis to have been created to be ‘symbolic signs of the future’ in that sense, it opens up a very wide subject.”

By this it does not mean a sort of psychic prediction of things, but a creator of seasons and a model of things to be. The movement of the planets around the sun and the movement of the moon provide an ever changing flow and pattern of forces which are also part of our own creation.

Genesis, when rightly understood, is not some religious fairy tale, a superstitious attempt to explain creation, but a careful record of the evolution of consciousness and humankind. Unfortunately it was translated by people who did not understand that Hebrew was a sign language and treated it like we do when translating words, as we have done with ancient Egyptian. Just as we accept that alpha, the Greek first letter means ‘beginning’ and omega means ‘ending’, so each letter of Hebrew had a recognised meaning. This makes Adam not a singular but a plural word – it is not the name of an individual but of all humankind, women and men.

And as for the planets being part of our own creation, the statement in Genesis says clearly that “God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness ….. And God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.”

It does not say after my likeness but after ‘our likeness’. God is not a male figure but an unknown force behind creation, but when creating it become plural. “Elohim” is a plural name, and yet it is always treated as a “singular” one, and always used with a singular verb.” It was in the “image” of the manifold attributes of God that Adam was to be made.

If you find it hard to believe, realise I am dealing with the unconscious as it manifests in dreams, and it doesn’t matter that you believe or not, because this is how dreams, seen by those who can explore them and not interpret them through the thinking mind, see the sun, moon and planets.

The greater ‘light’ – the sun – is the fully conscious activity of the “thinking” mind. This is the last faculty to be developed in humans, and when fully developed, it completes the human constitution.

The ‘lesser’ light – the moon – is the unconscious mind, is a link between the animal and human. Humankind, in their ascent to the human state of being, was at first in a state of darkness. The unconscious mind alone was active in them. They could not “think for themselves”; but followed the promptings of instinct. The unconscious mind was their light and guide in the “night.” Its greatness and its latent possibilities have, however, scarcely been realised in modern times.

As the activity of the greater ‘light’ of reason and deduc­tive thought commenced and developed in man the lesser ‘light’ of instinct fell more and more into obscurity, it became – unconscious. Its powers, however, will in time re-awaken, not to dominate, but to work cooperatively with Thought and Reason; the unity of intuition and reason.

Moon: See above and also – moon.

Mercury: Intuition and the mind. It represents universal “Mind” the collective unconscious. Because it is the function of intuition that accesses the massive resources of the unconscious it answers to whatever question, difficulty or interest the person has. It has been called “The Messenger of the Gods.

 Its most physical activities affect the nervous system and through that, the disposition. So we speak of a mercurial” temperament, “up and down” and changeable as the mercury in a barometer.

Mervury The Mercury symbol shows a semicircle over a circle, and the + under it. The + is the earth sign; its horizontal line denotes the present plane of human activity, the normal everyday level of life. The upward line represents the course of human evolution, beginning far down in chaos and darkness and passing upwards towards the light of the Spirit. The O is the sign of “Spirit.” In us it is the human spiritual individuality.

The  or semicircle is the moon or soul sign, a cup or chalice, open to the heavens to receive the influences that pour into it from above – just as the physical moon receives the light of the sun and reflects it to the earth. The moon has no light of itself – neither has the soul. Both receive and reflect. The Mercury sign is also given in the form of the “caduceus.”

Caduseus  This shows the “rod” or “sceptre,” symbolising authority, rule, influence, around which are entwined two “serpents” – symbols of “wisdom” or “intelligence.” These two serpents represent the “conscious” and “subconscious” minds. The “orbit” of Mercury is near the sun. The “Sun” symbol represents any “centre” or focus of spiritual activity.
BiologicalEnergy The caduceus can also represent the rising life energy as in the image – See kundalini 

Venus: Represents Love, Beauty, Harmony, in any sphere – either of spirit, thought, life, or physical being. Its hieroglyph represents the spiritual qualities dominating the material.  Love, motherhood and femininity, also receptivity.

Mars: Outgoing energy, unrestricted activity either for good or evil. It is the sign of conflicting, warlike forces. In its hieroglyph the lower, earthly characteristics are shown above the spirit sign.  Energetic activity, aggressive action or fire in ones life and feelings; masculinity ruled by passions.

Earth: See Earth

 Jupiter: Represents increase, expansion, growth, preservation. Acting in the mind it denotes “Wisdom”; in the “disposition” it shows as generosity, goodwill, etc. Its hieroglyph represents the soul forces (moon) rising above the material plane – but remaining in ouch with it. It can indicate growth in self and activities, preservation in terms of ones inner qualities, freedom from limitations.

 Saturn: Represents restraint, contraction, any defining, centralising, materialising influences. It is the most materialistic of the planets. Acting in the mind it produces narrow – mindedness – but at the same time very clear cut definite ideas. Acting on the general disposition, it “hardens” and leads to self – centredness, selfishness, etc., but also to “cautiousness,” carefulness and other useful qualities. It is also – in a narrow – sighted way strictly just. The hieroglyph represents the material sign dominating the soul sign.  Fate or karma, the past catching up with us. A retarding influence, emotional coldness, the lessons of life that shape our growth and time.

 Uranus: Its symbol represents spiritual force rising through the “Gemini” symbol of the twin minds. Mind in itself tends to grow only into Intellectualism. Uranus raises the level and extends the field of thought. It gives, at its best, great genius – and at its worst, eccentricity. It has much affinity with the Zodiacal sign Aquarius, and its action shows strongly in many of the most modern developments of Science and Art. It can in your dreams represent sudden changes and fluctuation, but the changes can be signs of genius or whimsy.

It is linked with the principles of genius, individuality, new and unconventional ideas, discoveries, electricity, inventions, and the beginnings of the industrial revolution. Uranus governs societies, clubs and any group dedicated to humanitarian or progressive ideals. Historically it was associated with the principles of the Enlightenment and radical political ideas of equality and freedom, among other things.

Uranus is known in astrology as the “Awakener,” since its aspects and transits bring sudden changes and shocks. It rules Aquarius, the quirky innovator, and sometimes these upheavals are a necessary break from restrictions in favour of a more liberated path. Uranus the planet of radical disruption, unpredictable events and liberating discontinuity.  See Uranus under planets

 Neptune: Influence most of the “mystic side of people in deep, vague, feelings and ideas and wider consciousness. Its hieroglyph, the Trident, represents the human spirit, mind, and emotions fishing in the great waters. It is at present little understood, and what its ultimate purpose in regard to human life and evolution may be, remains to be seen. One might mention as a very typical Neptunian personality – Madame Blavatsky. It certainly has much to do with the mediumistic faculty – a faculty which, in its present state of development, is still developing. So it can be seen in the unconscious influence in daily life, psychic impressions and awareness of death.

We may find a parallel in Irish god Nechtan, master of the well from which all the rivers of the world flow out and flow back to.

 Pluto: Astronomers demoted Pluto in 2006, and it’s now considered a “dwarf planet,” but astrologers still reckon it to be a powerful force on a collective and individual level. It is an   agent of change. There is a burning away of falsehoods, so that truth can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. Intuitive leaps can be made on a collective level that are life-affirming for all of humanity. The hieroglyph is very similar to Mercury, but the earth is in the same place but the receptiveness connects with the spirit – so it connects earth/death with spirit/life or resurrection. But resurrection should not be thought like the Christians present it as the rotten corpse being reconstituted, but of soul being given a chance of new life if it hasn’t found it place in the great consciousness,

Pluto is referred to mythologically by the Greeks and the Hindus. In Greek mythology he was nominated as Hades, the God of Death and Sovereign of the underworld. This concept of death is limited however, as Pluto’s deeper significance has as much to do with rebirth as it does with the traditional concept of death per se. Death is simply another transformative stage followed by rebirth. Pluto represents the decay and eventual disappearance of the old in preparation for the new. See rebirth or resurrection

In mythology, Pluto is god of the underworld, which is an otherworld where souls go after death. The original Greek idea of afterlife is that, at the moment of death, the soul is separated from the corpse, taking on the shape of the former person, and is transported to the entrance of the underworld. The underworld itself—sometimes known as Hades, after its patron god—is described as being either at the outer bounds of the ocean or beneath the depths or ends of the earth. In today’s terms, at death  one’s consciousness can longer function in the body and so consciousness exists at another dimension, that is what we think of as the human unconscious. Because most people never gain awareness of their unconsciousness they lose awareness of those who die to body awareness. See Bodiless Awareness

 Alien planet: A totally new experience of yourself, one that you feel is alien to you conscious self, but is part of the expanded universe of your inner self. See Inner World


-Lacee 2018-06-05 16:10:01

I had a very vivid dream last night. I was in an abandoned building with a bunch of people some family some strangers. It was weird everyone was talking g about this scary natural disaster rain. If you were outside when it occurred you were dead it was su h big raid drops it would kill on impact. The people warned everyone and I was helping everyone get to shelter. I was inside waiting for this storm when I looked out the window the planet’s were aligned right outside my window I could touch Pluto just by reaching for it and it was like a stairway it built but I didn’t walk up it. I was the only one who could see it everyone else could t see this allignment.

I’ve had other dreams of other worldly planet’s a d moons coming to our world but was wondering what this actually means.

    -Tony Crisp 2018-06-06 10:54:19

    Lacee – I would like to try to give you information that might help you to see the bigger picture your dreams present.

    For a start people born blind do not dream in images, simply feelings. This suggests that our dreams are made up of things we have seen. So to understand how dreams come about and realise what your dreams are telling you, it can help if you realise that just as your eyes do not directly allow you to see, but nerve impulses are sent to the brain where they are translated into living pictures. Nothing we sense in the world is directly known, but it is all impressions that are translated into a sense of smell, sight, hearing, etc.

    So in our dreams we weave a wonderful and living virtual reality out of our sense impressions. None of our dreams are anything more than our collected impressions put together to attempt to communicate with our core self which is not our body. Our core existed before any of the hundreds of languages developed, and so to attempt to grow and educate us it does so in the symbols of our dreams. But you have to You have to ‘click’ on your dream images to make them come alive. Thinking about them doesn’t work. You need to open yourself to the magic of them. To make them into the wonderful gateways they are you may have to learn certain skills such as

    So, your dream is a wonderful introduction to your own hugeness. It is not about distant planets or a stairway to the stars, but it is an invitation for you to climb the different levels of your own existence. For you may not know it but you are everything. It is impossible to explain in words what you are, but it is not the scary world most of us are drip fed to believe in that causes people to hide – but please see and

    Inside yourself you can touch the stars. Again difficult to believe, but today science has shown a way. See

-Rifa 2017-07-20 11:08:01

I was out side of my house with several people in a dark night. I looked up and i saw very bright two big stars with a white round circle. Then the moon jux near it.and one other planet. Then those two big bright stars faded and suddenly they turned in to planets and i knew it was coming closer to earth. Like a brown earth planet. It hit the ground. I was with my mom holding hands crying. Like it was the end of the world. I saw childrens crying, buildings falling, big smokes everywhere, but i saw that scene on a.big screen with a music. Amd i wonder where is this music from this isn’t real. And suddenly i woke up with my phone alarming.

-Sora 2017-07-05 8:40:00

I have dreamed myself woke up in a room, and i looked out the window, in the sky seen a planet as it mars approaching the earth, it is beautiful and scary at the same time, i felt like this world its going to an end.

-Asiimwe .LVA 2016-11-24 12:59:24

I have had two very strange dreams this year. Around June, i dreamt seeing a very large moon very bright in the sky but almost touching our earth.

Yesterday i dreamt of a very large world llike a planet in a large oval shape consisting of green vegetation but eatremely large that it was almost about to touch our earth.I looked at it in fear but nothing got affected on our earth.

-Rose 2016-11-23 3:54:39

I had a dream I can’t remember the whole beginning, but I do know it had something to do with me being near the sun literally on some kind of black block getting closer to it, althought the heat did not seem to bother me much. I remember I was there trying to cover up something that someone did that another person or a group found innapropriate (the feeling I got from the issue)and somehow me being there would help. The next part I clearly remember I was riding on rings moving, then someone I can’t put a face to, asked me where we are and I just smiled and yelled we are on Saturn’s rings. I was lying on one and I felt very comfortable like I should be there, but as the rings rotated toward the side where the sun would touch I could feel the intense heat and this time it very much bothered me I think them I jumped off them. Something else happened I can’t remember then I woke up. I consider myself a spiritualist and I find it very odd that I would have found myself on Saturns rings on even on a black block near the sun. Any thoughts?

-Danielle 2016-10-31 6:58:47

Hi there..well it all seems very interesting..
Yesterday I had a dream wich led me to look for answers about it…I dreamed that I was taking a night time walk with my family there ware my 3 sister my mother my niece and my 2 boys we ware walking back home .when suddenly I saw what appered to be earth up in the sky but it had Saturn rings in it and does rings ware going round and round faster each time …when suddenly it exploded
And there was a rain of fire..we ran tried to get home. I saw like if my sisters ware a hologram ..I could feel the fire balls or rocks hitting me it felt so real when I got home I saw my grandma and grandpa sitting in the living room… The wierd part is that they have past away years ago…then I woke up at 3:45 am and being awake I could still feel my body burning …I was just scared and I have been thinking about it sense I wonder what the meaning of it is?? It was so real so it made in impact on me…don’t know if u can help me understand it.. thank you…

-Syreeta Goodlow 2016-09-11 15:30:56

I had a dream that I couldn’t be identified when my hand was scanned and it showed up as queen of another planet its planet was in the back of this picture on this little screen with me in the forefront as a living alien if you will but in a human form and they had put out an alert to capture me I was on the run and ran into some people who wanted to help me also wanted me to star in a movie I forgot what they called me but it was so interesting its like I could identify with this woman feeling like there is and has to be more to me as I take a long look in the mirror

    -Tony Crisp 2016-09-12 13:12:55

    Syreeta – I need to explain something about dreaming. I believe a dream is a complete mixture of our personality, with all its likes, dislikes, fears, beliefs and convictions, as well as a non-personality experience; a bodiless, formless being – like a hole without any forms in it. We enter this state in sleep, where we lose all awareness of being ourselves – a complete blank, and we are in the middle of the two while dreaming.

    This state is everything, and as everything cannot take form as something so it remains invisible to us – yet it is our creative centre, beyond time and space. So our dreams come from a formless cause, but to be understood by our brain, our personality, we clothe the dream with images and drama which is an attempt to understand. The images or scenes are things we unconsciously take in and we build certain ideas or meanings around them. For example, many films show the living dead, zombies, as things to be avoided. So our dream maker uses them to show how part of our own nature have become almost dead through ignoring them or being frightened of them. See –

    So your dream, looked at from that point of view, is saying that you couldn’t be identified because you are part alien – in other words a part that you yourself are not really aware of.

    But in fact you are both the human form and the unknown within you. The human personality – the You that you call yourself, with a name, is only a tiny thing. But we have to remember that having a personality with self-awareness is a very new thing and has only existed for a short time in evolutionary terms. Before that we were like animals that lived only in the Life Will – what we usually call instincts. So the development of self-awareness was an immense step, and left us very vulnerable, and still does.

    When we begin to meet the Hugeness that we are, we often react to it in our dreams or in waking with fear or panic. Or we dream of being attacked by, or being aliens. We use these symbols because or culture has not produced things that people generally associate with their huge unconscious content. See

    As you wrote, “Feeling like there is and has to be more to me as I take a long look in the mirror.”

    You can discover more of this ‘film star’ you by really exploring your dreams by using – or even better, by learning


-sunshine 2016-08-16 12:48:31

I was with my little sister in a car , it was night time, I looked up at the sky and saw a planet , it was like a cartoon , it have a volcano and a man and his dog were sitting in front of it .I directed my attention to my sister and I asked her what she dreams about? She gave me a silly answer so both laugh .
I’m practicing lucid dreaming , I knew it was a dream but it didn’t trigger the lucidity .
Anyway , I like your site , I keep a dream journal and always come here to clarify my dreams. Thank you

-Stacia 2015-12-18 3:15:34

I recently dreamed that I woke up in the middle of the night and the sky was lighting up ever 2 mins and going dark after a moment repeatedly. I ran the window scared it was the sun going up and down and I looked out and saw Saturn was passing us, repeatedly passing us and lighting up our sky. I felt the end was here.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-12-22 15:54:48

    Dear Stacia – To dream of being asleep, is to be unaware of something. It is literally saying there is something you are asleep to, something you are not aware of.
    To wake up means that you now become aware of a pattern in your life and it is associated with the planet Saturn.
    Though challenging, the energy of Saturn often forces us to grow up – which will lead to the end of the world as we know it – and many people will find their “Saturn period” personally rewarding once the intense energy has passed.
    See also
    Looked at from the point of view that dream images represent our own life and feelings in some way, the end of the world, and the fears that go with it, depict the powerful and threatening inner and outer changes that accompany major transitions.
    The transition from childhood to adolescence for instance is the end of the world that existed for the whole lifetime of the individual up until that point. Such points of transition occur several times in the life of anyone who dares to grow and adapt. Menopause for women, the leaving home of children, the loss of a job, retirement, can all be represented by the end of the world – or a world.
    Anna 🙂

-Catherine 2015-10-18 11:49:02

been dreaming about end of time being in our space all the time

-elishajupiter 2014-04-23 13:01:09

I had a dream few days back i.e. on 17th of April 2014, where saw myself amongst a group of people consisting both me & women dressed in Israeli clothing’s, even myself (like at the time of Jesus how people dressed). Men had beards and wore long tunic like gowns with heads covered and the same was with women. They looked beautiful & had a certain kind off radiance on their faces.
We all had gathered around a bonfire and were praying loudly. We were totally spiritually engrossed in prayers. I got distracted and my eyes were lifted up to the sky above where I saw planets Neptune & Jupiter very close to the Earth ( like when one can see an aircraft in the sky). I was so stunned and terrified, I called out to my other mates who were praying to look up & see for themselves what I was seeing. We all stopped and looked up at the sky overwhelmed and fascinated. The others unlike me weren’t terrified at the sight. One of them shouted out “Here it’s come, the time has come”. They were all happy and were joyous about what they had witnessed in the sky above.
The whole sky was lite up by thousands and thousands of stars which resembled diamonds scattered in the sky, they were brighter than they usually were. And the planets Jupiter and Neptune were so beautiful, planet Neptune was circling Jupiter in an unspecific pattern. Jupiter was huge and orange, with cream beige coloured bands on it while Neptune was blue with offwhite cream coloured bands. Suddenly I saw planet Jupiter coming close to in front of me, like it was right in my face. But it slowly moved backwards to join Neptune where I saw it before. I then saw planet Saturn along with it moon Titan join the two other planets (Jupiter & Neptune). Titan was like a big bright orange ball & Saturn was yellowish green in colour with rings around it. Sometime later planet Uranus and which was bright blue and Pluto also joined the group of planets (Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn,Titan, Uranus and Pluto).
I saw a milkyway galxy come close to earth and was on the left side of the group of planets I had seen before.
There were stars clashing into each other and it looked like fireworks going off. Also I saw many comets and meteorites dashing across the sky with huge tails. My God! It was something that I could have never ever imagined in my wildest dreams, I was totally dumbstruck as I gazed at the sky.
The men and women started singing hymns and glorifying God and were very happy and excited. I was happy to witness such a beautiful vision insight but was also a bit scared. To this I suddenly woke up from my dream, profusely sweating.
Can someone please please help me with interpreting this dream that I dreamt. Can some kindly tell me what was the significance of seeing the five planets in a group along with the moon Titan…..!?!

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